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May 22nd, 2019
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  1. Hi all this is how you get free doordash delivery and credits
  3. you will need:
  4. email address gmail is fine
  5. mobile number/ voice ip numbers dont work. google voice numbers do!!!
  6. a debit/credit card or vcc.
  7. $20 start up.
  9. These all can be replaced to start a new account.
  11. Firstly you need to find a promo code for $10/$15 off your first order.
  12. use the details to sign up and order food on your account using the $10/$15 promo code +$20
  13. once your order arrives DEVOUR IT!!!!
  14. 5-10 minutes after your order was delivered comes the fun part.
  15. go to the orders tab, click on the order and then click help at the top.
  16. it will give you several options. Under "order issues" you click on Items made incorrectly
  17. It will give you options to choose what was made incorrectly and how. You want to choose
  18. under/overcooked on every item and give a brief description of how that item could be under/overcooked.
  19. exaggerate this. submit once done and automatically it will offer you credits. accept them
  20. The credit should be a close to or a total refund in credits.
  21. now you want to go to the same order and click help again this time under "order issues"
  22. click on missing items and select every item and make sure you select the whole item missing.
  23. add a small description and then submit. again it should give you a refund in credits.
  25. with every order, you have to pay a tip to the driver. the minimum tip is $0.50
  26. now normally this only works twice per order and only 3/4 orders per account
  27. but i will show you how to maximize each account.
  29. 1st order of ~$30 you should get back $50-$60 back in credits
  30. 2nd order use all credits so you can get back around $80-$120
  31. 3rd order use $30-$40 and get back $50-$80
  32. in total, you can get back around $100-$160 in credits that you can use or sell the account
  33. once you get good you can squeeze between 7-10 meals per account.
  34. Since i eat a lot i normally eat 3 times per day all from doordash
  36. Once this account is rinsed create another and repeat.
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