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May 28th, 2020
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  1. Things To Do In Pemberton | Pemberton Accommodation | The Lavender & Berry Farm
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  6. There is an enormous amount of things to do in the Pemberton area. The natural attractions are absolutely magical and from forests to Wineries, tours and attractions you’ll find everything you need here for a relaxing and memorable holiday. Here are some of our suggestions:
  7. Things to do In Pemberton:                                   
  8. Gloucester treeWalking trails –Warren RiverMountain bike trackTrout FarmBig Brook Dam walk around, bbq picnic, swimming in summerBeedelup FallsKarri Forest Explorer Drive4WD Yeagerup DunesGloucester Tree – This is one of Pemberton’s most famous attractions. The Gloucester tree is located 3km from town is open daily. Visitors can climb 60 metres up the tree and get an amazing view of the forest.  There is a walking trail you can access from the Lavender & Berry Farm that goes through the National Park to the Gloucester Tree. ( …or a 5 minute car ride!)
  9. Mountain bike track – This is a fanastic new facility in Pemberton that’s already attracting lots of visitors. The tracks are set in the forest at the edge of town in a spectacularly scenic location. There are various tracks made for different skill levels including a jumps track. This is great for families, serious mountain bikers and everyone who enjoys outdoor activities. (5 min. drive from here).
  10. Big Brook Dam – This is one of the most beautiful locations in Pemberton. The dam is surrounded by towering Karris and in circled by a 4km walking track. There’s barbeques and picnic facilities provided free for your use. A sandy beach has been made in front of the picnic area and is absolutely fantastic for a cool dip in Summer.
  11. Trout Farm – You can try fishing in the local rivers and dam and licences are available at the post office in town, however if you really want to have some fun and catch a trout or two (without waiting all day hoping you’ve found the right spot), then the King Trout Farm is the place for you. Their dams are stocked regularly and it’s a great place to take the kids and all enjoy the fishing experience.
  12. Pemberton Wineries – The Pemberton region is home to dozens of vineyards producing a range of quality wines from complex Pinot Noirs and Shiraz, to elegant dry Chardonnays and crisp Sauvignon Blancs. Pemberton is fast becoming one of the premium wine producing regions in Australia for cool climate wines.
  14. Beedelup Falls – The falls are spectacular in late winter when the brook is in full flow. In the springtime, you will see some of the most wonderful wildflowers in the area. Close by is a suspension bridge that crosses over the Beedelup Brook and provides great views of the falls. The Park also offers several excellent walk trails and includes the “Walk through Karri.” This enormous 400 year old Karri tree has a large man made hole cut through the middle. You can stand inside the tree and capture a unique photograph. (20 min drive from here).
  15. 4WD Tour – Pemberton Discovery Tours have several different tours on offer and among their most popular is the Beach and Forest Eco tour. The tour gets great reviews and the forest and Sand Dunes are nothing short of Spectacular. The tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable and you’ll be assured of a fantastic and memorable tour. (bookings required).
  16. Hiking and Canoeing – Pemberton Hiking & Canoeing specializes in environmentally sensitive adventure and leisure tours into the unique Old Growth Forests, pristine river systems and landscapes of the Pemberton area. Experience the wonders of virgin forests, clear rivers and streams, extraordinary moving sand dune systems and remote sandy beaches on one of their 2 hour to 5 day tours (bookings required)
  17. Donnelly River Cruise – Travel the Donnelly River through the D’Entrecasteax National Park and experience a diverse ecosystem only accessible via boat.Donnelly River Cruises run half day cruises daily and a wonderful Skipper and host make for a great trip. (bookings required).
  19. Walking trails and National Parks – All of the National Parks in the area offer walking trails. The national parks in the Pemberton area are Shannon, Warren, Gloucester and Beedelup. For specific information on each park you can visit the D.E.C. (that’s the Department of Environment and Conservation) website, scroll down their menu and click on Visit our World Class Parks.
  20. National Park Passes: Before visiting any of the National Parks near Pemberton don’t forget to pick up a pass. Passes can be purchased at the parks. Only one pass is needed per vehicle and there are different passes to suit every situation.
  21. Shannon, Warren, Gloucester and Beedelup. For specific information on each park you can visit the D.E.C. (that’s the Department of Environment and Conservation) website, scroll down their menu and click on Visit our World Class Parks.
  22. Pemberton Parks Only:
  23. Annual Local All Parks Pass: $20.00 per vehicle for up to 8 legally seated people.
  24. All Parks in Western Australia:Day Pass: $11.00 per vehicle for up to 8 legally seated peopleDay Pass – Concession* – $5.00Annual All Parks Pass: $80Annual All Parks Pass – Concession* – $504 Week Holiday Pass: $40Gold Star Pass – includes 3 copies of Landscope Magazine – $110You can get your pass at:
  25. Pemberton Visitor’s CentrePemberton Post and NewsDepartment of Environment and Conservation 
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