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AEB Present 1.5 Log 44

DNA-zama Jun 23rd, 2015 270 Never
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  2. Chloe has connected.
  3. Avara has connected.
  4. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  5. DNA has connected.
  6. Trulhammaren has connected.
  7. Valerie Ylsef must wait 26.049 seconds before it may move again!
  8. Valerie Ylsef must wait 15.039 seconds before it may move again!
  9. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh crap. I was supposed to give you info about that skeleton you caught, Rob. I totally forgot to.
  10. Chloe:  I did too.
  11. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay so, would anyone like to recap?
  12. Kaorin Sakura:  Remember Trul was not here last week at all.
  13.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef is healed and gains 2 ability points. Current Ability Points: 3, Maximum Ability Points: 7
  14. Avara:  We traversed through familiar terrain and went through the sealed door (which was trapped. poor chloe.) Within, we found a strange room covered with paintings and having a few statues in it (can someone get exact description of the art later?). Hearing someone approaching, Jen got her pokemon out, which woke up the two Strange gendered Creatures, starting the battle.
  15. Chloe:  Also, a skeleton popped out.
  16. Avara:  As of now, Chloe has captured their pet skeleton, and Jen has been using music to bolster the allies or interfere with enemies--the last two rounds, Strange Male Creature has been unable to do things. Last round, Jen said something to it in Pokemon Kanto.
  17.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef has had it's Speed modified by 5 stages.
  18.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef has had it's Sp.Defense modified by -2 stages.
  19.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef has had it's Speed modified by -2 stages.
  20.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef has had it's Defense modified by -1 stages.
  21.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef goes up 1 meter(s).
  22. DNA:    "Ancient frescoes decorate the walls of this room, which might be octagonal. It's difficult to be sure of this from your vantage point because walls partition the room. The art is not of the sort customary for a tomb. Each of the interior walls that you can see shows images of humans and Pokémon of many species carousing in a tavern. The outer walls near you depict a gold serpent defeating a red serpent. To the right and left are statues, one in the image of a beautiful princess and the other shaped like a knight ready for battle, sword raised and shield readied."
  23. Avara:  The skelly had shadow attacks. SFC has... was it a bow, or a sword? sword, i think. Because one of those two was smacked out of her hands, and she drew the other.
  24. DNA:    The bow was smacked out of her hands; Saturn picked it up.
  25. Avara:  okay.
  26. Avara:  so SFC has a sword. SMC has two swords. both are armored.
  27. DNA:    Also, the party minus Val's have +2 Acc +3 Fortitude until the end of Round 8
  28. DNA:    and I haven't scrolled to see what Jennifer's current song is...
  29. Avara:  none atm
  30. Avara:  she was using fascinate, then suggestion
  31. Avara:  she's about to switch to a new song
  32. Eclipse:        Ah, right, I saw the Fascinate. That's what I was thinking of.
  33.         Valerie Ylsef :         TL/XP?
  34.         Valerie Ylsef :         I don't think I am up to date
  35. Eclipse:        I think it's 14.2, let me check...
  36. Avara:  yes
  37. Eclipse:        Yes, my sheet also confirms it as 14.2
  38. Trulhammaren:   alright
  39. Trulhammaren:   I think I'm good then
  40. Kaorin Sakura:  So, should we continue?
  41. Avara:  yeah, looking at songs to start up now.
  42. DNA:    I apologize if I move sluggishly tonight; switching between Maptools and GDocs can be a strain. Eclipse's speed should be unhindered, though.
  43. Avara:  to verify: daily song uses are only expended at song start, right?
  44. Kaorin Sakura:  When you begin a song, yes.
  45. Kaorin Sakura:  So, with that said, we can continue and start with Jen.
  46. Trulhammaren:   need to add me
  47.         Valerie Ylsef :         Initiative = 5
  48.         Ülang:         Initiative = 8
  49.         Ülang:         Ülang goes up 8 meter(s).
  50. * Jennifer Attaway changes her song again now, switching from mind-numbing beauty to an upbeat, energetic melody that urges one to act, to fight harder and smarter regardless of the odds. (Courage. Until she stops singing, +3 acc, +3 to saves, +3 to damage)
  51. Eclipse:        Does that stack with the +2 acc from your previous song?
  52. Avara:  it... doesn't say that it doesn't stack? *shrug*
  53. Kaorin Sakura: (( It does. ))
  54.         Natasha:        *drools*
  55. Avara:  end turn
  56. Natasha has received initiative.
  57. * Natasha still tried to keep the SFC at bay! 20 vs Special Evasion!
  58.         Natasha:        Natural roll of 15. That hits!
  59.         Natasha:        DB7 is 2d6+8?
  60.         Ülang:         10
  61. Trulhammaren:   2d6+10
  62.         Natasha:        40 Special Psychic-type damage!
  63.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature loses 10 hit points.
