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  1. Summerset Isles:
  2.     Welcome to Summerset, once a lucrative tourist opportunity now devolved into a government trading war. Islands that were once owned by the various aquatic races before being subjugated by the rule of the various human kingdoms. They were originally tourist opportunities, selling pieces of the land for funny little shops and homes near the sand and ocean until it was discovered just how potent the soil was. Tobacco, Coca, Sugar, Arum, Spice, Gnollweed, Feyfruit, and more were discovered growing fruits and leaves stronger and more potent than even the richest soils of Niarnvik. Land was bought out, distilleries were set up, and ports of all kinds were set up all over the small country. First the trade was strong and there was no issue, until the black market took notice and bandits took to the seas. Pirates were cutthroat and violent, using Rejkslo blasting powder in a new device called, “cannons,” and bore new swords and tactics to scare and strongarm the new locals. Privateers took to the seas for the Duasvik, Niarnvik, Chiosteil, and Skojink governments. They flew their flags against the black mast, and show no quarter to the cutthroats of the sea.
  3.     Summerset Isles is filled with adventure and options, the various islands have jungles, treasures, crypts, coves, and people trying to capitalize on new opportunities. The sea is home to many dangers and opportunities. If you join the governments and become a privateer, you can move goods and protect merchants making a pretty piece of silver as you go. If the Pirate life is for you: ships, gold, rum, adventure, and rivalry is all afoot for you and others. You can face off against privateers and rival gangs as you build your reputation and set your foothold in the islands, as you try to get rich and avoid mutiny.
  4.     So if you want to risk scurvy and have an opportunity to get rich the islands is for you.
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