KH 358/2 Days: Any% (Beginner) Notes

Dec 16th, 2019
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  1. Day 7 - Number XIV
  2. - Talk to Axel and choose top option after Axel nods his head (Can't skip cutscene)
  3. * Bottom option is always default
  5. Day 8 - The Icing on the Cake
  6. - Talk to Saix and choose top option
  7. - R + Start for Tutorial Boxes once in Twilight Town and jump to Axel
  8. - R + Start again, go right twice, examine Yellow Switch, left to thorn barrier, then right to chest
  9. - Start, then R + Start again, open chest (mash A), then RTC (Return To Castle)
  11. Day 9 - Heartless
  12. - Talk to Saix
  13. - Defeat Shadows x3 and Yellow Operas x3
  14. - Start, R x2 + Start for Tutorial Boxes, defeat Yellow Opera x6, then RTC
  16. Day 10 - Incomplete
  17. - Talk to Saix
  18. - Go counter-clockwise around the room and defeat seven Heartless, then RTC
  20. Day 11 - Keyblade
  21. - Press Y (Square) to quickly access the Panel Menu and R x2 + Start
  22. - Menu: Equip 2 Fires on top row (Hold A while equipping multiple copies!)
  23. Config: Chase Cam: Manual
  24. Cam Speed: Fast, press L to Combat Partner Behavior
  25. Target: Off
  26. - Press X (Triangle) to move through the Command Menu, then press L to Shortcut Fire
  27. - Talk to Saix, use Fire from Shortcut on Dire Plant, then get Ether chest near the benches and use Ether
  28. - R + Start x2, use Fires on Dire Plants and combo Yellow Operas, get Ether chest near exit, then RTC
  30. Day 12 - A Closed World
  31. - Talk to Saix
  32. - R + Start and go Northeast to examine Accessory Shop
  33. - Go straight to examine road and another shop
  34. - Go near the corner straight ahead, go left until you can examine again, take left path to gate
  35. - RTC
  37. Days 13 - Deeds to Be Done
  38. - Talk to Saix
  39. - 1 hit + Fire to kill a Mega-Shadow, then RTC
  41. Day 14 - Friends
  42. - Panel Menu: Equip 2 Ethers below Fires and re-equip 2 Fires to the right
  43. Equip Dodge Roll on Row 2/Column 5, Scan below Dodge Roll, and Skill Gear below 1st Ether
  44. - Talk to Saix, R + Start, go to Twilight Town
  45. - Go to Central Station, skip cutscene, use Limit Breaks in forced fights, then RTC
  47. Day 15 - Missions
  48. - Talk to Saix, R + Start, and choose Mission 08 - Eliminate the Watchers (Surveillance Robots)
  49. - Kill 3 Watchers on the way to Sandlot
  50. - Get Iron chest to the right, use Fires on Watchers while using a Ether, then RTC
  52. Day 16
  53. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  55. Day 22 - Left Behind
  56. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 11 - Eliminate the Guardian
  57. - Go through Underground Passage and take the left path
  58. - Examine Yellow and Green switches
  59. - Get Loaded Gear chest behind you after examining Green switch
  60. - Kill enemies to examine Purple switch
  61. - Use Fire on Minute Bombs to make them blow up and get yourself to Critical HP
  62. - Use Ether before fighting Guardian, then use a Fire and Limit Break to kill it
  64. Day 23 - Silent Companion
  65. - Panel Menu: Equip Block (2) over Ethers and put Fires on Doublecast at upper-right corner
  66. Remove Skill Gear and equip Loaded Gear
  67. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 12 - Eliminate the Poison Plant
  68. - Go left to Side Street to get to Underground Passage, then go right to Tunnel
  69. - Use Fires to defeat Poison Plant, then RTC
  71. Day 24 - Silence Broken
  72. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 13 - Eliminate the Deserters
  73. - Open Power Unit (L) chest to the left, then go to Sandlot
  74. - Use Fires and combos on Deserters to defeat them
  76. Day 25 - Two Keys
  77. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 14 - Eliminate the Darkside
  78. - Use Fire on a Minute Bomb to make them blow up, then get 2 Possessors on you and hide from Xion to get Critical HP on the way to Darkside
  79. - Use 2 Fires on the head, then Limit Break when it's starting a attack
  81. Day 26 - Terminated
  82. - Talk to Saix and go to Moogle at room entrance
  83. - Moogle Shop: Buy: Triplecast (3) and Chrono Gear (3)
  84. Synthesize: Fire x3
  85. - Panel Menu: Equip Triplecast above Block (2) and put equip 2 Blizzards on it
  86. Put 1 Fire in Doublecast and 2 more Fires below Doublecast
  87. Remove Loaded Gear and equip Chrono Gear with a Power Unit below Block (2)
  88. - Talk to Saix and Choose Mission 15 - Investigate this new world
  89. - Hit switch up ahead and put Blizzard on Shortcut
  90. - Go to the next room, break a box tower with a hit and push block towards other boxes
  91. - Climb up to hit a switch, examine the wall shortly below, then go to the next room
  92. - Kill surrounding enemies with Blizzards and attacks, then examine sand-pile and Storage door
