Selene's battle mansion

Jan 27th, 2017
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  1. If you ask anyone what you expect to see in a mansion, the usual answers would be a ballroom, a dining hall or maybe even a theater. But Selene the Lilim had other ideas.
  3. Selene had decided that the best thing to have in her mansion was an underground battle arena. It took some work and some of her magic to get the place up to her standards, but by the end of it, she now had a Colosseum to call her own.
  5. She was standing in its center right now. Surrounded on all sides by seats filled with monsters and a few humans that looked excited about the day's events. With a grin, she used magic to amplify her voice and addressed the audience.
  7. “I've heard that people should make love, not violence... I say, why not both? Welcome everyone to the grand opening of the battle mansion!” that alone seemed to get the crowd cheering. Selene waited for them to stop before continuing. “A few things before we get started. The first is that it is an open to all who are willing to have a nice clean fight with no none of those wars to clog the fun!” the crowd cheered again. “Seeing as we are all here for the first time I will lay down the rules myself of this arena of mine. Feel free to ask the staff for a reminder.”
  9. Selene started to circle the arena, talking to the crowd as she went “Rule one is that most fights will be one on one and random choice. Human versus monster, monster versus monster or even human versus human, any type of fight can emerge.”
  11. Murmurs ran through the audience as she continued. A succubus with red hair walked onto the arena floor with a spear in one hand and a sword in the other. “Rule two is more for the humans but still, casualties will be kept to a minimum and there for, only weapons made of demon realm silver and supplied by us like what Lily here is holding.” She gestured to the succubus who held up the weapons. “will be used. We have a large library of weapons but we will forge a weapon if you need it/request for one. Of course, that means hidden weapons need to be removed before battle or given the okay by either myself or Lily.”
  13. “Rule three is quite simple, battles are until the opponent is unable to continue via KO, surrender or judged unfit to carry on. Rule four is that human females might show to fight, they are to given the same respect you would your fellow monster.” the murmurs returned at the mention of rule four. “We are all warriors here regardless of origin, and who knows, maybe some of them will join the sweeter side."
  15. “Rule five is that I have the final say in any and all disputes that come of these fights and rule six is that only fighting is to happen in my arena. If anyone gets a little `heated` out there, we have rooms for it.” Laughing was heard among the audience.
  17. “One more thing and this is the most important.” She said as her one got a little more stern. “There are a handful of rules that one of my staff will inform you about. But I will make one thing clear. Do not piss me off. Break my rules and I will break you, understand?”
  19. Seeing that the audience had got the warning, she lightened up. “Right, that's it for rules are you all ready to see some fights?” she said with a grin as the crowd livened up again. “Then let's begin! Lily, get the first two fighters in!”
  21. Lily nodded and snapped her fingers as Selene took to the air and flew to her chair to observe. Doors that were on both sides of the arena opened on both ends and the two warriors emerging, each being accompanied by a servant.
  23. On one side, was a human male that was in his mid-twenties wearing leather armor and armed with a simple sword and shield. He looked like a standard warrior and had a confident expression.
  25. His opponent coming from the other end was a black haired succubus wearing leather armor and wielding a short sword.
  27. The warrior stared at the beauty in front of him until she spoke “I hope you're not as distracted when we fight.” She finished with a smile.
  29. The warrior snapped himself out of his daze and took a fighting stance. “Sorry, it is my first time with a monster.” He was then taken aback when she laughed. “What?”
  31. “I'm sorry, but from what I've heard, men don't usually say that for fighting.” she grinned and it grew wider when the warrior started to splutter. “Oh, you are going to be fun!”
  33. “Are both of you ready?” Lily called out to get their attention. Both fighters to their stances and nodded. “Good, then fight!” She back out of their line of sight before the two started to circle each other.
  35. The succubus struck first, going for a strike to the to the warrior's side that he blocked with his shield and tried to push forward with a slash of is own. But the succubus was flexible enough to dodge the blow and roll out of the way when the warrior went for a shield bash to follow up.
  37. Trying to keep up the pressure, the warrior kept attacking the succubus but wings gave the monster an extra help in dodging his slashes and stabs. he paid for the succubus slipped behind him and managed to stab slash his hand, demon silver now rendering it numb.
  39. Think the combination of the weird, numbing pain in his arm and tiring from his offense. The man backed off to recover. The succubus still had her grin as she spoke “First blood is mine! I wonder how many firsts I can take.” she said with her tail waving excitedly.
  41. “What is it with you and firsts? He said annoyed.
  43. She shrugged. “Not much actually, Its just fun to see that look on your face,” she said tossing her sword back and forth between her hands. “Still, it's only a matter of time before I win.”
  45. “Dot be so sure about that! When this ends I'll be the one on top!” He declared while retaking his stance.
  47. “Oh my!” She said with an almost mocking tone.
  49. “What do you...” His eyes widened when he got the joke. “Dammit!”
  51. The succubus laughed before she launched at him to attack. It was clear with the fight between them that warrior, while still aggressive in his attacks, was now a lot more cautious in his strikes, allowing him to keep up his deference whenever she struck.
  53. Then suddenly, just as it looked like another even exchange, the succubus overstepped when striking and the warrior managed to take both her wings in one swing. Unfortunately, it cost him as she got him in the shield arm, rendering it useless.
