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  1. <div class="section blue">
  2.         <div class="grid-container">
  3.             <div class="grid-x align-middle">
  4.                     <div class="cell medium-5">
  5.                         <h3>It’s your Money, Claim Your Commission</h3>
  6.                     </div>
  7.                     <div class="cell medium-3">
  8.                         <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam ac erat metus. Etiam volutpat vehicula turpis, ultricies volutpat metus convallis at. In vitae purus ligula. Donec suscipit tellus eu sagittis pellentesque. Curabitur sit amet nisl arcu. In id quam porttitor augue.</p>
  9.                     </div>
  10.                     <div class="cell small-12 text-center">
  11.                         <a class="button yellow" href="#">Get Started</a>
  12.                     </div>
  13.             </div>
  14.         </div>
  15.     </div>
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