My Angel Ayase ga Konnani Kawaii. 3

Aug 19th, 2013
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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. Like in an ero-doujin (p10) -
  5. A meme originating from a Highschool of the Dead image with those lines (from a Gundam 00 worksafe-ish doujinshi) placed in.
  7. People from Kyoto (p13) -
  8. Kyousuke attempts to talk in Kyoto-ben (the dialect used in Kyoto) in the previous line.
  9. It's a dialect "characterized by softness and an adherence to politeness and indirectness", so I tried for a more gentle/slow tone, though I got no idea if I succeeded.
  11. It's not a rip-off! It's respect! -
  12. Likely referring to the OreImo rubber straps made by COSPA (http://www.cospa.com/detail/id/00000050884) where the characters are pictured getting "pinched up" by the the clip.
  14. MobaMas, PuzzDra, KanKore -
  15. Refers to Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, Puzzle & Dragons, and Kantai Collection respectively.
  16. They are all popular social games designed for smartphones.
  18. Slippery that-thingy -
  19. Slippery slope.
  20. Originally "sawaranu kami ni tatari nashi", or "not get cursed if one does not touch the god".
  21. Essentially, "if you don't come into contact with it, you won't get negative effects from it".
  23. Zekamashi-chan -
  24. The nickname for the personification of the Japanese destroyer, Shimakaze, in Kantai Collection.
  25. She's accompanied by an innertube with "ze-ka-ma-shi (shi-ma-ka-ze backwards)" written on it, hence the nickname.
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