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[hl2rp]can boy strikes back

Caliber_ Jun 29th, 2017 (edited) 102 Never
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  1. CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 says "<:: Do it citizen. ::>"
  2. Charles Mongumtrey says "Oh look a can"
  3. *** Charles Mongumtrey kneels down and grabs a tin can.
  4. *** CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 unholsters his stun stick.
  5. Charles Mongumtrey yells "HEY"
  6. Charles Mongumtrey yells "HEY YOU"
  7. CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 says "<:: Get up agaisnt the wall citizen. ::>"
  8. *** Charles Mongumtrey steps toward the CPs.
  9. CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 says "<:: Back up. ::>"
  10. Charles Mongumtrey yells "DO NOT TELL THIS MAN WHAT TO DO"
  11. Charles Mongumtrey yells "YOU ARE NOT HIS MOTHER!."
  12. *** CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.19125 would unholster his stunstick.
  13. *** [Around 5'9 in height|...] fucking BOLTS it while they're distracted by the obnoxious black man.
  14. *** CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 activates his stun stick
  15. Charles Mongumtrey yells "GET BACK HERE!"
  16. CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 radios in "<:: Citizen has ran into the CZ after we've attempted to search him. ::>"
  17. CP-DvL.UNION.iC17.81302 says "<:: I got it. ::>"
  18. CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 says "<:: Hold it right there! ::>"
  19. Charles Mongumtrey says "Whom?"
  20. CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 says "<:: Hold it right there! ::>"
  21. *** Charles Mongumtrey slinks around.
  22. Charles Mongumtrey says "Oy vey."
  23. *** Charles Mongumtrey coughs.
  24. CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 says "<:: Get up against the wall citizen. ::>"
  25. *** Charles Mongumtrey takes a sniff from the tin can that he found.
  26. Charles Mongumtrey says "Hmmm....."
  27. Charles Mongumtrey says "I think there's something FOUL afoot."
  28. CP-RCT.UNION.iC17.14339 radios in "<:: Possible 10-96 near the Grizzly Grotto. ::>"
  29. *** Charles Mongumtrey tosses the can at the CP in front of him's head and runs away as fast as possible, laughing hysterically.
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