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  1. Whole lot of shit
  2. Meal-bar: Protein bar made of meal worms.
  3. Soylent: A high in soy "Meal replacement" drink.
  4. Algae chips: A bag of chips made from algae.
  5. Packaged long pork: Expensive meat taken from a human mill.
  8. Suitcase gun: A disguised firearm swep in a suitcase.
  9. Cybernetic scanner: A wand item to quickly check what cybernetics anyone has, if any.
  10. Suit items, cheap/expensive: Expensive items that represent fancy suits, status symbols.
  12. Ciritol: A pharmacutical drug developed for corporate suits to suppress their moral compass.
  13. Caffeine pills: Pills high in caffeine to allow people to work longer.
  14. Combat drugs: Any sort of drug that gives a temporary bonus to combat stats.
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