Sep 27th, 2015
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  3. CROATIA/SERBIA border
  4. - Strošinci / Jamena is empty now an no need to help there
  6. - Main focus is still at BAPSKA, which appear to be the only crossing point on Croatian/Serbian border. Many hundreds of refugees came and fluently transported further by police buses. Place equipped and organized by Czech volunteer team.
  8. - When arriving on place, please report yourself at the organizing team and please obey they instruction. Measures set on site was crucial to prevent injuries and other problems via crowd management, also significantly helped to gain trust from Croatian police, which is very helpful and willing to cooperate.
  10. - Also these measures require lot of volunteers, so your help will be needed, especially Monday and further, because some volunteers has to retur home on Sunday.
  12. - Opatovac: medical volunteers - doctors and nurses are needed to Medical tent of Magna Slovakia, located at Opatovac. Contact them at
  14. - Tovarnik/Sid BCP open to traffic.
  16. - Volunteers does have some supplies on site, but quick food, water, cash money, basic cheapest raincoats for 1 euro piece, jackets, warm clothes, man boots, SOCKS!, tarpaulins 8x6 meters, headlamps with batteries, garbage bags 200 litres - many of them, energy drinks are always needed on such a places.
  18. - No need to take tents, sleeping bags, blankets - because there is not enough places or time or manpower to pitch up tents, they also provide shelter only for few persoons, comparing to tarpaulins or large tents.
  20. - Help in the area is coordinated by Jan Skalik, he has new number: +420 776 193 056. CALL ONLY WHEN TRYING TO LOCATE ON SITE!
  25. - ZAKANY needs your help, there are only 12 volunteers on site and they are running out of supplies. They also need to return home tonight, but still hundreds of refugees crossing this place when boarding hungarian trains.
  27. - They urgently need apples, sliced bread, packed cheese, small juices, baby stuff (pampers etc), plastic bags, milk for children.
  29. - Please report to +49 177 14 83 762 (Joris) who is coordinating the site, but only till tonight, so anyone experienced to replace him would be needed.
  31. - BEREMEND/MAGYRBOLY - There is a new MigrationAid warehouse in the area of Magyarbóly with 10 volunteers from today, open 0-24, for coordination of your delivery contact in advance Siewert András (Facebook message, or +36 308 951 917 in this particular order). They would use some volunteers starting Wednesday, at this moment situation is OK.
  33. - They accept basically the same food like Zakany, as this is also the crossing point and refugees wait here. Beremend border crossing point area is closed to volunteers and is under military operation, only Red Cross allowed here.
  35. - Both sites can't distribute clothes
  37. - There is still possibility to get some supplies in SZEGED at two warehouses: MigSzol warehouse at Gárdonyi utca 6 and IRP warehouse so if you have some space in your car and travel via Hungary, please stop there. Always contact coordinator before approaching Szeged - for MigSzol Szalai Balázs +36 20 229 6669 or Szőke - Tóth Ágnes +36 304 27 34 60 or Daniel Szatmary for IRP: +36307093317,
  39. - BUDAPEST: central MigrationAid warehouse at Verseny Street 10, Budapest (open from 16:00 to 21:00) accepts donations of small chocholate bars, snacks, musli bars, 0.2l juices, 0.5l still water, any gift card of petrol stations and recharge cards for mobile phones (Hungarian or Croatian Telekom) and raincoats. Follow and MigrationAid facebook page to daily updates what is needed, they have also info how to ship deliveries via mail-order.
  41. - BUDAPEST: Today you can come ALL DAY to BERKOCSIS STR. 41, they are going to make a lot of food packs for Hegyeshalom. If you can bring something, we always need: banana, yoghurt, triangle cheese, cereal bars, chocolate bars, paprika.
  43. - NICKELSDORF/HEGYESHALOM: Refugees are coming to Hegyeshalom in waves. Situation not critical but they need more volunteers so that others can get some rest. Austrian updates at
  48. - If you are willing to donate money, you can use my paypal and I will move the funds immediatelly to the people on site. Thanks to those who already donated, money are on their way to Serbia and Croatia.
  50. - Czech only: Odkaz na užitečný manuál pro dobrovolníky:
  52. - I case there is no evening update (which may occasionally occur), morning update is still valid. We are trying to follow all major changes in situation so in case nothing important happens, you can follow instructions in morning updates.We would be happy to hear any changes or updates during the day via email or FB.
  54. - Please always double check exact location, time and date of every report from situation before sharing. Don't spread panic on social media without double checking the information. The more urgent the message sounds, the more it's needed to double check and confirm. Please don't share any information missing exact location, date and time, as this would cause more harm than good.
  56. - When traveling to help, always take headlight, reflexion vest (!!!it's really important, we have noted some problems identifying volunteers in recent days!!!), good shoes, protective gloves and warm clothes and be prepared for rain. And always try to contact anyone in charge of coordination and obey his instructions. And be careful!
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