(TF) Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun 9 (B)

Dec 19th, 2012
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  1. >No, not yet Shiner
  2. >You've got to keep it together
  3. >Before collapsing, you move your front hooves forward a bit and hold yourself up
  4. >Black invades your vision from all angles, but you fight your hardest to remain awake
  5. >Joe is trying to say something to you; however, you can't really make it out
  6. >Concentrating on maintaining a standing position is eating up all your focus
  7. >You don't even feel his hooves trying to hold you up as you cast your fading gaze back up to the princesses
  8. >They're back to normal and are currently making their way down to you
  9. >Did Joe flag them down or are they legitimately concerned?
  10. >The world before you is flickering constantly as their shapes repeatedly shift from one to the other
  11. >One moment they're normal, but the next they look like those monsters again
  12. >You shut your eyes tight and return to focusing on avoiding the sweet embrace of sleep
  13. >Startled by the landing of the princesses before you, your eyes shoot open to identify the source of the noise
  14. >Two ponies stand before you, not monsters
  15. >Certainly not monsters who constantly like to sniff the flanks of the royal guards
  16. >When he's not doing that, he proceeds to pretend his own flank is talking to said guards
  17. >He accomplishes this by... ugh pulling upon his flank with those claws in motion with his speech
  18. >Your face must reveal the amount of stress you're suffering from as the royal sisters look upon you with what appears to be pity.
  19. >Finally getting a grip on reality you shake your head a few times to clean the visual slate
  20. 1/7
  22. >Ignoring the weird wolf noises from the monster towards the princesses, you try to listen to what everyp0ny is saying around you
  23. >"... are you sure your friend here is alright?" Princess Celestia asks Joe
  24. >J:"I'm not 100% sure your highness, but this has happened to him before. It's actually why we're here at the castle."
  25. >The princess of the sun looks down at you curiously
  26. >Your ears droop a bit as you shrink away from her slightly
  27. >That image won't go away
  28. >It's like it won't let you forget what you -think- you saw
  29. >She looks more concerned now, and attempts to speak to you
  30. >"Please Shiner, I only wish to know what happened," she says trying to reassure you
  31. >Wait, how did she know your name? Did Joe say it?
  32. >No, he looks slightly surprised too, and it looks like he's about to ask
  33. >"U-uh princess? Forgive me, but how did you know his name?" Joe cautiously inquires
  34. >Both princesses look a little surprised for a moment before responding
  35. >"Did you not call out to him as we were descending from our balcony?" Luna asks
  36. >The monster lets you know that he doesn't buy it with that word about bulls and their fecal matter
  37. >"I-I guess I did... sorry your highness," Joe says while cringing a bit away from the sisters
  38. >PC:*giggle* "Do not worry my pony. It was a rather tense moment for you and your friend."
  39. 2/7
  41. >Assuming all was well, you stop drooping your ears, but you still feel highly uneasy
  42. >The monster seems more concerned with trying to stick one of his pointy appendages into Princess Luna's nose
  43. >Why did she just sneeze, and why did she look towards her sister with a glare for a split second?
  44. >The monster turns to you with a grin on his face, and you're suddenly terrified beyond belief
  45. >Could he have actually...? No way, it's impossible
  46. "Princess Luna?" You ask in order to get her attention
  47. >She responds normal enough with a curious look on her face
  48. "That sneeze... do you know why it happened?" You're risking a lot with this question
  49. >The monster's grin can't get any bigger than it is now
  50. >She balks for a moment in understandable confusion
  51. >"I merely felt something tickle my nose. I assume it to have been pollen or some such in the air. Why do you ask, Spit Shine?" She responds a little defensively
  52. >Spit Shine? That's the first time you've heard your real name in a while
  53. >Everyp0ny who knew you called you Shiner, even Princess Celestia called you by that name
  54. "I can understand you knowing my nickname Princess, but nop0ny has said my real name in years," you say while slightly narrowing your eyes at the Princess
  55. 3/7
  57. >She cocks a brow at you
  58. >"I recognized the nickname 'Shiner' to be that of the pony known as Spit Shine. Are you not Spit Shine, Canterlot's number 1 Window Washer?" She asks with a fine tone of confusion
  59. >You can only squeak out an "oh" and nod your head sadly
  60. >Of course, word of your work has to have spread to the princesses at some point
  61. >What the hay are you doing Shiner? You nearly accused the Princess of something on the basis of what the monster was doing
  62. >He's laughing hysterically now and you just hang your head in shame
  63. "I-I'm immensely sorry Princess. I've been having weird hallucinations lately, and one of them was... poking your nose when you sneezed. I suppose it was a freak coincidence?"