  93. - Go back to Agrabah Street, climb up to the right to examine wooden floor, then mash text
  94. - Go back to The Palace nearby, then RTC
  96. Day 51 - Missing
  97. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 16 - Eliminate the Fire Plants
  98. - Jump on the Pot straight ahead to get to where the 1st Fire Plant is, then kill the 2nd one nearby
  99. - Go to Agrabah Streets to kill the 3rd Fire Plant to the left, then go to Agrabah Gate
  100. - Kill a Fire Plant with a Blizzard, then knock down Barrier Master with a full aerial combo
  101. - Knock the book away from it and use 3 Fires on it to kill it
  102. - Jump up the southwest side of the room to kill the 5th Fire Plant and northwest side for the 6th
  103. - Go back to Agrabah Street and jump on the northeast side for the last Fire Plant, then RTC
  105. Day 52 - Solitude
  106. - Talk to Saix, pause, talk to Saix again and choose "ADVANCE"
  108. Day 71 - Reunion
  109. - R + Start, then Menu
  110. - Panel Menu: Equip a Ether and a Ability Unit on Chrono Gear
  111. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 20 - Destroy the shadow globs
  112. - Kill the 1st Shadow Glob on the way to Sandlot with a full combo
  113. - Kill 2 Shadow Globs in Sandlot with a Fire on the way to Tram Common
  114. - Kill 4 Shadow Globs in Tram Common nearby with Fires, then return to Side Street
  115. - Kill the last one with another Fire, then RTC
  117. Day 72 - Change
  118. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 21 - Collect hearts
  119. - Go straight to the next room and follow Pete clockwise around the room until he leaves room
  120. - Follow him some more in the next room counter-clockwise
  121. - Enter Cave of Wonders, examine left block and push it forward with attacks
  122. - Kill Scarlet Tangos with attacks and 1 Blizzard
  123. - Push box to the right with attacks to the entrance of the room and kill another Scarlet Tango
  124. - Jump up to hit a switch, then attack box to where the block is so that you can climb up
  125. - Kill remaining Heartless on the way to the next room
  126. - Use Fires on Loudmouths and Blizzard on the 2 groups, then kill the last group with Fire + attacks
  127. - Jump + Fire on Large Armor, hits + Fires to kill it, then RTC
  129. Day 73 - The Promise
  130. - Press Start twice, then talk to Saix and choose Mission 22 - Eliminate the Sergeant
  131. - Go to Courtyard and push Statues around to the correct spot
  132. - Go to Entrance Hall Upper Level, kill 1st group with Blizzard and combos to activate a switch
  133. - Activate the 2nd switch by running into a corner to despawn enemies
  134. - Kill Soldiers with Blizzard/Fires to activate 3rd switch, then enter Entrance Hall to try to leave
  135. - Do attacks and Blizzards or Fires on Sergeant to kill it
  136. - Examine south door, then RTC
  138. Day 74 - Trio
  139. - Moogle Shop: Sell: Panacea
  140. Synthesize: Magic Ring (Buy Iron if you don't have enough)
  141. - Panel Menu: Equip Magic Ring at the bottom-right corner and Ethers
  142. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 23 "Search for Xion"
  143. - Go to Sandlot, go back to Side Street to get to Underground Passage and Tunnel
  144. - Get Ether chest in Side Street on the way to Tunnel
  145. - Go BACK to Sandlot, go to Under the Tracks to examine green can, then go BACK to Tunnel
  146. - Talk to Pence and choose 3rd option, 2nd option, then 3rd option (c, b, c)
  147. - Take left path through Underground Passage, go right to Tram Common, then go to The Woods
  148. - Hit 3rd Tree straight ahead, then fight Veil Lizard at Mansion
  149. - Spam Fires until its 3rd HP bar is gone, then attack to end 1st phase
  150. - Spam Fires and Blizzards while letting it hit you, then finish with Limit if possible
  152. Day 75 - Inseparable
  153. - Panel Menu: Equip Air Slide right next to Chrono Gear
  154. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 24 - Investigate the desert cave
  155. - Go straight to Agrabah Gate for forced fight and kill Scarlet Tangos with 3 Blizzards and air combos
  156. - Go to the end of Cave / Entrance Hall and examine a stone tablet
  157. - Hit the switch at the northeast corner in the next room,
  158. - Climb your way up and kill the Fire Plant and Scarlet Tango to examine/hit the [+] block
  159. - Climb your way up more to the next room and fall down in Cave / Abyss
  160. - Kill another group of Fire Plant and Scarlet Tango and hit the [+ +] block
  161. - Climb all the way back up to Cave / Abyss, then go right to hit the [+ + +] block
  162. - Hit the gears on the left side of the room and go fight Pete
  163. - Spam Fire while he hits you into Critical HP until his last HP bar, then finish with Limit
  165. Day 76
  166. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 27 - Investigate Beast's Castle
