Broken Hearts (WIP)

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  1. >Susie and Kris hobbled through the red forest of the dark world.
  2. >Both leaning on one another as they ran as fast as their aching bodies could take them.
  3. >Ralsei and lancer running ahead of them, due to their slower pace at the moment.
  4. >Susie and Kris both got hurt pretty bad, Kris especially, Susie had never seen a human bleed before, let alone on her, but she knew they had to leave as soon as possible.
  5. >Kris was beginning to struggle to keep up with Susie’s pace,
  6. >”Come on, freak. We are almost here!” Susie yelled as they neared the fountain.
  7. >Susie feels a sharp pain explode throughout her back, as she falls to the ground.
  8. >Kris falls down next to the now cursing monster, his bloods dark color contrasting with the bright red grass.
  9. >Kris sees the oddly shaped spade in her back, shit, well looks like this was a reset.
  10. >Kris grabbed Susie’s hand, causing the monster to stare at Kris, the sound of dozens of steps closing in on them.
  11. >”I’m scared Kris.” Susie says her eyes showing fear, like that a child,
  12. >”Me too, but we’ll be fine, I promise.” Kris smiles at Susie knowing no matter what that he can make things right.
  13. >Susie let’s out a small smile, “Kris....I-“
  14. >Both Kris and Susie feel themselves suddenly being dragged by the collars of their clothes, as Ralsei dragged Kris, and Lancer used all his strength to pull Susie.
  15. >Just so that they were now mere meters from the fountain.
  16. >But by the time they got there, a dozen oddly shaped monsters had surrounded the heros.
  17. >”Seal it!” Ralsei yelled at the stunned from of Susie.
  18. >Just as a sword pierced through the heart of the goats tunic.
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