Love's a bitch...

Aug 30th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >Love's a bitch, and she's in heat
  3. Nazuna was not, as it were, a lesbian. Or, at least, she didn't think she was. Sure, there were some rather... nice looking girls at the complex, but she'd never really looked at them and thought, "Damn. I would give anything for a piece of that ass."; they did serve as a nice distraction for when things got too bad, though. And yet...
  5. She couldn't deny that she loved Michiru; whether it was simply platonic, or purely romantic, it just... WAS. She loved her, sure as the sky was blue, sure as Coyote was afraid of water. Everyone else would always remark about how close they were; even in junior high, she'd always hear about how they were close enough to be sisters.
  7. It didn't help that they shared that opinion, either. They knew everything about each other; there were no secrets between them. Or, at least, that was the case until fairly recently. It was burning away at her mind, weighing down on her head, and all the other allegories for guilt she couldn't think of at the time. She was certain Coyote knew (Because when DIDN'T he know that kind of shit?), but if he did, then at least he was keeping quiet about it, and she sure as hell couldn't tell Shirou about her feelings for Michiru; at best, she'd get a stern talking-to about why her feelings were wrong, and at worst... well. She didn't want to think about that right now.
  9. She had to do something; and, after much deliberation (and booze), she settled on just calling her. That wouldn't be too bad, right?
  11. Taking a brief swig from one of Coyote's many unmarked bottles, she took out her phone and started to text. "Hey, Michiru; there's something I need to talk with you about. Nothing serious, but I'd appreciate you coming over. Thanks!"
  13. ...Not even a minute later came the reply. "On my way."
  16. Michiru, being the beautiful idiot that she was, decided that the best way to get up several floors at once was to simply climb the outside of the building. Not even 3 minutes after she received Nazuna's text, and she was there, knocking on the window with her one free hand while the rest of her was trying desperately not to fall. "Hey, Nazuna." "Michiru." "...I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of a sticky situation."
  18. God, how she loved her. Nazuna opened the window, grabbing onto Michiru's hands and, after bracing herself against the wall, started to hoist her potential-girlfriend into the apartment. Vaguely, she was concerned about what Coyote might think about her paw-prints being embossed on the wall, but that wasn't anywhere near the most vocal thought running through her mind, which was this: "What's she going to think about me after I tell her? Is she gonna hate me? Is she going to run away? Oh god, I don't have any food, is she gonna be mad?"
  20. Her train of thought was rapidly derailed with no survivors as Michiru removed a small backpack from her person, only to open it up and pull out several bags of fish jerky. God, she made it so easy to love her. "Thought you might be hungry, so I brought some food." Or, at least, that's what Nazuna thought she said. It's awfully hard to understand people when they've got a mouthful of dried fish, after all.
  22. It took them an hour to get settled in; Nazuna learning that Shirou and Coyote had gone on a pub crawl for the night, and Michiru finding Coyote's stash of horrible spaghetti westerns. The night was young, the couch was comfortable, and Nazuna still had The Blanket. If it wasn't for the question currently burning its way into her mind, then it would've been a perfect night.
  24. Eventually, after finishing with one "Colorado Sundown" and washing it down with a "Rawhide Terror", she finally worked up the courage to speak up.
  27. Ironically, though, it was Michiru who spoke up first, turning off the TV as she started. "Nazuna, there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a pretty long time now, and I don't think I can keep it to myself anymore, so I'm just gonna tell you NOW to get it out of my system and then we can go back to watching shitty movies and eating fish jerky and-"
  29. "Michiru. MICHIRU. Stop! I'm the one who's supposed to be all nervous about this, remember?" She could've sworn that she could see Michiru blushing like mad under her fur as she continued. "Look, I've... well, I've been really... thinking, about things, and, well...I-" "I think I'm in love with you."
  31. Seven little words, spoken simultaneously, each one insignificant on their own but combined, they carried the weight of the world with them. As Nazuna sat in stunned silence, Michiru continued to speak. "I-. I love you. I love the way you act, the way you talk, the way you treat me-" She was crying now, and Nazuna could feel her eyes beginning to water as well. "- and, and I love YOU, Nazuna, more than anything else in the world." Silence reigned supreme as Nazuna tried to take this all in.
  33. "Oh god, why did I say that to her she probably HATES me now I should've just kept my damn mouth shut and-" Nazuna finally spoke, her voice shaky and sounding as if she was just a hair's breadth away from crying- which was impressive on her part, because she almost certainly WAS.