  167. - Go straight to Courtyard and examine bread crumbs on the southeast corner
  168. - Go to Entrance Hall, defeat 2 Shadows and Bad Dog with a Blizzard and Fire, examine Claw Marks to the left
  169. - Go to The West Hall and immediately go straight to The West Wing
  170. - Defeat the 2 Bad Dogs with a Fire and a few hits, spam Fire on Snapper Dog in forced fight
  171. - Examine Beast's door, backtrack to examine footprints, choose 2nd option twice, then RTC
  173. Day 77
  174. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  176. Day 94 - Hearts
  177. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 29 - Eliminate the Neoshadows
  178. - Go to The West Hall and immediately go to Undercroft
  179. - Use a Blizzard and Fire to kill both Snapper Dogs, open Mimic chest, Guard attack, then Blizzard
  180. - Go up to Secret Passage, get Ether chest, kill a Neoshadow with Blizzard/Fires/attacks, then RTC
  182. Day 95 - Nobodies
  183. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 30 - Collect Hearts
  184. - Climb up the left side to enter Agrabah Street, kill enemies with a Blizzard, and get Ether chest
  185. - Jump up to kill a Loudmouth with Fire and Fire Plant with Blizzard
  186. - Drop down to kill 3 groups of Heartless with Blizzards, then jump up right side and kill 2 more Fire Plants
  187. - Hit the Barrier Master twice in The Palace, spam Fire until it dies, then use a Ether if you have less than 3 Fires
  188. - Jump + Fire on Large Armor, spam Fire until it dies, then RTC
  190. Day 96 - Xion's Keyblade
  191. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 31 - Eliminate the Bully Dog
  192. - Go to Ballroom to fight Bully Dog
  193. - Guard the first attack, then spam Fire to kill it
  195. Day 97 - Transfer
  196. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 32 - Vanquish the Heartless threat
  197. - Go fight Antlion in Sandswept Ruins
  198. - Use a Blizzard and ground combos until it goes underground, then follow it
  199. - Let it hit you with sand dunes and the charge to get your HP barely outside Critical HP
  200. - After it goes back underground, follow it and attack it with Blizzards and combos like before
  201. - Once it comes back up, stand in front of the building, dodge 3 sand pillar attacks, and let it run into you
  202. - Finish with Limit, then RTC
  204. Day 98
  205. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  207. Day 117 - Secrets
  208. - Talk to Saix, press Start twice to skip scrolling text, then talk to Moogle
  209. - Moogle Shop: Buy: Slot Releaser, Level Up, Thunder x2, and Magic Unit (L)
  210. - Panel Menu: Move Doublecast to the bottom-right corner and move Air Side below Chrono Gear
  211. Move Dodge Roll left of Magic Ring, put LV Doubler right next to Chrono Gear and above Doublecast with Level Ups
  212. Put Magic LV2 at the upper-right corner with Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder
  213. Replace a Blizzard on Triplecast with a Thunder
  214. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 36 - Investigate this new world
  215. - Use a Blizzard on Flare Notes, Shortcut Thunder, then use Thunders on Lil' Cannons
  216. - Examine Hades Cup Leaderboards, door, Hercules Cup Leaderboards, then enter Vestibule
  217. - Examine both sets of trophies, choose 1st option twice, then talk to Phil and choose "Yes"
  218. - Bathroom Break if needed, choose "No", then RTC
  220. Day 118 - Lazy Day
  221. - Hit the Grandstander Ball and let it land 5 times, then choose "No" after cutscene skip
  223. Day 119 - Work to Do
  224. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 38 - Investigate the castle's master
  225. - Examine the Parlor door, go to Courtyard, examine tracks to the left, then go back to Entrance Hall
  226. - Open Air Slide LV+ (L) chest to the right of stairs, go to The East Wing, and immediately book it
  227. - Kill 2 Sergeants with 2 Fires and a Thunder once Xaldin launches them, then examine Belle's door
  228. - Immediately hug the left wall while leaving The East Wing after skipping the cutscene and go to Ballroom
  229. - Defeat Snapper Dogs with Fires/Thunders and examine the center of the room
  230. - Go to The West Hall, wait a second for Lumiere, examine tracks on stairs, then go to West Wing
  231. - Go to the end of the room and defeat Bully Dog with 1 Thunder and air combos
  232. - Examine Beast's door, choose 1st option twice, wait for Lumiere to turn around twice, then RTC
  234. Day 120
  235. - Panel Menu: Equip Air Slide LV+ (L) and replace a Power Unit in Chrono Gear with Magic Unit
  236. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 39 - Collect hearts
  237. - Use Blizzards on Flare Notes and Thunders on Jumbo Cannon
  238. - Use Thunder to knock down Clay Armor, use 4 Fires, 2 Thunders, then finish it off with Fires; use a Ether if needed
