Rainbow Dash's Punishment - End of Day 2 (Path A)

Apr 18th, 2014
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  1. >“What the Tartarus Anon? I thought you were going to start being nice for a change."
  2. "Dash, I'm sorry I didn't expect this to happen."
  3. >Is that a tear in eye?
  4. >"Just get lost Anon. I've had enough of your manure."
  5. >With that Dash flies off with her diaper sagging half way down her legs to her room and slams the door.
  6. >You just stand there with a awestruck look.
  7. >You notice Pinkie is now shaking her head at you.
  8. "A little help?"
  9. >Pinkie Pie just continues to shake her head at you.
  10. >It's obvious she wants you to sort out this mess by yourself.
  11. >You knock on the door.
  12. "I want to come inside, Rainbow Dash."
  13. >"Just go away you jerk."
  14. "No, I want to help and I didn't mean for that to happen. I failed you as a friend, I should have been there for you from day one like your true friends. Besides you haven't even lost yet; I'm the loser here because I was going to concede if things got out of hand.
  15. >Click
  16. >Dash opens the door and looks up with you with tears in her eyes.
  17. >"But, you are a true friend Anon. Even if you are a bit of a dummy at times."
  18. >With that Rainbow Dash flies up to you and and gives you a hug.
  19. >You realize that your best pony friend is now hugging you with a full diaper on.
  20. >Gross.
  21. "Thanks, I knew you would come around. Now let's get you changed out of that stinky thing now"
  22. >You don't even care about how repulsive this situation is right now.
  23. >All that matters to you right now is your friend.
  25. >Like an expert you bring Dash to the changing table
  26. >Remove
  27. >Wipe
  28. >Dispose
  29. >Powder
  30. >And put a new Diaper on Dash
  31. >Easy
  32. >If only Fluttershy could see you right now, she would be so proud.
  33. >Oh well seems like she is going to have to here about it through Pinkie.
  34. >Who is standing at the door with a wide grin and shiny eyes
  35. "Pinkie what the heck get out of here, stalker!"
  36. >She never did understand the concept of personal space.
  37. >Dash looks at you with a curious look.
  38. >"Why?"
  39. "Because your my friend and it was my fault in the first place."
  40. >"You know you don't have to concede over this right? I can live with myself losing some times and I did lose fair and square."
  41. "I'm conceding because the rules were changed so that you had to shed tears of joy. I completely failed to do that so it's only fair that I conced. I never should have made this about getting even with you. I am sorry.
  42. >"No Anon, I don't need you going soft on me. I lost your bet."
  43. >She won't take no for an answer, Dash can be as stubborn as Applejack at times.
  44. "Alright. How about this then? We will call the whole thing a draw if I fail to have you shed tears of joy before this punishment is over."
  45. >"Yeah, that's fair."
  47. >It's now nighttime
  48. >You just finished changing Rainbow Dash and you are now giving her a bath.
  49. >Complete with Bubbles and a rubber Duckie
  50. >The rest of the day went really well.
  51. >You got to watch a few more cartoons with Dash and you let her stay up to watch one of the better Daring Do Movies.
  52. >You and Dash refuse to watch any Daring Do Movies done by Nickle Bay since they are all awful.
  53. >You actually convinced Applejack to take the rest of the day off and head home for some much deserved R&R.
  54. >Your property also is in much better shape thanks mostly to her
  55. >Pinkie Pie offered to set up a small party for Rainbow Dash with you and her friends after all this is over.
  57. “So Dash, I've been meaning to tell you this but you gotta keep it a secret if you do. Deal?
  58. >”Yeah alright, just remember you gotta keep all this a secret from everypony till the end of time. Especially from the Wonderbolts and Scootaloo.
  59. “Like I would do that to my bro. I have to admit that I kinda-”
  60. >”Enjoy taking care of me, it was super obvious Anon. I ain't dumb you know.”
  61. “Uh, that's exactly right. How did you even figure that out?”
  62. >”You know, you rarely smile over anything. Once you finally started to watch over me like how Fluttershy wanted you got all weird and dropped the grumpy jerk act you always do and seemed to actually enjoy things without even noticing it. It was actually really cool.”
  63. “Yeah, what is funny was that I thought I was going to hate doing all that when Fluttershy turn the tables on me.
  64. >”I know what you mean. I guess it's only fair that I share my sec-”
  65. “I already know.”
  67. >”Ha, I actually figured you already knew that I was sorta enjoying this. It was pretty easy with some of those weird stares you gave me Anon.”
  68. “I need to start given you credit with how bright you can be. What I don't get is why you of all ponies started to enjoy this treatment. I mean being cool and independent is what you are all about.”
  69. >”I can't explain it myself. I'm no egghead like Twilight. It's just really awesome to have somebody look after me once in a while. I don't really get that at all with my job and duties. Even if it's uncool and lame I like kinda being looked after once in a while. You know?”
  70. “That actually makes sense Dash, I guess I'm going to know what that's like if tomorrow doesn't go well. Not looking forward to being forced into diapers if I fail.”
  71. >”Ugh, don't even get me started on how gross those things can get. Might be cool to have you join me. You might end up liking it.”
  72. “I can't even imagine, it's like you dropped a bomb in your pants after we tickled you.”
  73. >”Don't remind me of that ever again.”
  74. “Just warn me the next time you decide to nuke your baby pants.”
  75. >”Hey, you said yourself that was your fault. And I had to hold that all in for like forever or else I was going to end up getting stuck in it.”
  76. “You can blame Spike for getting a ten pack of those things. Anyways lets get you out of that bath and call it a night. I got this adorable Onesie for you!”
  77. >”I'm totally not looking forward to wearing that but whatever.”
  78. >You take Rainbow Dash out of the bath and you powder and diaper her.
  79. >You strap her into a Luna themed Onesie which she clearly isn't pleased about.
  80. >You give her a warm hug which she surprisingly returns and you wish her good night.
  81. "I really enjoyed today Dash. Just one more day and things can start to get back to normal."
  82. >"Yeah, sleep well Anon. But I now have Seven days I have to be a foal."
  83. "It won't be so bad, I'm going to allow you to space them out so you can still keep up with your training and job. Thanks for being a good sport about it. See you in the morning Dash!"
  84. >Overall this day was much more enjoyable then the first day even if you couldn't cause any mischief.
  85. >Next day is going to have to be perfect if you don't want to join Dash in diapers for Seven whole days.
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