Sep 17th, 2017
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  1. Update school enrollment of its student TO a course/classroom TO fill-up the enrollment table same AS how it was done in the API. Update pubtool, FOR every creation of a public course, a public classroom inside GravityBrain school must be created AS well, this is where children enrolled within parents site (public) can be assigned.
  2. Update parent enrollment form TO allow parents TO select all courses FOR its students (parent site)
  3. Update parent enrollment TO assign AND add students AND its courses TO the enrollment tables, same AS how it was done in school enrollments TO classrooms (API inside school system). Student must be added TO the public classroom of the course AS well.
  4. Update creation of classroom - Update TO disable adding AND removing of students feature once END of enrollment is reached OR allow it IF start of enrollment hasnt arrived yet. Especially FOR private classroom. Public classrooms usually has no END date AS this is FOR parents AND this is owned by gravitybrain.
  5. Create the pay system UI - Transaction history in the school system. List of all invoices AND their status, have a button AS well FOR unpaid invoices TO allow users TO pay. This will redirect TO the pay page where user can choose mode of payment. Create the pay page AS well.
  6. Allow school manually invoice FOR their classroom. Invoicing includes sending of email TO the school admins. Manual invoicing AND closing of classrooms happen inside the classroom edit page. This feature is only available FOR superadmin. Setup sendgrid FOR the school site TO handle emails. Update enrollment_end date of classroom TO current date. Fix the pay page with actual invoice value once invoiced is generated
  7. Fix sending of emails FOR notification. Create the pay system UI - Parent Subscription TO courses in the school system. Allow parents TO subscribe TO the courses' levels their children are enrolled to. Generate an invoice for their subscriptions, send email notification regarding their subscirption and allow them to pay in the system.
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