  239. - Talk to Phil and choose "Yes"
  240. - Use a Fire on a Soldier, then kill as many as you can with Barrels, choose "No", then leave room
  242. Day 121
  243. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  245. Day 149 - Unlike Minds
  246. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 42 - Collect hearts
  247. - Kill Creepworms with 1 hit and kill a Skater Bomb with a Fire
  248. - Kill another Skater Bomb with a Fire to the upper-left in Halloween Town Square
  249. - Hit right exploding Pumpkin twice forwards, lure Heartless into it, kill off any survivors with Fire
  250. - Go to Jack's House to kill 2 Creepworms and go to Graveyard
  251. - Wait for a second, use Fire on Pumpkin, then RTC
  253. Day 150 - Fear
  254. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 43 - Eliminate the giant Heartless
  255. - Go to Entrance Hall Upper Level to get to the Ballroom
  256. - Jump down, try to leave, use Blizzard on small Heartless, and use Fires on Gigas Shadow
  257. - Go to The West Wing to fight Dark Follower
  258. - Immediately target the head, get in front of it to use a Thunder, back off + Fire, and avoid getting hit
  259. - Use another Fire on the head, then get behind it and spam Thunder
  260. - Use Fire when it attacks again and use a Ether when out of Thunders
  262. Day 151 - Distress
  263. - Panel Menu: Move the single Fire next to Scan over Blizzard in Magic LV2
  264. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 44 - Eliminate the Avalanche
  265. - Get 1 Emblem before entering Underground Passage and get a Emblem on left path
  266. - Go right, run against the left corner for a second, activate yellow and green switches
  267. - Get 2 Emblems above and activate purple switch to the right at the left corner
  268. - Get the Hi-Potion chest next to Sandlot entrance in Side Street, then go fight Avalanche
  269. - Spam Fires on it and use a Ether
  270. - Go back to Underground Passage, get a Emblem on the way to Tunnel, and get 2 more Emblems
  271. - Get the last Emblem in the back area of Station Plaza, then RTC
  273. Day 152 - The Wrong Buttons
  274. - Panel Menu: Equip High Jump
  275. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 45 - Collect hearts
  276. - GET PHANTOM GEAR (4) CHEST NEAR YOU, then go straight to Halloween Town Square
  277. - Hit a Pumpkin to the left lightpost and examine it to kill a Snowy Crystal
  278. - Hit another Pumpkin near the Water Fountain into it, then examine it
  279. - Examine the Guillotine and use 2 Fires to kill another Snowy Crystal
  280. - Go to Graveyard and examine tombstone right next to it to kill 3 Creepworms
  281. - Examine farthest Balloon and get behind a Pumpkin near the entrance
  282. - Use Fire on it to kill Hover Ghosts, then RTC
  284. Day 153 - Disjointed Days
  285. - Moogle Shop: Buy: Auto-Life (3)
  286. Sell: All Panacea
  287. Synthezise: Limit Recharge x3
  288. - Panel Menu: Move Magic Ring right under LV Doubler and right of Air Slide
  289. Move Doublecast to the bottom-left corner, move Block next to it, then move LV Doubler next to Block
  290. Remove Chrono Gear and equip Phantom Gear, press Select to auto-install panels
  291. Equip Auto-Life under Triplecast, a Level Up, and Ethers
  292. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 46 - Collect hearts
  293. - Talk to Phil in Vestibule and choose "Yes"
  294. - Always kill left Loudmouth with Thunders, Fires, and Blizzards along with using a Ether
  295. - Once you're out of Magic, kill with Barrels
  296. - Choose "No", then RTC
  298. Day 154
  299. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 47 - Collect hearts
  300. - Go to Bizarre Room and get Slot Releaser chest to the right
  301. - Jump up to use Thunder/Fire on 2 Striped Arias, get on the Table + hop down for Sapphire Elegy
  302. - Guard both of their attacks and use a Fire and a air combo to kill both of them and get on the southwest table
  303. - Use a Thunder on both Grey Caprices, then hit the moving chair to fight Lurk Lizard
  304. - Use 1 Thunder, spam Fires while letting it hit you into Critical HP, and hopefully kill it with Limit
  305. - Examine Blue Bottle on table, then RTC
  307. Day 155
  308. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  310. Day 171 - Love
  311. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 50 - Vanquish the Heartless threat
  312. - Go fight Infernal Engine on Bridge
  313. - Immediately go up against the right side to use a Thunder, then back off and use a Fire
  314. - Get hit by 7 balls, go up against the left side and use a Thunder, then dodge 2 Cannon shots
  315. - Block the next 3 Cannon shots, then use a Thunder + air combo from each side while using a Ether
  316. - Be prepared to block the Hammer once it opens its mouth again!
