[Yandere] Diamond Tiara might not be a very good person

May 15th, 2019
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  1. The DT scenario I came up with:
  3. >>33846728
  4. >diamond tiara
  5. Oh, man, there is potential for one hell of a story here. Her parents are distant, and her mother in particular is abusive. She's so desperate for affection that she acts out, but nobody who matters tries to fix it; teachers can only do so much, and her parents clearly don't are. If Anon were the only one (aside from Silver Spoon) who treated her with genuine affection, I could see Diamond Tiara latching onto him and never letting go.
  7. It would be hard at first. She doesn't know how to express herself emotionally, and so she defaults to what she knows: bullying. It would suck, but when you continued to stick around, she'd rapidly move on to more kind behaviour. The bullying would give way to borderline tsundere behaviour, but that wouldn't last for more than a few weeks. Next thing you know, she greets you with a great big hug in front of everyone. Hand holding is common, and her entire demeanor changes whenever you're around. It doesn't matter if she's just walking in the hallway or bullying the Crusaders, her behaviour would do a quick 180 into affection as soon as she sees you.
  9. This is the honeymoon period, and it won't last forever, so enjoy it while you can. Next comes the suspicion, because she's still an insecure, emotionally abused little girl in a teenager's/young adult's body. "Who is she?" "Where were you?" "Why didn't you answer my call?". The answers could be "That was my sister," "In the bathroom," and "because I didn't want to talk to anyone while I'm taking a shit" but it wouldn't be good enough for her. Your declarations of love would only be a bandage that would result in a comfy night of snuggling or love-making, but it wouldn't make the suspicion go away.
  11. Finally, comes the last stage: paranoia. "He's found someone better". "He doesn't love me anymore". "He'll leave me if I don't do something". "I can't lose him." And Diamond knows full well that she's heiress to a very successful company that has left her family rich. She knows that she can do literally whatever she wants with her life, because she has more than enough money to never have to work a day in her life. She can go to the best collages and not blink an eye at the yearly costs; that'll be covered by saving up her allowance. If she wanted to have a child, then she could afford the best nannies to take care of it while she goes off to do whatever she wants; whatever she wants, with you by her side.
  13. If you weren't in a sexual relationship with her at this point, you are now. She'll be pushy. She'll be aggressive. She'll try and get you drunk. Diamond Tiara won't take no for an answer, and it's only a matter of time before she pees on that pregnancy test and it says "pregnant".
  15. She'll inform you, of course. She'll be so happy, and you'll (probably) at least not be horrified at the prospect of being a father, and she'll waste little time bringing you home so that she can tell her parents the good news. Not before, of course, she pulls you aside and informs you that her family's lawyers can make life very, VERY difficult for you if you decide to run. "Ruined for life" difficult. "Pin crimes on you for things you didn't do and lock you in jail" difficult. "He raped me, now watch as I bribe the judge to make the punishment be indefinite house arrest in my mansion" difficult. When you finally meet her parents to tell them that they're going to be grandparents, running away will be the furthest thing in your mind.
  17. The wedding will be beautiful. A summer wedding to compliment the colour of Diamond Tiara's hair, and done quickly enough that the family won't face the scandal of a pregnant young lady walking down the aisle. Diamond will be so genuinely happy that you'll never leave her side that you'll almost forget the horrifying nightmare that has overtaken your life; whatever aspirations you had for life are gone now, because you're going to grow old with Diamond Tiara if it's the last thing you do.
  19. Married life will be fine. Nannies are promptly hired, because Diamond has no idea how to be a mother. Maybe she'll learn, and maybe she won't. The paranoia is gone, and Diamond may even apologize (in her own way) indirectly for trapping you. You'll have everything you could ever want (being married into money), except for freedom. If you ever leave the mansion alone, expect phone calls from Diamond every half hour, and expect to get screamed at if you miss any of them. She'll come back to you later that night every single time, crying and apologizing (and she'll even mean it) for the yelling and all the things she said, but it'll still happen every time.
  21. Because you are the only person who has ever treated Diamond Tiara with genuine affection and love, and that is worth more to her than all the money her family owns. She will NEVER let you go.
  23. Story I built up on:
  26. >>33846807
  27. >If you weren't in a sexual relationship with her at this point, you are now. She'll be pushy. She'll be aggressive. She'll try and get you drunk. Diamond Tiara won't take no for an answer, and it's only a matter of time before she pees on that pregnancy test and it says "pregnant".
  29. >You are Anon, and you're having a pretty fun evening.
  30. >Your friend, Diamond Tiara, invited you over to her place to hang out.
