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  1. Verified true:
  2. * VHBL release--easy to do. Anyone who can read tutorials and have time can do it.
  3. * Bubble method
  5. Suspected true (not verified, but released):
  6. * VitaTV nand pinout--layout is similar enough to PCH1000
  7. * NAND Vdd pinout--easy to test with multimeter. No soldering/hw knowledge required.
  8. * MPO glitch--crashes photos app. Likely not exploitable. Easy to find with CVE online.
  10. Verified false:
  11. * SELF files in screenshot (size too small)
  12. * PSM "without developer license" (clarified later, after being called out, that it's just a way of logging into PSN on DevAssist with a different PSN account (with license) than on the Vita--something that is public knowledge)
  14. Suspected false (not verified, but more evidence suggests false):
  15. * HDMI mod--
  16. * "Hybrid" CFW--possible in theory, but requires knowing offsets that's not easy to obtain
  17. * Gamecard pinout--multiple sources cannot reproduce. Also suspect is a NAND pinout on an SD interface
  18. * Gamecard dump--mr.gas said PARAM.SFO is not correct
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