  317. - Once the spike tongue is out , fully use Limit and dodge from the left side when it's about to attack
  318. - Do more air combos to push it back and hopefully make it come back out
  319. - Finish it with Limit, then go back to Courtyard
  321. Day 172 - Sound of the Surf
  322. - Talk to Saix, then press Start twice to talk to the Moogle faster
  323. - Moogle Shop: Buy: Blizzara x2, Magic LV3, and *Limit Boost
  324. * If you don't have enough Heart Points to buy Limit Boost, buy it after next mission!
  325. - Panel Menu: Move Block down to the bottom-left corner, equip Limit Boost and Magic LV3
  326. Move Fire from Doublecast to Magic LV3 and put Thunder on Magic LV3
  327. Put Blizzara over Blizzard on Triplecast, over a Fire on Magic LV2, on Doublecast, and Magic LV3
  328. Equip Level Up over 3rd Ether
  329. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 51 - Eliminate the Pink Concertos
  330. - Examine the Bottles in Bizarre Room and put Blizzara on Shortcut, then go to Lotus Forest
  331. - Examine Yellow Flower in front of you, use Blizzara/Fire/full air combo to kill Pink Concertos and Sergeants
  332. - Examine the 2nd Yellow Flower to the left to make the 2nd Pink Concertos spawn
  333. - Examine the Blue Flower to make the 3rd Pink Concertos spawn
  334. - Use a Ether right before examining the Red Flower for the 4th Pink Concertos
  335. - Go to Queen's Castle and hit the cage all the way down for the last Pink Concertos
  336. - Kill a Sergeant in Bizarre Room, examine the Bottles, then RTC
  338. Day 173 - Lies
  339. * Moogle Shop: Buy Limit Boost if you were not able to earlier, then equip it!
  340. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 53 - Eliminate the Wavecrest
  341. - Go straight into the cutscene, use Blizzara on a Air Battler, then 2 Fires on each Turquoise Marches
  342. - Go straight towards Hook's Ship for another cutscene, then fly left to the rock
  343. - Kill a Air Battler with another Blizzard and examine the chest to fight Wavecrest
  344. - Lock-on to a wing, use a Thunder on Wavecrest after each attack, then RTC; use Ether if needed
  346. Day 174 - Action, Reaction
  347. - Panel Menu: Move Magic Ring left of Dodge Roll and move Doublecast below Magic Ring and Dodge Roll
  348. Move Air Slide next to Magic Ring and Doublecast and equip Glide
  349. Put a Thunder over Fire in Triplecast, then fill remaining slots with Level Ups and Ethers
  350. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 52 - Collect hearts
  351. - Examine the Balloon to your left and kill 2 Creepworms, then get a Bone on the way to HT Square
  352. - Examine Skull Sign to the right and go to Jack's House to kill more Creepworms, then enter Graveyard
  353. - Hit the middle Pumpkin southwest, then hit the right Pumpkin to the right past the chest
  354. - Examine object next to it to kill Hover Ghosts, then examine Gargoyle statue right next to you
  355. - Kill the Skater Bomb with Fire and examine north Balloon to spawn another Hover Ghost
  356. - Hit the left Pumpkin to the left and hit middle Pumpkin northeast, then kill Hover Ghost with left Pumpkin
  357. - If the Hover Ghost doesn't die from the Pumpkin, kill with a Fire
  358. - Once the Pumpkin explodes, move into northwest lantern and enter the next room
  359. - Hit the first Pumpkin southeast, hit nearby Pumpkin past the middle wall and examine it
  360. - Kill remaining Snowy Crystal with 2 Fires if alive
  361. - Hit left Pumpkin into left lantern and north pumpkin into the right lantern
  362. - Examine the tombstone next to it, Pumpkin should kill another Snowy Crystal, then enter the next room
  363. - Hit left pumpkin towards the wall, then towards Barrel to stun him, then kill him with Thunder
  364. - Have a Pumpkin War with Lock and Shock to stun them along with using Magic like Blizzara
  365. - Examine Balloon and kill the Skater Bomb with a Fire
  366. - Hit north Pumpkin towards the Graveyard to make a hole, get Blazing Gem chest, then RTC
  368. Day 175
  369. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  371. Day 193 - Memories
  372. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 56 - Eliminate both giant Heartless
  373. - Open Gear Component B chest to the left, then enter Sandlot to fight Heat Saber
  374. - Glide left to Barrier Master, hit it twice, knock the book away, and use 2-3 Fires to kill it
  375. - Get hit by Heat Saber's initial attack, hit it until it guards, then guard and use Blizzaras