  64. >The spaghetti pouring from your mane could feed the entire guard
  65. >Why spaghetti? Forget it, it's not important right now
  66. >Princess Celestia starts giggling while Joe chuckles nervously
  67. >Princess Luna on the other hand, does not appear to be as amused; especially because she's glaring fiercely at her sister
  68. >A young colt would be in tears from the feelings you're going through right now
  69. >Why did this have to happen to you? What did you do wrong to warrant a curse of this magnitude?
  70. >You're almost at your wit's end from all of this
  71. >"It is quite alright Spit Shine," Luna says, "While your hallucinations are rather... troubling, they cannot be of your own creation. What pony would curse themselves with such creatures of beastly behavior?"
  72. 4/7
  74. >What pony indeed, but it's nice to hear her sympathetic tone
  75. "We should be going Joe since I'm feeling better. We have to find that specialist as soon as possible you know."
  76. >"Alright then, do you want me to lead the way?" Joe asks while bowing to the princesses
  77. "Considering how I'm feeling, that would be for the best." You reply and give the royal sisters your own bow
  78. >The two of you say your good-byes to the princesses and trot off into the castle
  79. >You don't notice the argument between the sisters as you leave
  80. >Well, more like the sun princess is laughing while the lunar princess is fuming about something
  81. >Once inside the first waiting room, you show the note to the mare behind the desk
  82. >She gives it a once over and lets you head on through
  83. >Incredible
  84. >The same thing occurs when you approach the mare behind the desk at the second waiting room
  85. >You're also getting escorted by that one mare from yesterday, and it seems she remembers you too
  86. >Taking up a cowardly position behind Joe, the three of you make your way down the hall
  87. >The monsters finds now to be the perfect opportunity to voice his opinion on the mare ahead of him
  88. >Oh, of all the ponies in Canterlot he finds one whose flank is... too big?
  89. >You almost shout out your response to that when your hooves decide to invade your mouth
  90. >The two ponies ahead of you stop and look back at you
  91. >They're both sporting different looks, but at least the mare isn't preparing to "lift" you again
  92. "What?" you ask as you put both front hooves back on the floor
  93. >Joe shakes his head while the mare once again turns her nose up at you
  94. 5/7
  96. >You're curious as to why the monster suddenly believes her flank is too big
  97. >It actually looks finely toned
  98. >You'd confirm what you just said a second time, but Joe's hoof just greeted the back of your head
  99. >His wink lets you know that he was aware of what you were doing, but he wasn't going to let you get caught doing it
  100. >What a life saver because she just turned around
  101. >"Mr. Paper Pusher has been waiting for you two, so please take a seat inside," she says before trotting off back the way the three of you came
  102. >You sneeze when her tail brushes against your nose, and you just have to look back at her
  103. >That look on her face says one thing, "I know you were looking."
  104. >It then turns into a smirk that reads, "I didn't mind."
  105. >Wait a second, is this the same mare that nearly put you through a wall yesterday?
  106. >You look down for a moment and notice a note at your hind hooves on the floor
  107. >Picking it up, you take a look at what it says, and quickly hide it in your saddlebag before Joe sees it
  108. >That girl has more things wrong with her than just being surprisingly strong
  109. >Better keep this secret rendezvous stuff as just that: a secret
  110. >At least for now
  111. >Joe is none the wiser as he holds the door open for both of you
  112. >Upon entering, you two retake the seats you had yesterday and wait for that office worker to finally look up
  113. >He must be really busy since he literally has his face buried in those stacks of paper
  114. >Joe decides enough is enough and lets out an appropriately audible cough
  115. 6/7
  117. >"Ah, Doughnut Joe and Shiner. I've been expecting the two of you." He says after finally looking up from those papers
  118. >He wasn't this busy yesterday, but it was nearing the end of the day at that time
  119. "So, Mr. Paper Pusher was it, were you able to find anyp0ny?"
  120. >"Indeed I have. I must say though, it took a little bit of doing for me to put this together."
  121. "What do you mean?"
  122. >"This particular specialist is rather... unusual, but he's quite good at what he does."
  123. "Unusual how? Don't tell me he's a quack or something."
  124. >"Not at all; however, some refer to him as being a little strange if that's okay with you. Although, I guarantee that he is the best pony for the job."
  125. >You can only sigh in response
  126. >This pony better be worth it with a description like that
  127. 7/7
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