Akeno destroys Grendel's fireball

AzureDragon Feb 14th, 2020 66 Never
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  1. Kaichou enveloped a silent, but a strong blue-coloured aura around her. Water appeared and gathers around her! Enormous amounts of water that Kaichou was controlling with her demonic power acted as a wall and covered our comrades. The fireball released by Grendel got stopped by Rossweisse-san’s defence magic circle, and then got erased by Akeno-san’s Raikouryuu! The explosion and heat spread throughout the field, but the wall of water that Sona-kaichou created blocked them! ——! There were still two fireballs left! The giant fireballs were heading towards my comrades once again!
  3. Volume 14, Life 4
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