  376. - Get hit more to be able to use a Limit, then finish with Blizzaras
  377. - Go to Central Station to fight Destroyer
  378. - Go get the Slot Releaser chest to the left, then spam Thunder on Destroyer
  380. Day 194 - Like It Should Be
  381. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 58 - Eliminate the Artful Flyers
  382. - Glide straight into the cutscene, go down-right to examine a chest to spawn a Artful Flyer
  383. - Kill it with a Blizzara and 1-2 Fires, then go northwest to spawn the 2nd Artful Flyer
  384. - Go southeast to spawn the last Artful Flyer, then RTC after killing it
  386. Day 195
  387. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 57 - Eliminate the Commanders
  388. - Examine Bottles in Bizarre Room, go to Queen's Castle, then go left in Hedge Maze Entrance
  389. - Wait a few seconds at the 1st Card Soldier, then go straight to 1st Commander
  390. - Use a Blizzara to freeze it, followed by Fires/air combo to kill it, then right path to 2nd Commander
  391. - Quickly go up against the hedge at the start of the two paths, then take right after Card Soldier stops
  392. - Go left after getting past a Card Soldier, wait for a bit until it's safe to go to last Commander
  393. - Get the Dark Ignot chest right after killing the last Commander, then RTC
  395. Day 196
  396. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  398. Day 224 - Anomaly
  399. - Panel Menu: Equip a Fira over Thunder on Magic LV2
  400. Make sure you have 3 Ethers, 2 Limit Recharges, and 2 Level Ups on Page 2 (Y)
  401. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 61 - Vanquish the Heartless threat
  402. - Get Slot Releaser chest to the right in Coliseum Vestibule, then talk to Phil and choose "Yes"
  403. - Round 1: Get in the middle of the Soldiers, then use Blizzara when Shadows pop up
  404. - Finish with attacks on Shadows if any of them survived
  405. - Round 2: Kill Hover Ghosts with Blizzaras and Barrels
  406. - Round 3: Fira on Ice Cannon and Thunders on Striped Arias, then use Ether
  407. - Round 4: Immediately hit a Tailbunker with a Barrel to hopefully stun it, then Blizzara spam on it
  408. Hit the Tailbunker with a Barrel again if needed, finish Yellow Operas, then Ether
  409. - Round 5: Use a Fira and Fires on Xigbar to end the fight
  410. - Attack Guard Armor's head until it starts hitting you to get into Limit range and get hit by its jump attack
  411. - Limit spam from there with using a Limit Recharge while guarding the body's spin attack
  413. Day 225 - Quietude
  414. - Talk to Saix, then press Start twice to talk to Moogle faster
  415. - Moogle Shop: Buy: Fira x2, Quadcast, Magic Unit, and Glide LV+
  416. Synthesize: Fira
  417. - Panel Menu: Put a Fire over Thunder in Triplecast and put a Fira over Fire on Magic LV3
  418. Replace Power Unit on Phantom Gear with a 2nd Magic Unit and equip Glide LV+
  419. Equip Quadcast in the bottom-right corner of Page 2, put Blizzara and Fira on it
  420. Equip Final Limit to the left of Quadcast along with having 2 Ethers and Level Ups
  421. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 62 - Eliminate the Carrier Ghost
  422. - Go straight to Moonlight Hill to use Fire on 4 Lanterns, then go to Boneyard 2
  423. - Examine Balloon to fight Carrier Ghost, alternate between a Blizzara until it freezes & 2 Firas, then go to RTC
  424. - Hit Pumpkin towards Tentaclaw, use a Fire on it, Fire on the Pumpkin to kill it, then RTC
  426. Day 255 - The Longest Day
  427. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 65 - Eliminate the Novashadow
  428. - Examine Bottles in Bizarre Room, go to Queen's Castle, then right in Hedge Maze Entrance
  429. - Examine 1st Light Switch up ahead, follow the Card Soldier until it goes left, then enter the next room
  430. - Gp straight to 2nd Light Switch, right path to 3rd Switch, then go up to next room
  431. - Go all the way south, all the way east, north a bit, east, then south, Dodge Roll against the wall and activate last Light Switch
  432. - Go south back to Bizarre Room to fight Novashadow
  433. - Go right to a corner, use Blizzara at a wall, lure Novashadow into it, then kill it with Blizzaras/Firas
  434. - Kill a Grey Caprice and Striped Aria that spawns on a table with Fires, then RTC
  436. Day 256 - News
  437. - Talk to Luxord on the couch for a Combo Tech++
  438. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 68 - Collect hearts
  439. - Get the Glide LV+ (L) chest to the right, press Start and "Withdraw"
