Walnut - Facet: Mass Destruction (WIP)

Apr 16th, 2014
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  1. >His work laid on the table untouched & useless.
  2. >Rolling his eyes Principle Tarkin slowly leaned back in his office chair before a loud knock came from his door.
  3. >Asking who it was the pony behind the door responded saying" It's me Hexferry student council president I have to talk to you about a few things."
  4. >Exhaling a sigh of air Tarkin told Hexferry to enter. Unlocking the door & trotting carrying a pile of papers in her mouth Hexferry the student council president was formally dressed in the Saturnidae Academies female student clothes which consisted of a black & white colored skirt, & black jacket with white turtleneck shirt.
  5. >Placing the papers she brought with her on the table, and taking a seat at in one of the principals chair Hexferry spoke in a crystal clear voice to Tarkin saying "Another incident happened with one of the students disappearing in the split mountain area of the school, & returned a day later Ill as all get out, Tarkin.".
  6. >Putting on a frown Tarkin wasn't in the mood of listening to Hexferry talk about the disappearance & reappearance of his students. Listening to her continue Hexferry said" Sir if you don't do something I'm obliged on the behalf of the moths here to contact the authorities as this isn't normal."
  7. >Closing his eyes and inhaling a breathe of air responded with "I understand.", which shocked Hexferry a bit. Nodding his head Tarkin asked Hexferry is she done talking with him.
  8. >Shaking her head "No" Hexferry said" I need you to go over these papers to finalize the approval of a transfer student coming here for a year."
  9. >Reaching over his desk Tarkin picked up the papers, and started to go over them with Hexferry watching.
  10. "So let's see who...this new students is.."
  12. First choice in the story:
  14. 1) Import thread created character Unknown from Hollow, and use them.
  16. 2) Create New Character.
  18. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. Import thread created character Unknown has been chosen.
  22. Day 0, April 4th, Monday
  23. Weather: Sunny-???
  25. >Looking down at the papers Principal Tarkin could see his transfer students record:
  27. Name: Unknown
  28. DOB: X/XX/XXXX
  29. Race: Zebra
  30. Gender: Male
  31. Transfer From: Val's Academy of Elite Magics & Advance Academics
  32. Former Principal: Dr.Blue Tong
  33. Years Spent Enrolled: 3
  34. Parents/Guardians: Independent
  35. Date of Arrival to Saturniidae Academy: 4th of April
  36. Duration of transfer: 365 Days
  37. Approval to allow in dorms & school grounds:
  39. >Seeing nothing wrong with the students transfer Tarkin picked up his pen underneath some papers on his desk, and signed his signature on the "Approval to allow in dorms & school grounds" area before handing them back to Hexferry who gave him a proper. "Thank you."
  41. ---
  43. >Though the train was moving over 100mph it felt slow as you leaned back in the trains comfortable first class seats provided by the school you were attending.
  44. >Exhaling a breathe of air you then glanced down at a photo of your old school you brought with you. "How awesome." You thought in your head going to a new school for an year. Cocking your head to the window you could see a vast mountain area with the sun shining high in the sky, and no cloud in sight.
  45. >Hearing the conductor come on the intercom they made announcement saying you would be arriving at the academy in an hour. Rolling your eyes and saying "Finally." you accidentally dropped the photo of your old school.
  46. >Bending over to pick it up you heard the crackle of thunder come from nowhere making you sit back up. Looking out the window in a now mountain area it was pouring down rain with pitch black clouds in the sky.
  48. >Questioning how the weather changed so fast. Then seeing something trot pass the tracks you got a glimpse of a short manned, pure white mare Moth pony with gold eyes dressed in a white robe through you a hopeful smile before passing her.
  49. >Dropping your mouth you questioned what the hell was going before your window fogged up. Leaning away you started feel sick, and have the strength in your body fade away from you.
  50. >Closing your eyes just to blink you didn't reopen them as you fell asleep.
  52. - - -
  54. >You were asleep yet you could hear the voice of a soft spoken mare say to you "Excuse me, sir we've arrived.". Shaking your head left, & right you didn't want to get up.
  55. >Asking you kindly to get up, you opened your eyes just a crack to see a young orange coated, dark red, and green eyed mare in a train conductors uniform. Widening your eyes & blinking you apologized before getting your ads up.
  56. >Reaching above your seat you grabbed your luggage from the stand you placed it on, and slugged it around your shoulder. The bag wasn't heavy as you wore the same grey pants, hoodie, and t-shirt everyday.
  58. Apologizing to the conductor once more you stepped off the train, and onto a empty stone platform with a nice skylight that showed a cloudy sky with no rain, and a big decorated sign saying" Saturniidae Academy Train Station.". Underneath the sign you could see a mare moth that made you freeze up as it was the mare you saw crossing the tracks for a brief second wearing Gardner clothes, & and two identification badges with keys around her neck.
  59. >Coming up to you the mare gave you the same hopeful smile on the tracks saying "You must be the transfer student Unknown. Its nice to you meet you, I am Dea the grounds keeper for the academy, and the moth sent by their boss to take you to your living quarters today as the student rep for you is too busy setting up your classes. & getting your school uniforms prepared.".
  61. >Not saying a word to her you were trying to think how this could be the mare that crossed the track an hour ago before you fell asleep as it was impossible for somebody to move from that Rocky mountain area, and to the academy in a short period of time.
  62. >Opening your mouth you asked the mare if you & her have met which confused her. Replying "I don't know how? I lived & worked here at the academy all my life. And I don't ever remember us meeting before.". Shaking your head despite the appearance she couldn't be the moth you saw. Focusing your attention on Dea's two identification badges you loud see one was blank with words written on the bottom, & a bar code. The other one had a picture of her on it with a barcode underneath it.