  55. “Hah! Got your wings! he said with triumph.
  57. “Not that big of an achievement when you can't block anymore.” She said with that smug smile still in place.
  59. “I'm not done yet! I can keep going for more rounds!” He said as he took off his shield. The dead weight doing him no good.
  61. “Women must love your endurance.” the succubus said as she flexed her arms to work the kinks out.
  63. “Oh come on! That one isn't even dirty!” He groaned. Before he was suddenly set upon by the succubus, who stated attack relentlessly. He responded in kind and the fight heated up but unlike before, with the monster lacking her wings and the warrior without his shield, both were starting to take hits. The crowd was going berserk at this point, cheering for both fighters to carry on to the end.
  65. Selene, watching from her chair, was also glued to the action as Lily came walked up to her “Having fun, mistress?” she asked.
  67. “Definitely! This is the best idea I've had for some time. Look at them go!” Selene said
  69. “It's nice to see the arena finished. Still, I didn't think we'd be ready so soon,” Lily said looking around the arena.
  71. “That's because this is nothing compared to what my sisters have done, a large-scale arena mansion is not much compared to the green realm cities and that magi tek stuff.” Selene said in thought. “But enough about that, what do you think about the fight?
  73. “The man is doing better than I expected, though it sees the man gets rumbled a bit too easily by her innuendos” Lily chuckled.
  75. Selene nodded. “If he could get past that, he may have a chance, the question is, how?” Selene questioned. Lily said nothing as both focused on on the fight.
  77. Back on the arena floor between both her words and her attacks he was getting frustrated until he shouted at her. Will you stop twisting my words? I haven't said anything wrong!”
  79. “You don't get how easy it is to swap context.” The succubus said as she kept attaching. “Just the simplest thing can turn from being safe and child-friendly...” In a bust go speed he wasn't ready for she was behind him and had her tail wrapped around his chest. “To the downright filthy,” she whispers in his ear and finished with licking it.
  81. Frozen by the lick, the warrior was not ready for an arm to go around his neck and put him in a choke hold. With her legs and tail wrapped around his legs, he was staggering around the arena trying to struggle and get her to release him.
  83. “I like you a lot. Maybe after all this, I can show you a thing or two about lightening up.” She whispered in his ear.
  85. “It's not over yet! Get off!” He said trying to hit her with his sword awkwardly. If he wasn't disorientated by the choke hold he would have got her in her face.
  87. “Not until you surrender or pass out! Face it, this is my win!” she said tightening her grip. The warrior's eyes were a combination of panic and glassing over as he was slowly losing consciousness and he looked like he was about collapse. “Well then, it looks likes it's over n-”
  89. Before she could go further, he jumped backward, slamming the both of them into the floor, the shock of pain was enough for the succubus to release him and he rolled away from her, grasping for air while.
  91. The audience went wild as both fighters regained the footing and stared each other down. Though the warrior was wobbling about.
  93. “That really hurt you know?” The succubus said between breaths.
  95. “I needed you to get off me.” he said.
  97. “I'm going to be sore in the morning thanks to your little stunt” she grinned.
  99. To her surprise, he grinned back. “Good, it would have been a shame if I finished early and left you unsatisfied!” Paused in shock by his comeback, she had barely enough tame to react to the warrior launching himself at her and she reacted with her sword, leading to the two of them impaling each other with their sword her on the shoulder and him in the gut.
  101. “Dammit, I thought I had you...” the warrior said as the silver did its magic and he collapsed unconscious.
  103. The audience was on the feet applauding the winner of the fight. The succubus slowly got to her feet while a kikimora in all white came out to tend to the downed warrior. The succubus smiled and waved to the audience while Selene flew down followed by Lily
  105. “Congratulations on your victory! What a great battle to start off this arena!” The Lilim said shaking her hand.
  107. “You're welcome, Lady Selene.” the succubus bowed only to be pulled back up.
  109. “None of that right now, what I want to know is what did you think of your opponent?” Selene asked.
  111. “As a warrior, he is great with the sword but relied way too much on that shield of his, that was why I was able to choke him when he lost it.” The succubus said thinking about the fight. “As a man... there might be hope for him yet,” she said in with a lick of her lips.
  113. “Wonderful! Good luck on that end,” she said and addressed the crowd while the succubus went after the kikimora that carried the warrior out of the arena. “Wasn't that fight amazing?” The crowd roared in agreement. “Of course it was! Seeing as we're off to a great start, let's move on to the second match, Lily!”
  115. Lily snapped her fingers like she did the first time and the entry doors opened and a young man that looked a little less confident came out wielding a sword.
  117. “I can to this, it won't be that bad right? Maybe I'll get to fight something nice?” He muttered aloud to himself.
  119. His hopes were dashed when a tall muscle tone Oni came out drinking from a flask and holding a large spiked club. Gulp down what smelt like alcohol she gave a pleased sigh before noticing her opponent. “I have to face you?” She asked with a gruff voice and then shrugged before spinning her club above her head before slamming it into the ground, causing it to shake a little. “Hope you don't break that easily.” she grinned.
  121. The new warrior decided to give a strong first impression and only wail in despair on the inside.
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