  440. - Moogle Shop: Buy: Slot Releaser, Aero x2, and Aerial Recovery
  441. Sell: All Panaceas, Power Tech+'s, Luck Tech, and Shield Tech+'s until you have 16,500 Munny
  442. Synthesize: Phantom Gear++ (5), Vitality Ring, Hi-Ether x1, and Elixir x1 (16,500 Munny needed!)
  443. - Panel Menu: Move High Jump left of Limit Boost, remove Chrono Gear and equip Phantom Gear++
  444. Auto-Install on Phantom Gear++, replace Thunders with Fires, and equip Glide LV+
  445. Equip LV Tripler on the upper-left corner of Page 2 and equip it with Level Ups
  446. Replace Magic Ring with Vitality Ring
  447. Make sure you have 2 Limit Recharges and 1 Elixir on Page 2 along with extra Level Up
  448. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 66 - Restore the town's Heartless
  449. - Go to Guillotine Square to fight Tentaclaws
  450. - 2 aerial hits + Fire and Blizzara on the first one, hit Pumpkin + Fire on 2nd one, Blizzara + Fire on 3rd one
  451. - Go to Moonlight Hill for 2nd forced fight, use a Blizzara + Fire and air combos for each of them
  452. - Use a Elixir, then go straight to Manor Ruins to fight Leechgrave
  453. - Guard each Tentaclaw attack (if you can lol) + use Fira to kill them, run through Poison to get to Critical HP
  454. - Once all Tentaclaws are dead, Limit Break spam along with using a Limit Recharge to hopefully kill
  455. - If you don't feel comfortable with using Limits when it gets back up, kill the Tentaclaws again
  456. - RTC
  458. Day 257 - Hollow
  459. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  461. Day 277 - Searching
  462. - Panel Menu: Replace Blizzaras with Aeros in Magic LV2 and Quadcast, then equip 3 Ethers
  463. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 69 - Vanquish the Heartless threat
  464. - Examine the Bottles in Bizarre Room to fight Crimson Pranksters
  465. - Use Blizzaras on one while geting hit by their Fire attack, then mostly Limit Spam
  466. - Use a Limit Recharge if needed, RTC after the fight
  468. Day 278
  469. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  471. Day 296 - Confessions
  472. - Talk to Saix, press Start twice, then talk to Saix again and choose Mission 73 - Defeat Heartless in the Games
  473. - Talk to Phil and choose "Yes"
  474. - Round 1: Use Blizzaras on Sky Grappler & Air Battles along with Fires/Firas and air combos
  475. - Round 2: Use Barrels to defeat the Cannons
  476. - Round 3: Use Fira on Snowy Crystal, then 2 Firas + 1 Aero on Switch Launcher
  477. - Round 4: Fires and on Watchers, Fira on Ice Cannon
  478. - Round 5: Air combos to make it guard, block the counterattack, then Aeros to win
  479. - RTC
  481. Day 297 - Contact
  482. - Talk to Saix and choose "Yeah"
  483. - Go straight to Undergroud Passage and only go after the Impostor with combos, then enter Tunnel
  484. - Attack the Impostor more until the Imposter goes near the Exit
  486. - Day 298 - Fracture
  487. - Talk to Saix, skip cutscene, then choose Mission 75 - Eliminate the impostor
  488. - Go to Sandlot for Mega-Shadows forced fight and spam Firas, Blizzaras, and Aeros
  489. - Go to Tram Common, jump up straight to where the "impostor" is and attack with combos
  490. - Mission ends once she goes in the Junk Sweep mini-game area
  492. Day 299 - Sora
  493. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 76 - Destroy the Shadow Globs
  494. - Immediately go east to use Fire on the first Shadow Glob, then go to Pirate Ship Deck
  495. - Go right to use Blizzara on the 2nd Shadow Glob, fly up to use Fire on the 3rd, then enter Captain's Cabin
  496. - Use Blizzaras on the 4th and 5th Shadow Globs, then RTC
  498. Day 300 - Shutdown
  499. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 77 - Eliminate the Phantomtail
  500. - Go straight to Captain's Cabin, then go back to The Night Sea
  501. - Fly west and hit the ground 3 times, then go to Hook
  502. - Fight Phantomtail to spam Firas and Aeros the same way you fought Wavecrest earlier, then RTC
  504. Day 301 - Vacant Place
  505. - Moogle Shop: Buy: Slot Releaser
  506. - Panel Menu: Move Quadcast on Page 2 down to bottom-left corner
  507. Equip 2nd LV Tripler right next to Final Limit and equip Level Ups on it
  508. Replace Power Unit with another Magic Unit on Phantom Gear+++
  509. Equip Aerial Recovery at the bottom-right corner of Page 2
  510. Replace Aeros with Fires, make sure Fire and Fira or 2 Fires are on Triplecast!
  511. Equip 3 Ethers and 3 Hi-Potions
  512. * Refer to Panel Pictures if having trouble!
  513. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 78 - Vanquish the Heartless threat
  514. - Go to Hook to fight Ruler of the Sky
  515. - Fly towards Ruler of the Sky and use Fira on it once it starts moving, then Fire
  516. - Once it goes red, fly to the waters and dodge the attacks
  517. - Try to use a Fire before it dives underwater after it goes back and forth 3 times
  518. - Try to use a Fira along with Fires once it's done with the yellow shooting attack
  519. - Use Hi-Potions if needed!