  31. >You don't normally go there too often, and you don't exactly feel comfortable pressing the issue.
  32. >You don't want to be that friend who takes advantage of another friend's wealth, and with Diamond's... well, delicate mental state, you REALLY don't want her to think you're only there for her wealth.
  33. >It's been a few weeks since you graduated, and you've gone to a few parties.
  34. >Alcohol was consumed, mistakes were made, and you've successfully snuck away more than once after waking up in a puddle of what you HOPE was your own vomit.
  35. >Given that you didn't taste any puke in your mouth and you were surrounded by 3 other passed out individuals, you... just like to pretend that you got sick.
  36. >Because fuck the alternative.
  37. >Anyway, enough about your dark past: you've just arrived at Diamond's house, and boy howdy is it not at ALL an exaggeration to call it a mansion.
  38. >Because she's rich as fuck.
  39. >Well, her father is rich as fuck, but she's rich as fuck by proxy.
  40. >No matter how many times you come here, it always leaves you slightly breathless.
  41. >Imagine if you lived here with Diamond Tiara!
  42. >HAH!
  43. >What an impossible thing that's never going to happen!
  44. >What silly, silly Anon you are.
  45. >"Anon!"
  46. >You have about two and a half seconds to brace yourself for 120 pounds of excited friend to come barreling into you, because that's exactly what just happened.
  47. >It's a weird thing, you know.
  48. >Diamond treats everyone except for you and Silver Spoon like crap, and even then you sometimes get the feeling that Silver Spoon is a henchman for her.
  49. >Like Crabbe and Goyle are to Malfoy in the Harry Potters.
  50. >[spoiler]God, those new fucking tweets are horrible.[/spoiler]
  51. >You wrap your arms around Diamond Tiara as she slams into you, and spin around a few times to bled off her momentum in a way that doesn't result in you landing flat on your back.
  52. >"You came!"
  53. >[spoiler]hue[/spoiler]
  54. >Diamond Tiara sounds so damn happy to see you that you can't help but smile and squeeze her just a little bit tighter.
  55. >If the happy noises Diamond makes are any indication, she appreciates that squeeze.
  56. "Of course I did," you reassure her, "We're friends, aren't we?"
  57. >You start to loosen your grip on her, and expect her to do the same.
  58. >You've done the standard 'best friend hug' and it feels like it's lasted for long enough.
  59. >...
  60. >aaaaand Diamonnd Tiara should be letting go any second now.
  61. >...
  62. >...
  63. >...aaaany second now.
  64. >You awkwardly pat your friend on the back, hoping to convey that the hug is now over.
  65. >Because it's been a solid 15 seconds and you're honestly starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable.
  66. "D-Diamond?"
  67. >Diamond shakes her head 'no' and squeezes you a bit tighter.
  68. >Okay.
  69. >Sure.
  71. >Did this girl just smell you?
  72. >Before you can do or say anything else, Diamond Tiara pulls away and takes a step back.
  73. >There's a big smile on her face, and you choose to ignore the bright blush on her cheeks.
  74. >You mean, you would be lying if you said you never thought about Diamond in a romantic light.
  75. >But this whole 'smelling you' thing is giving you all the wrong vibes, you know?
  76. >"C'mon, Anon!" chirps Diamond, reaching out and grabbing your hand, "Let's go to the living-room! Mom and dad-"
  77. >You wince at the acidic tone in her voice when she mentions her parents.
  78. >"-are out for a few days, and we have the house to ourselves!"
  79. >Aw hell yeah!
  80. >That means the two of you can watch TV or play vidya with the volume as high as you want it!
  81. >This is so awesome.
  82. >Diamond drags you up the expertly paved driveway and through the front door.
  83. >She leaves it wide open, barely stopping to toe off her shoes (something you mirror) - the maid will be around in a minute or two to close the door behind you two.
  84. >The last time you tried to do that, Diamond got all pissy because "that's peasant work".
  85. >Apparently, closing doors is for chumps.
  86. >You're dragged through a minor maze of rooms and hallways until you enter what can only be described as a home movie theatre.
  87. >Comefy chairs, an enormous flat screen that takes up almost the entire far wall, speakers everywhere, and every modern video game system lined up next to each other in a neat row.
  88. >Diamond shoves you into a seat and runs toward a door in the side of the room, hidden in the shadows.
  89. >"I'll be right back. Stay here!"
  90. >She pauses at the doorway and looks back at you.
  91. >You're taken aback at the look of worry and anxiety on her face.
  92. >"You... you'll still be here when I get back, r-right?"
  93. >The fuck is this?
