石の心が作成され・Stone Hearts Are Created

Mar 9th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. In this world of horrors
  2. In this world of pain
  3. In this world of corruption
  4. What's there left to say?
  6. We have said it all
  7. And now no one wants to listen
  8. This world of mischief
  9. In this world of devastation
  11. Can I remember the Innocence
  12. Before it all began to fall?
  13. In this world of judgement
  14. I fear I've lost it all
  16. Emotions keep us connected
  17. In this world of doubt
  18. But as the time wears on and on
  19. I feel I'm better off without
  21. At first I simply locked my heart away
  22. I had become a loner
  23. But now it begins to turn to stone and
  24. I know it's far from over.
  26. Disconnection is the key
  27. The only thing that keeps me going
  28. In this world of misconception
  29. Isolation keeps me knowing
  31. The difference between the right and wrong
  32. In this world of gray
  33. To keep myself from giving up
  34. My emotions, they couldn't stay
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