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Mar 10th, 2012
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  1. Release notes:
  3. The Stellarium team is very proud to announce the release of stable version 0.11.2. The main theme of this version seems to be localization - most of the text used by the default plug-ins is now translatable, landscape names are now translatable, country names are now translatable, scripts names and descriptions are now translatable. Also we fixed 47 different bugs. A huge thanks to all community bug reporters who helped us a lot finding bugs!
  4. Changelog:
  6. The main theme of this version seems to be localization:
  7. - most of the text used by the default plug-ins is now translatable
  8. - landscape names are now translatable
  9. - country names are now translatable
  10. - scripts names and descriptions are now translatable
  12. Oculars plug-in:
  13. - added an optional control panel displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen as an alternative to the pop-up menu that was used to control it in the previous version;
  14. - overhaul of the pop-up menu, the underlined letters in it can be used as keyboard shortcuts;
  15. - added the ability to rearrange the items in the lists of oculars, telescopes and sensors;
  16. - fixed the inappropriate flipping of the binoculars view;
  18. Satellites plug-in:
  19. - fixed title bar of the Satellites config window not being resized with the rest of the window (LP: #900575)
  20. - catalog numbers are now used to identify satellites, preventing bugs with duplicate satellites and satellites renamed in the source lists
  21. - catalog number and international designator are now displayed for each satellite
  22. - a simple windows to add satellites has been added (LP: #898476)
  24. Added:
  25. - Ctrl+C binding to copy selected object info text to clipboard.
  26. - to the Windows installer options to remove files left over from the previous installation.
  27. - windows no longer can be dragged to unreachable positions.
  28. - the "Save settings" button now saves the current main window position, too.
  29. - the language list is now sorted by language name, not language code.
  30. - the "Reload style" action has been removed, as the underlying feature no longer works. If you decide to design a new visual style for Stellarium, please contact us to give you a version where it works.
  31. - distance in km (if the distance is below 0.1 AU) to the information displayed about Solar System objects. (LP: #894472)
  32. - the StelGui::getSkyGui() method to allow plug-in developers to create their own toolbars and other GUI elements.
  33. - an option to show the galactic coordinates grid and the galactic plane.
  34. - several trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs): Sedna, Quaoar, Orcus, Haumea.
  35. - the Quasars plug-in.
  36. - the Pulsars plug-in.
  37. - more detailed information is now added to the log file for Mac OS X.
  38. - (experimental) modelling of atmospheric extinction for point objects.
  39. - changed the position of the text in the Text User Interface plug-in. (LP: #911594)
  40. - a checkbox allowing the SIMBAD on-line search to be enabled/disabled.
  42. Fixed:
  43. - startup script crash (LP: #689657)
  44. - plugin names localization in the Configuration window (LP: #807402)
  45. - resizing of the tabs in Configuration and View windows on language change (LP: #821386)
  46. - sky lines' labels not translated on language change (LP: #811659)
  47. - "Get catalog" button not translated on language change (LP: #890608)
  48. - last star catalog not being offered for download (LP: #538291, LP: #890789)
  49. - proxy configuration without username/password
  50. - Telescope Control plug-in: mishandling of IP connections in the telescope configuration window (LP: #843837)
  51. - Pluto's moon Hydra preventing the constellation from being selected in Search and scripts (LP: #894780)
  52. - scripting code still being included despite ENABLE_SCRIPTING set to 0 (LP: #811505)
  53. - constellations lines and names not displayed (LP: #945146)
  54. - newly created location cannot be set as default (LP: #889931)
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