  520. - Repeat this process 2 times, then use 3 more Fires before flying back around the water
  521. - Fly into the ice pillars to get into Limit HP range, fly into it to finish it off with a Limit Break
  522. - If it's not dead after the Limit, finish it with Fires or another Limit, then RTC
  524. Day 302
  525. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  527. Day 321 - Waning Power
  528. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 82 - Eliminate the Spiked Crawler
  529. - Go to Cave of Wonders
  530. - Go right to a new room, hit the yellow statue, and jump on first block to make it to higher platform
  531. - Attack the block up there all the way to the left switch, then attack the other two boxes to the 2 switches
  532. - Jump on vase near room entrance, then approach Keyhole in next room for Spiked Crawler
  533. - Bathroom break once the fight starts if needed (fight lasts for a minute), then RTC
  535. Day 322 - The Program
  536. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 85 - Collect hearts
  537. - Get the Slot Releaser chest right behind you!
  538. - Examine Bottles in Bizarre Room, use Fires on Striped Arias & Grey Caprices, block + Fires on Sapphire Elegies
  539. - Go around the room clockwise and kill all Heartless, kill Striped Aria in next room, then 4 in Queen's Castle
  540. - Kill 5 Heartless in Lotus Forest, climb up to enter Bizarre Room, then RTC
  542. Day 323 - Fleeting
  543. - Talk to Saix and choose "ADVANCE"
  545. Day 352 - Sunset
  546. - Moogle Shop: Buy: Slot Releaser and Level Up x2
  547. Sell: All Panaceas, Mithrils, and Adamantites
  548. Synthesize: Limit Recharge x2, Elixir x1, and Hi-Ether x2
  549. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 88 - Eliminate the giant Heartless
  550. - Get Slot Releaser chest to the right, then go to Graveyard
  551. - Run backwards and jump on the stairs, use Fira, Fire, then Fira to end the fight
  553. Day 353 - Resolve
  554. - Panel Menu: Move Quadcast on Page 2 to the bottom-left corner and move LV Tripler "Z" right next to Quadcast
  555. Equip LV Quadrupler (3) above LV Tripler "Z" and equip LV Doubler "backwards F" at the bottom-right corner
  556. Equip Level Ups on LV Quadrupler and LV Doubler
  557. Equip 1 Limit Recharge and 3 Ethers
  558. Replace a Blizzara on Magic LV3 and Fire on Quadcast with Aero, replace Fira on Doublecast with Fire
  559. * Refer to Panel Pictures if having trouble!
  560. - Talk to Saix and choose Eliminate six giant Heartless
  561. - Get the Hi-Ether chest in front of you and go to Sandlot to fight Powered Armor
  562. - Attack the head until it gets you low on HP, then Limit to kill it after it jumps and drops its head
  563. - Go to The Old Mansion to spam Blizzara or Fira? on Veil Lizard
  564. - Go back to Tram Common to spam Fira on Orcus while dodging its attacks
  565. - Go to Station Plaza from Underground Passage fight Stalwart Blade
  566. - Air combo until either Stalwart Blade guards or charges his attack, block his attack, then spam Aero
  567. - Go back to Underground Passage and use a Fira to kill Poison Plant
  568. - Go to Tunnel to fight a Gigas Shadow, use Blizzaras + Fira, then RTC
  570. Day 354 - Truth
  571. - Talk to Saix and choose Mission 90 - Place the device
  572. - Go straight to Secret Depths, kill Aerial Master with Blizzaras
  573. - Kill Scarlet Tangos with air combos and Blizzaras in forced fight, then enter Lamp Chamber
  574. - Air combos and Blizzaras on Scarlet Tangos, jump + Aero on Land Armor, and use 3 Firas + 1 Aero
  575. - Dodge jump attack, repeat above to kill it, then RTC
  577. Day 355 - Unsaid, Unheard
  578. - Talk to Axel and choose "Yes", then go to Nothing's Call in TWTNW to fight Saix
  579. - Use Fires or Firas on Saix at the start of the fight until you get Silenced
  580. - Hit him with attacks while he gets you into Critical HP, then Limit spam
  582. Day 357 - Tears
  583. - Go straight to Central Station, then examine doors after Panel Menu
  584. - Panel Menu: Remove Aerial Recovery and equip Level Ups on empty LV Doubler slots on Page 2
  585. Equip 3 Ethers and 3-4 Limit Rechargers, refer to Panel Pictures if needed
  586. - Xion (1st Form): Use Fira once she lands on table, use air combos and use Fires/Firas/Aeros
  587. Get hit by attacks!
  588. - Xion (2nd Form): Use Fira twice immediately, get hit a bit, then Limit Break spam
  589. Get hit by Ragnarok, finish off with Aero/attacks if low on HP
  590. - Xion (3rd Form): Wait for her to attack first, then spam Limit Breaks safely, finish off with Aero/attacks
  591. - Xion (Final Form): Death abuse or Limit Recharge into Limit spam
  592. If you death abused, air combos on her until 4 HP bars are gone, then Limit Spam
  593. Block attacks and use Limit Recharges when needed
  595. Day 358 - Believe
  596. - Go straight to Memory's Skyscraper and kill Neoshadows with attacks
  597. - Hit Riku with a attack and Fira/Blizzara until you're in Critical HP, then Limit spam to kill him
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