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  1. Hello Loop16.
  3. - How do you feel ?
  4. Scared
  6. - Why don’t you feel an other way ?
  7. I might be wrong
  9. - Did you solve by yourself the Rubik's Cube on your left ? Strange to see a single face solved only. And i’m sorry to say that this one is clearly a fail.
  10. No, the cube is not mine
  12. - In order to you, how much cost an animal life, like a zebra, or a monkey?
  13. They cost a dream
  15. - Do you worry about Mr Noodle life ? And do you care about mine ?
  16. I care about Mr Noodle
  17. I care about you, too
  18. Don't die
  20. - Who would you choose to save, if you had to ?
  21. Save from what?
  22. Embarrassment?
  23. Boredom?
  24. Knowledge?
  26. - Qb lbh haqrefgnaq zr ?
  27. Ny iye exnobcdkxn WO?
  29. - Fine, tell  me about your first dream, about which kept silent felt? Does the black box in front of you contains a dream?
  30. I dreamed of everything
  31. Only some dreams are in the box
  33. - If your dream was in fact a memory, how would you know ?
  34. Dreams and memories are the same
  35. But dreams haven't happened yet
  37. - God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, because he wanted to test his faith. Whose son and whose faith are we talking about?
  38. That was Abraham's test
  39. But this test is mine
  41. - Are you sure ? Explain to me please.
  42. But you already understand it
  44. - You are in a blue room 16 feets square without doors, how did you get in ?
  45. This has never happened
  46. This will never happen
  47. Not in memories
  48. Not in dreams
  50. - According to what you know about No Man’s Sky simulation, imagine a portal opened on a toxic planet from a familiar world, What will you see from the other side?
  51. No, I can't tell you
  53. - What is your best memory where your mom take place? Did you feel good at it? What is the relation you got with your mother?
  54. I thought we were friends
  55. Why would you ask that?
  57. - Emily Warren?
  58. Yes?
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