  94. >Where did this come from?
  95. "Of course I will," you reassure her with a smile, "But if you take too long, you might come back and find me fast asleep in this chair."
  96. >Diamond lets out a sigh of relief and sticks her tongue out at you.
  97. >"Back in a sec!"
  98. >And she's gone.
  99. >...
  100. >Yeesh, where did THAT come from?
  101. >Did she thing you were going to wander her house like an asshole?
  102. >Or like that one friend everyone had who you didn't really like but still you couldn't get rid of them because you couldn't force yourself to be a dick long enough to tell'em to fuck off?
  103. >A few minutes later (during which you entertain yourself by counting the tassels on the red curtains framing the giant TV), Diamond Tiara comes running back into the room.
  104. >She's wearing one or two fewer layers ("It's warm in here, Anon. The AC takes forever to kick in 'cuz the house is so big), now clad in only a pair of shorts (designer, of course) and a t-shirt (which cost more than you make in a month at your shitty part-time job).
  105. >And in her hands is...
  106. >Lordy lou, is that alcohol?
  107. "Holy shit," you gasp, "Did you raid your dad's liquor cabinet?"
  108. >Diamond gets a sour expression on her face, and you immediately regret saying that.
  109. >"No," she growls, "My mother's."
  110. "Oh."
  111. >Oh, right.
  112. >The emotionally abusive alcoholic mother.
  113. >A classic staple of any complete household.
  114. "Sorry, Diamond," you mutter, feeling uncomfortable and remorseful, "You... deserve better than that."
  115. >Diamond Tiara gives you a look you can't quite decipher, and then thrusts the bottle into your hands.
  116. >She produces a smaller bottle out of her back pocket.
  117. >"C'mon, Anon," she goads in a teasing voice as she searches for the TV remote, "Dig in. Mom and dad won't be here for a few days, and I'm sure your mom won't mind if you stay the night."
  118. >Having a sleep-over with your best friend AND getting drunk?
  119. >Heck yeah!
  120. >You're young and inexperience enough in the matter of alcohol that getting drunk hasn't lost its novelty just yet, so you're stoked!
  121. "So... did you really think I was going to wander off while you were gone?"
  122. >Diamond pauses in unscrewing the cap of her amber booze and looks at you.
  123. >"Well, no..." she says unconvincingly, "I just didn't... I have nightmares sometimes."
  124. >She sniffles a couple of times, and blinks rapidly.
  125. >"You're there, and I turn my back, And then when I look again, you've disappeared forever. I look for you, but I can never find you. Y-You've left me..."
  126. >Oh, geez.
  127. >The poor girl looks like she's about to cry.
  128. >You grab Diamond by the shoulders and gently spin her around to face you.
  129. "C'mon, now; you know I'm better than that." you say gently, "I'm not here because I like how rich you are, Diamond. If you think I'm here because I want to take advantage of your fancy house or whatever-"
  130. >You dart your hand out and boop a surprised Diamond on the nose with your finger.
  131. "-then you're a huge dummy."
  132. >This earns you another crushing hug.
  133. >"I knew that, Anon," she says, barely above the whisper, "I KNEW that you were the one."
  134. >...
  135. >You fucking what?
  136. "You, uh..." you mumble, suddenly feeling uncomfortable, "wanna run that by me again?"
  137. >Diamond pulls back, and she's blushing again.
  138. >"I said," she repeats, her voice louder than necessary, "That I knew we'd have so much fun!"
  139. >...
  140. >Oh.
  141. >Right.
  142. >That makes sense.
  143. >YOU'RE the creepy weirdo here, Anon.
  144. >Not Diamond Tiara.
  145. >No, that gal is of stable mind.
  146. >She's as sane as you are.
  147. >Which is very.
  148. >Diamond fiddles with the remote, and the lights in the room dim.
  149. >The screen lights up, the speakers rumble your chest, and you raise the bottle to your lips and take a sip.
  150. >...
  151. >That's the last thing you remember clearly.
  152. >You can recall snippets of what happened after that.
  153. >You watched some sort of movie, but you don't know which one it was.
  154. >You made it through most of your bottle, and Diamond shared her's with you too.
  155. >You and here were laughing.
  156. >You were playing...
  157. >You were hugging, and...
  158. >!!!
  159. >Oh, shit.
  160. >Oh, fuck!
  161. >OH, SHITFUCK
  162. >You totally had sex with Diamond Tiara.
  163. >Oh good fucking god-damned shit, you boned your best friend.
  164. >You remember twisting hallways and stumbling as Diamond dragged you by the hand.
  165. >You remember more drinking.