  64.         Natasha:        That's all~
  65.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature shuffles into range of Saturn and focuses intently at her! 17 vs. SPE Eva!
  66. Eclipse:        That appears to hit.
  67.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature emits a pulse of light that gets absorbed into Saturn's head, causing her to suffer 30 points of damage. Do not apply stats, weaknesses or resistances.
  68.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature loses 10 hit points.
  69.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature is harmed by the burn.
  70. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Does that damage have any kind of Type or other affixment?
  71. Strange Female Creature whispers: No damage type. The Move itself is Psychic, but doesn't matter as it's a Status class Move.
  72.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature is healed and gains 8 hit points.
  73.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature's wounds appear to be closing on their own.
  74.         Saturn Rosewell:        The mental assault bypassed Saturn's DR and temp HP and hit her directly!
  75. Strange Female Creature whispers: Immunity doesn't protect against status class attacks.
  76.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn Rosewell lost 12 HP!
  77.         Mimsy:  ((30))
  78. DNA:    She already had 18 temp HP
  79.         Mimsy:  ((ah, right))
  80. Avara:  dat temp hp. so handy.
  81. Mimsy has received initiative.
  82.         Mimsy:  Mimsy shuffles downward 1 meter!
  83.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oww!" Saturn bit her lip, trying to ease the pain of her mind getting squeezed.
  84.         Mimsy:  Mimsy uses Stun Spore on SFC! 13 Status Evasion vs Paralysis!
  85.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature was struck by the powder - but not paralyzed.
  86. DNA:    you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  87.         Mimsy:  (grass?)
  88. Avara:  or limber
  89. Strange Female Creature: (( If you want to know these things, pokemon edu. :P ))
  90. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  91. DNA:    Speaking of which I forgot to ask - the sun ends NEXT round, right?
  92. Strange Female Creature: (( This round ))
  93. DNA:    This round? Really?
  94. Strange Female Creature: (( I start at -5 and remove it when it reaches 0 ))
  95. Trulhammaren:   ((thats +2 DB right?))
  96. DNA:    Dammit I wasn't counting right
  97. DNA:    AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH now I'm legitimately angry.
  98. Strange Female Creature: (( I've done it like that since Pr. o.o ))
  99. DNA:    I know you have
  100. DNA:    It just doesn't show up in the Init so I can't count it myself right now.
  101. Strange Female Creature: (( ohshit. That's my bad ))
  102. Strange Female Creature: (( It's supposed to ))
  103. DNA:    Yeah, if I'd know this round I would have ordered a different move
  104. Strange Female Creature: (( Remind me if the weather isn't in initiative. ))
  105. Strange Female Creature: (( So I can put it there ))
  106. Strange Female Creature: (( What's Saturn doing? ))
  107. DNA:    Right now, thinking
  108. Strange Female Creature: (( 'kay ))
  109.         Saturn Rosewell:        Taking advantage of the last rays of sunlight, Saturn held out her ring weapons and shot a fireball right at the SFC! 18 vs Special
  110.         Saturn Rosewell:        37 Special Fire - You lose 1 SpAtk CS.
  111.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature has had it's Sp.Attack modified by -1 stages.
  112.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature loses 17 hit points.
  113.         Strange Female Creature:        The injury lowered the Defense stat!
  114.         Saturn Rosewell:        All from me for now.
  115.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature has had it's Defense modified by -1 stages.
  116. Avara:  HAHAHAHA
  117. Avara:  every injury. EVERY injury. has been defense.
  118.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature twirls his Scimitar as he gazes at Saturn.
  119.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature has had it's Attack modified by 1 stages.
  120.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature shuffles south, with a dance~
  121. * Saturn Rosewell gulps...
  122.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature has had it's Attack modified by 1 stages.
  123. Avara:  ... spikes.
  124.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature has had it's Speed modified by 1 stages.
  125.         Strange Male Creature:  Initiative = 15
  126. Avara:  reminder, all hazards on the field right now have 1 extra reach
  127. DNA:    Ah, yes. The regular Spikes do trigger.
  128. Trulhammaren:   2 spikes and 1 t spike trigger
  129.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature loses 13 hit points.
  130. Trulhammaren:   nvm
  131. Trulhammaren:   brain not working
  132. Chloe has received initiative.
  133.         Chloe:  Chloe tries to analyze the Strange Male Creature, hoping to get a glimse of whatever type it might be or what abilities it might have. Pokemon Education:
  134.         Chloe:  "The bulkier one resists normal and fighting type attacks, I'm not sure how." Chloe said, uncertain.
  135.         Chloe:  ((done))
  136.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Any weak points...?"
  137. Ülang has received initiative.
  138. * Ülang Focuses her energy.
