Oct 8th, 2012
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  3. Re: Unjustified thread closure
  5. Postby KaineDamo » Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:42 pm
  6. piegasm
  8. How am I the sexist? How does that even make sense? How is it that you don't realize how irrational you're being? And thanks, thanks for demonstrating the hypocrisy in your position.
  10. I'm going to try to articulate in words the similarities in reasoning that I have noticed between A+ and christian apologetics.
  12. One tactic amongst certain apologists and preachers is to ask someone "have you ever told a lie?" You can see this play out in the Ray Comfort video below. There's lots of videos with different people doing this, but I can't find good examples at the moment.
  16. The reasoning is, if you have told a lie in your life that makes you a liar. If you have stolen in your life that makes you a thief. If you have committed a sin that makes you a sinner. This is easily countered by the counter-point that by the exact same reasoning a single act of good makes you good. The whole point the christian is trying to make is, we are all inherently sinners. The standards are too high and too broad so we're all caught in this net of sin. Even if you could avoid sins like that, there's still the concept of Original Sin. The christian is trying to guilt you into their ideology. Do you want to be a sinner? Of course not. How can I not be a sinner? Doing good deeds isn't enough to wash away previous sins because just one sin makes you a sinner. The only way to not be a sinner is to accept Jesus into your heart. Jesus died for your sins.
  18. That's the reasoning. it's total bullshit and falls apart under its own weight, sure. But that's the reasoning in a nutshell.
  20. Here are the similarities with A+.
  22. We are told we have privilege. We are told there is a patriarchy. If you are sexist, you are contributing to the patriarchy. I don't want to be a sexist. Of course I don't. What right thinking person wants to be sexist? How can I avoid being sexist? In order to not be sexist, I have to subscribe specifically to your ideology. Which includes things like adjusting my actions in order to make people that may be suspicious of me feel more comfortable. If I don't like my actions being dictated in this manner, I am not in line with your ideology, therefore I am a sexist. If I point out there are reflective positions that can be held with the EXACT same reasoning (women should adjust their actions because of x, black men should adjust their actions because people may be uncomfortable around them, etc), then the magic word of privilege is used to justify restrictions that should only apply to ME as a white male, and NO ONE ELSE. If I point out that there are women who agree with me (like the young woman in the video I posted above) this is either ignored or the woman is accused of having Stockholme syndrome. Anyone that is not in line specifically to your ideology is a sexist apologist. No room for compromise. You have an all or nothing, black and white world view made up of subjective layers of comfort/discomfort.
  24. Shrodinger's Rapist is backwards. We assume not guilty before we judge a person to be guilty, but with SR its the other way around. We assume guilt, until the hypothetical rapist proves otherwise. YOU are shifting a burden of proof and placing it where it does not belong. If a person assumes a black male is a thief, until the black male adjusts their behaviour (like, for example, crossing the street so as not to be threatening) how does that sound to you? It sounds fucking racist, is how it sounds. There is NO obligation on my part to placate YOUR paranoid neurotic fear of men being hypothetical rapists.
  26. None of the above makes me a sexist.
  28. In fact, that you absolutely refuse to recognize the hypocrisy in your position shows that it is you that is the sexist.
  30. You could give two shits about the data that I posted that clearly shows that women can be a threat. The total percentage of male rapists is a minority amongst the male gender - you don't care. The statistics I posted are not insignificant.
  32. About 60% of the male survivors sampled report at least one of their perpetrators to be female.
  33. - Mendel, 1993
  35. Don't pretend that you care about the data when you don't.
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