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Feb 7th, 2012
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  1. BaberZz!: ok patchnig aci
  2. BaberZz!: again
  3. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  4. Ferraphs Riss: it crashed
  5. BaberZz!: now
  6. BaberZz!: restart ur game
  7. BaberZz!: and anti cheat shoul be removed
  8. Ferraphs Riss: i got the peeee error sound
  9. BaberZz!: ok go players folder
  10. Ferraphs Riss: couldnt load iimage default
  11. BaberZz!: delete config_mp.cfg
  12. BaberZz!: and restart game
  13. Ferraphs Riss: can i shut the game down?
  14. BaberZz!: yes
  15. Ferraphs Riss: done
  16. BaberZz!: restart game
  17. BaberZz!: now
  18. Ferraphs Riss: error couldnt load file sys check .cfg
  19. Ferraphs Riss: ?
  20. BaberZz!: ok anticheat removed
  21. BaberZz!: play happily ever after now
  22. Ferraphs Riss: ok thank you so much
  23. Ferraphs Riss: but i got an error
  24. Ferraphs Riss: did you read what i typed?
  25. Ferraphs Riss: mate are you where?
  26. BaberZz!: ?
  27. Ferraphs Riss: i get an error when i launch the game
  28. Ferraphs Riss: Couldn't load fileSysCheck.cfg. Make sure Modern Warfare 2 is run from the correct folder.
  29. BaberZz!: yes anticheat removed
  30. Ferraphs Riss: Couldn't load fileSysCheck.cfg. Make sure Modern Warfare 2 is run from the correct folder.
  31. what is this?
  32. BaberZz!: anticheat removed as u wanted
  33. BaberZz!: my friend
  34. Ferraphs Riss: yes
  35. Ferraphs Riss: what about my error??
  36. BaberZz!: but why care about the error when your anticheat is removed? now you can just keeepp dreaming and dreaming
  37. BaberZz!: u can play mw2 in ur head
  38. Ferraphs Riss: yes thank you for that im very apreciated but i cant launch my game *facepalm*
  39. BaberZz!: OHHH that error
  40. BaberZz!: i remember that
  41. Ferraphs Riss: yes xD
  42. BaberZz!: srry, i was confirming with my friend what file it is to delete to get rid of it
  43. BaberZz!: go into ur main folder
  44. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  45. BaberZz!: what language is ur game?
  46. Ferraphs Riss: english
  47. BaberZz!: do u see localized_english_iw00 to 07.iwd >
  48. Ferraphs Riss: yes
  49. BaberZz!: delete all of them, i copied all the english lanuage file into the other .iwd files
  50. BaberZz!: aiw hooks those files to prevent people from removing anticheat
  51. BaberZz!: you can remove them
  52. Ferraphs Riss: ok done
  53. BaberZz!: wait
  54. BaberZz!: dont start mw2 yet
  55. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  56. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  57. BaberZz!: they still function
  58. BaberZz!: if u put them in recycle bin
  59. BaberZz!: they are still running
  60. BaberZz!: coz on ur hard drive
  61. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  62. BaberZz!: ull have to empty the recycle bin to clear aiw hooks
  63. Ferraphs Riss: ok done
  64. BaberZz!: ok now start mw2
  65. Ferraphs Riss: rofl still that erro :(
  66. BaberZz!: god damn
  67. BaberZz!: that aiw hooks
  68. BaberZz!: i think more files 1 sec let me see which ones more i deleted
  69. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  70. BaberZz!: iw_00.iwd is game files and is used toi play the game all other iwd files apart from iw_00.iwd are used by alteriwnets anticheat
  71. BaberZz!: thats why its so good
  72. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  73. BaberZz!: delete iw_01.iwd to iw_24.iwd
  74. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  75. BaberZz!: and clear them out of ur recycle bin or anticheat might ban you
  76. BaberZz!: for having malformed files
  77. Ferraphs Riss: only .iwd or also .cfg?
  78. BaberZz!: both if u want more protection
  79. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  80. Ferraphs Riss: i only have iw_23.iwd
  81. Ferraphs Riss: i dont have 34
  82. BaberZz!: ok thats good sign
  83. Ferraphs Riss: 24*
  84. BaberZz!: are they out of ur recycle bins? coz hooks are still running
  85. BaberZz!: and they may ban you upon launching game
  86. Ferraphs Riss: their out
  87. BaberZz!: are u sure? double check u dont want to be banned
  88. Ferraphs Riss: recycle bin is empty
  89. BaberZz!: ok start mw2 now
  90. Ferraphs Riss: system.IO.filenot found ...... main/iw:22.iwd
  91. Ferraphs Riss: another error - -
  92. Ferraphs Riss: fml
  93. BaberZz!: ok
  94. BaberZz!: final step
  95. BaberZz!: its almost removed
  96. BaberZz!: Have Fun, Enjoy your life and anticheat removal, baberzz waz ere
  97. BaberZz!:
  98. BaberZz!: ciao
  99. Ferraphs Riss: wait
  100. Ferraphs Riss: pls
  101. Ferraphs Riss: i got an error
  102. Ferraphs Riss: iwd22 file not found
  103. BaberZz!: Bai Bai
  104. Ferraphs Riss: bye
  105. Ferraphs Riss: thanks btw
  106. BaberZz!: No problem ill be glad to remove anticheats any time
  107. BaberZz!: enjoy ur game
  108. Ferraphs Riss: but mate one last question
  109. Ferraphs Riss: i have an error that makes me unable to play i maeby have to install mw2 again will this still work?
  110. BaberZz!: no u dont have to install mw2 again give it some time
  111. Ferraphs Riss: ok
  112. Ferraphs Riss is now Offline.
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