  64. Asking what was up with the two id's she" Oh'ed" before taking the one with words written on it off, and tried handing it to you saying" This is your transfer identification badge, wear this all time if you don't want to be arrested or thrown off campus.". Taking the badge and putting around your neck where it slapped against your grey hoodie.
  65. >Asking if you were ready to go with an adorable smile you simply said" yes" before following the moth through the station, through the large marble waiting room, and outside where you came in front of three football field long grass area with a small concrete path that lead all the way around in an opal to several tall master constructed brown buildings in the distance.
  66. >Telling you to come on the moth started walking on the concrete. Running to catch up with her the both you walked for a tremendous amount of time about how could she be the ground keeper for the entire school if one grassy area of the school was large as three football fields, and her telling you that it comes from a lifetime of experience plus she had helped from a stallion a long time ago that she called "Him.".
  68. (Unknown can sense something is up with Dea.)
  69. (Unknown understands Dea a little better.)
  70. (A unknown powerful will prevents Unknown from creating a bond with Dea, and supporting her at this time.)
  72. After walking down the concrete path, and pass a very long two brown three story buildings that Dea said was the freshman faculty area, you arrived at a single four story building far from the others that resembled an apartment.
  73. >Walking up a pair of stairs and reaching underneath a mat pulled out a small key that she used to unlock the front door inviting you in. Stepping inside the building you felt a sudden rush of wariness pound you from the A/C unit. Turning around to face you Dea said "Welcome to your own co-ed dorm. No pony stays here anymore except you because of us constructing a new place for the new arrivals to stay at. So you have this place all to yourself."
  75. >Nodding your head you could clearly see you were in the main space of the dorm because of receptionist desk with a time in & time out paper sheet, a small couch and chairs placed around a small table with a HD Tv hanging on the wall, the kitchen in the back, and across from it a pair of white stairs with gilded railings.
  76. >Coming up to you and giving you the key she used to unlock the front door Dea told you that his was the master key for the dorm, and that it didn't matter where you slept since you had the place to yourself.
  77. >Continuing Dea said "As you can see this is the main area, the second floor is the stallion dorm room area, the third floor is mares, and the fourth is the administrators room & dorm meeting area.". Telling you that it was nice to meet you Dea had said she had to take her leave, but before leaving you asked her if you & her would see each other again.
  78. >Going "Um..." Dea said "I guess we can see each other just not that much. I mean you gotta attend classes for six days straight, and I will be doing my job during that time."
  80. >Saying" Oh" you were disappointed a bit that you wouldn't be able to hang out with her despite the feeling you didn't create a bond with her. Waving her hooves in the area nervously Dea said "Um... If you really want to hangout with me & stuff I will always be available on Sunday in the academy's faculty building rooftop to always get a good look at the split mountain area in the back. So I guess we can always see each other then."
  81. >Smiling you then said "Alright." before Dea wished you goodbye for day saying "Take care Unknown-kun. Your school rep will show you to the junior building tomorrow, and get you a school uniform.". Repeating the word "-kun" you wondered if that was foreign before closing the door.
  82. >Looking at your bag you knew it would be best for you go ahead, & find a bedroom to stay in. Going up the stairs you went into the first stallion bedroom door you could find turning on the light, and finding yourself in a small room with a nice clean bed, a closet, and a work desk that had a window next to it.
  83. >Placing your stuff on your desk your then heard a large crash, and taking a peep out the window you could see a white stallion moth pony with a yellow streak across his face, and puffed up mane holding his groin as he had hit a metal bar. >Thinking you should leave him be you thought bout what to do as your new school life at Saturniidae Academy begins.
  85. Your new school life starts tomorrow what should you do?
  87. 1) Study.
  88. 2) Sleep.
  89. 3) Explore the dorm area until Midnight.
  90. 4) Stay up till Midnight unpacking.
  91. 5) Think about Dea & the train ride.
  93. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  95. Explore the Campus till Midnight has been chosen.
  97. >Having the feeling to explore the campus you left your dorm room, and down the stairs to the first floor where you left the building.
  98. >Outside it was quite, still, and serene. Starting off on the side walk you hoped to see something of interest to happen like that moth ramming against a metal bar, but nothing happened.
  99. >Several minutes passed before you circle backed to your dorm with it reaching midnight behind you.
  101. >Trotting up the stairs, and up to the front door you paused as you started to feel sick, and the world become darker.
  103. 12:00 AM - Midnight has occurred.
  105. >Looking down at the ground you closed your eyes as the sickness overtook you, and you throw up. Reopening your eyes, and looking back at your dorm building the front door had disappeared replaced with a small edge that lead nowhere.
  106. >Turning around your eyes widened in shock as a entrance to a large labyrinth appeared in front of you. Looking up at the sky from the moon became blood red. Shaking your head you couldn't believe what the fuck is happening.
  107. >Then hearing the sound of some bells ring in the distance of the labyrinth with the sound of several hoof steps coming towards you. Freezing in fear the fog that you saw appear back when you were on the train appeared, & rain started to pour down.
  109. >When the hoof steps toward you stopped at the entrance of the labyrinth along with the sound of the bells you could see the figure of the mare moth who had walked pass the train.
  110. >Trying to shake off your fear to say something the mare moth spoke first saying "You are standing in the middle of another world Zebra.".
  111. >Pausing you tried yo ask who she was, but again she spoke first saying "Life here is complete slavery for the moths. Do you want grand emancipation to them? Or..."
  112. >"Or...what?" You thought.
  113. "Or would like to be a slave yourself?". Silent you were confused, and curious about what she was talking about. Saying "Do not waste this coming year, and do not become lost like the other. I will always be watching you." she then started trotting back into the labyrinth before disappearing with the world returning back to normal.
  115. 12:01 AM - Midnight has ended.
  117. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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