Dragon Bullshit 9 Volume 9

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  1. Th- This is- This light! This scar! There’s no doubt! It’s the Dragon Spirit which toppled the Sword Emperor of Wind! Fighter Stella is bringing out her trump card!」
  3. “Why!? Stella hasn’t performed the Dragon Spirit motions she showed in the match with my eldest brother!”
  5. And yet, Dragon Spirit activated.
  7. Stella’s raised a perplexed cry at this unusual situation.
  9. Behind her, Byakuya Jougasaki muttered “I see” in an impressed fashion.
  11. “It seems that with all Crimson Princess’ enthusiasm for this match, she has exceeded all of our expectations in a grand way.”
  13. “Shiro[3]. What do you mean?”
  15. “I mean that the preparatory motion of sticking her sword in herself was never needed in the first place. Showing us that exaggerated motion in the match with the Sword Emperor of Wind was part of her strategy for this match. I don’t think it was meaningless. With that in mind, for the finals, she sought to land a critical counter on Another One while he attacked her defenseless self in order to prevent her from using Dragon Spirit.”
  17. It’s true that the first time around, while fighting the Yaksha Princess, she stabbed herself with her sword in order to instantly raise her blood temperature and forcefully draw out the dragon’s power.
  19. However, after the first use, once she understood it, it was her own body, and her own power.
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