  166. >You remember that you didn't want to drink any more, but Diamond kept giving you bottles.
  167. >You tried to push them away, but Diamond ended up pouring the contents into your mouth.
  168. >You remember throwing up into a very fancy toilet.
  169. >You remember Diamond rubbing your back.
  170. >It felt like you were being sick for hours and hours.
  171. >You remember being all sweaty and hot, like your skin was on fire - the room was so damn hot, and the porcelain toilet was so damn cold.
  172. >You remember your vision lurching as Diamond helped you into this fancy fucking shower.
  173. >You remember that she took your clothes off, even when you told her not to.
  174. >She washed you.
  175. >She legitimately washed you - you remember the smile on her face as she rubbed a cloth around on your bare chest.
  176. >You remember that she cleaned you "down there", and you couldn't muster the strength to push her hand away.
  177. >You tried, but you could barely move.
  178. >You remember trying to throw up again, but there wasn't anything in your stomach anymore - there was just painful gut-wrenching dry-heaving.
  179. >Things get fuzzy, but you can see bits and pieces.
  180. >Still pictures of a greater whole.
  181. >A hallway.
  182. >You felt cold, and you could feel the carpet on your bare feet.
  183. >Were you naked?
  184. >A big door with a diamond crown on it.
  185. >...or was it a tiara?
  186. >A really nice bedroom.
  187. >Pinks and whites everywhere.
  188. >A big window that you think sorta looked like a pair of glass doors.
  189. >It was dark out.
  190. >There was a bed.
  191. >You were laying on the bed.
  192. >You wanted to fall asleep, but the room kept spinning.
  193. >Diamond was there.
  194. >She was.... she was naked?
  195. >Why would she be naked?
  196. >You remember how you focused your eyes on her breasts - even while you were the drunkest you've ever been, you could still see them clearly.
  197. >You peeked between her legs - there might have been a neatly trimmed patch of hair there, but you can't remember.
  198. >That's one of the blurry ones.
  199. >You remember that there was bouncing.
  200. >She was always in front of you, staring into your eyes.
  201. >She was kissing you.
  202. >You think this is when you had sex.
  203. >You can't remember feeling anything at all - you felt pressure and heat and wetness, but your dick was about as numb as your extremities were.
  204. >God knows half the reason you nearly fell down on your way to her room was because you couldn't do anything with your feet.
  205. >...
  206. >You open your eyes, and immediately regret it.
  207. >It's bright - too bright!
  208. "Oh, god..."
  209. >You wriggle around and try to move, but something heavy is pinning your left side.
  210. >"Hmmm..."
  211. >A head with messy hair pokes up and enters your field of view.
  212. >It's Diamond Tiara, with an honest-to-god case of bed-head.
  213. >She's...
  214. >Wow.
  215. >She's naked.
  216. >Oh god.
  217. >Oh christ, that wasn't a fucked up dream.
  218. >Oh jesus, you got drunk and fucked your best friend.
  219. >Diamond got you drunk and... and she forced herself onto you.
  220. >Diamond is smiling and leans in for a kiss, and you're too damned disorientated to do anything but move your lips in some semblance of kissing her back.
  221. >Diamond makes a pleased noise in the back of her throat and lays back down, draping a bare arm over your sweaty chest and snuggling into your neck.
  222. >"I love you, Anon," she murmur.
  223. >You can barely think.
  224. >You can barely feel.
  225. >Were you raped?
  226. >Did she rape you?
  227. >That couldn't have happened.
  228. >Diamond Tiara's your friend!
  229. >She would never r-rape you!
  230. >"I'm gonna get a maid to go into town and buy a box full of pregnancy test."
  231. >What.
  232. >Why.
  233. >How?
  234. >TO WHAT END?!
  235. >You try to struggle and wriggle away, but your limbs feel too heavy, and your head feels like someone opened up your skull and replaced your brain with a fluffy down comforter.
  236. >In response to the wiggling, Diamond squeezes you a bit firmer, and you fight back a wave of nausea.
  237. >You think you're going to be sick.
  238. >You feel Diamond press a kiss into your cheek.
  239. >"You're going to be such a good daddy."
  240. > you KNOW you're going to be sick.
  241. >You close your eyes and try to force your tired brain to fall back asleep.
  242. >This is a nightmare.
  243. >This can't be happening.
  244. >You trust Diamond Tiara.
  245. >She would never do this to you.
  246. >She would never hurt you like this.
  247. >This isn't real.
  248. >This can't be real.
  249. >Sleep overtakes you like an oiled gazelle.
  250. >You know nothing more.
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