  35. "... I feel the same way about you, Michiru..." Her reply was hushed, quiet, but those few words carried far more weight than before. "I've felt the same way about you since I was brought here; never did I ever lose hope that you would come find me. And, and you saved me; I wouldn't have gotten out of the cult without your help, and I'd probably still be blissed off my ass on Soma and gods-know-what-else they had me on." Nazuma was certainly crying now, her voice heavy with emotion. "I. Love. You. I always will, and I'm only just realizing that I always had-"
  37. She was promptly interrupted by Michiru tackling her to the floor, her mouth quickly occupied by Michiru locking lips with her in a passionate, loving kiss. 'You lovable idiot...' she thought, her mind quickly deteriorating in a fire of love, desire, and most importantly lust.
  39. Eventually, though, they broke off the kiss; they had to breathe, after all. "Bedroom. Now." Nazuna said, panting madly as she took Michiru by the hand (Paw? I dunno, I'm just the narrator), a dopey smile on the tanuki's face as they tried to quickly navigate the rather-cluttered living room.
  41. What small rational part of Nazuna's mind remained tried to deter her from her goal. 'What if Coyote finds out? What if someone hears?' it said, but was quickly overpowered by the lust-addled majority screaming 'BED. NOW.' Needless to say, Nazuna was all for democracy in this case.
  43. In an uncharacteristic show of strength, the fox hurled Michiru onto the bed, throwing off The Blanket and throwing herself onto the now-horny tanuki.
  46. Slipping a paw under Michiru's shirt, she clumsily felt around a bit before finding her goal- a nipple, pert and stiff as a nail. Nazuna could swear that she heard Michiru quietly yip as she rolled the fleshy, sensitive nub between her fingers, the only interruption in their reverie coming from Michiru stripping off her shirt and shorts before she quickly took the helm, forcing Nazuna beneath her as she took a position between her legs.
  48. "I'm gonna show you something cool." Michiru said, a husky tone pervading her voice. "Trust me, you're gonna love this." Gently nudging her underwear aside, Michiru quickly latched her mouth onto Nazuna's crotch, slowly, gently licking away at her twitching folds. 'Now for the fun part.' Michiru slowed her pace, as if in deep focus, and suddenly the mood became electric as her tongue suddenly lengthened, thickened. Judging by Nazuna's almost-panicked "EEP", she felt it too, as the artificially extended proboscis darted around inside, poking away at all her sensitive spots.
  50. Finally, she came; clenching her legs together as if trying to force more tongue out of her lover as she was overcome with sheer euphoria. Her head spinning, heart racing and hunger nearly sated, she decided that it was time to pay Michiru back. With interest.
  53. It wasn't often that Nazuna took the initiative in things; Michiru usually handled that kind of stuff before they’d come to Anima City. Now, though, in the throes of lust, love, and other things, Nazuna decided that now was as good a time as any to make it a habit.
  55. So, she did what any sane person would've done in her situation. Pulling Michiru up onto the bed, she took a brief moment to just... look at her friend- no, not that anymore. Her girlfriend. Her face, sticky with Nazuna's fluids; her mouth, covered in the vaguely-unsettling silver sheen of Soma; her breasts, small, yet still lovely enough; this is who she was going to spend the rest of her life with. And she was only happy to do so.
  57. Now it was Michiru's turn to be surprised as Nazuna tackled her onto the bed, only for the shock to quickly turn into arousal as the fox latched her mouth onto the tanuki's nipple, rolling it around on her tongue like a cherry, as one of her paws drifted slowly down to Michiru's crotch, and the tanuki suddenly tensing up let Nazuna know that she’d found her target, her rough tongue and blunted claws making short work of Michiru’s self-control as Nazuna slowly, achingly ran a claw along her folds while the rest of her paw found its home buried deep within the ‘coons crotch, their fur soaked through with each other's fluids.
  61. Eventually, though, Nazuna could feel that Michiru was close; her moans having been replaced with heavy, bated breath and soft, quiet yips, her ecstatic writhing since having devolved into a loose, but still loving embrace as Nazuna’s claws and unskilled tongue worked their magic on her.
  63. And, after all, what better night than to end with a bang? That is what Nazuna thought to herself, as she removed her mouth from her fixture at Michiru’s nipple, meeting her friend-turned-lover in a passionate kiss as her paw picked up its pace. The air was electric with lust, love, and a handful of other things as the duo continued their ecstatic lovemaking, the sheer mood of the room being enough to bring Nazuna close to her second orgasm that night.
  65. But Michiru still hadn’t had her fill, yet. And Nazuna would be a terrible host if she took seconds before her guest had even finished her first serving, so to speak. And so, reaching around her newfound lover, she ever-so-gently gripped Michiru’s soft, unimaginably fuzzy tail, and squeezed.
  67. And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back; the relative quiet in the room found itself broken as Michiru suddenly let out a sharp, excited bark as her inner folds suddenly clenched down tight around Nazuna’s paw. They lay there for what felt like days, weeks, just... holding each other, basking in the afterglow of their first time together. And as Nazuna looked into the eyes of her friend-turned-lover, she could only think one thing.
  70. ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Come hell or high water, I won’t leave her alone. Not again, not ever.’
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