  139. Alsine has received initiative.
  140.         Alsine:         Alsine teleports but doesn't have a command action to do any more.
  141. Valerie Ylsef has received initiative.
  142. * Valerie Ylsef moves forward and flings her hand at the enemies, releasing a flaming whip from out of nothing! 5 v spec (line 4)
  143.         Natasha:        "Whoa! Toen heeft ze dat geleerd?"
  144.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature turns to Valerie and avoids the attack with flawless ease.
  145.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature, however, was solidly struck!
  146.         Valerie Ylsef :         39 SMC, 29 SFC. Fire Piercing Special
  147.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((ignore not applicable ones))
  148. DNA:    Ha, that 10 difference
  149.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature loses 18 hit points.
  150. Ruby has received initiative.
  151. * Ruby follows up the toasty roast with a shining flow of psionic discs, bombarding SFC. 17 vs special.
  152.         Ruby:   2 (determining damage)
  153.         Ruby:   SFC loses 21 hp directly.
  154.         Ruby:   (psychic, if relevant)
  155. Strange Female Creature: (( That was psywave? ))
  156. Ruby: (( yes ))
  157.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature clutches itself as its struck, "Usta! Ben kaybetmenin eşiğinde değilim!"
  158.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature loses 21 hit points.
  159.         Strange Female Creature:        "Seni başarısız ...!" Strange Female Creature cries out just as it collapses onto the floor!
  160.         Strange Female Creature:        The injury lowered the Defense stat!
  161.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature has had it's Defense modified by -1 stages.
  162. DNA:    Oh look
  163. DNA:    -6 Defense
  164. Avara:  is that any degree of understandable for languages: human kanto, human sinnoh, human kalos, pokemon kanto?
  165.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature has had it's Sp.Attack modified by 1 stages.
  166.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature has had it's Defense modified by 2 stages.
  167. DNA:    technically -4 now but lel good enough
  168. Trulhammaren:   ((it id not))
  169. DNA:    Human Sinnoh is German, Human Kalos is French, and it was neither of those
  170.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature watches as its ally falls and clenches its weapons until its knuckles turn white.
  171.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature has had it's Attack modified by 2 stages.
  172. Trulhammaren:   hmm, I do not see it on ze list of languages, must be a newish one
  173.         Weather (Harsh Sun):    This be it, ya'll! I'm OUT!
  174.         Chronicler:     The harsh sunlight fades.
  175. DNA:    It almost looks like Czech but I know it's not
  176. Trulhammaren:   unless I'm mis recognizing it
  177. Jennifer Attaway has received initiative.
  178.         Chronicler:     Initiative Sorted... Round Incremented... Top of the Order!
  179. Trulhammaren:   looks Turkish to me
  180. DNA:    ...oh. Yeah, it could be.
  181.         Ruby:   "Everyone behind the defenses, now!"
  182. Trulhammaren:   neither of which are on my list
  183.         Chronicler:     Suddenly, a booming voice echoes into the area. It sounds like several voices speaking in unison.
  184. Amanxusa. Le mpi akuyona yini uyosibonisa. Buyela kimi ngesikhathi esisodwa.
  185.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature spits at the floor as the words are spoken, "Nasıl isterseniz, efendim."
  186. Strange Male Creature whispers: It is not a language any of you speak.
  187. Jennifer Attaway: (( is combat still ongoing? ))
  188. Strange Male Creature: (( Yes. ))
  189. DNA:    ...Wait a sec.
  190. DNA:    SMC was flanked on that last Fire Whip move, so it might have actually been hit.
  191. Strange Male Creature: (( I said it dodged it. It dodged it. ))
  192. Strange Male Creature: (( Continue ))
  193. DNA:    Okay, just wanted to make sure.
  194. Trulhammaren:   yah I rolled high enough to hit as it was, I figured it was an ability
  195. Jennifer Attaway: (( pokeball acc check is -4? ))
  196. DNA:    it's -6
  197. * Jennifer Attaway takes a cue from Chloe, throwing a ball at SMC! 2 vs speed.
  198. DNA:    though with the +5 from your songs...
  199. DNA:    ...which you did apply, okay
  200.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature smacks the ball out of the air with its swords, "Tch oldukça sen yeri vardır faul."
  201. Strange Male Creature: (( What kind of ball was that? ))
  202.         Jennifer Attaway:       (basic)
  203. Strange Male Creature: (( Anything else? ))
  204.         Jennifer Attaway:       (nope.)
  205. Natasha has received initiative.
  206.         Natasha:        "Staan hoog, Saturn! We zullen dit samen doen!" Natasha shot Saturn a wink and a smile, as she hurled an Energy Ball at the SMC! 25 vs Special
  207.         Natasha:        Critical!
  208.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature was critically hit!
  209.         Natasha:        77 Special Grass - You lose 1 SpDef CS!
  210.         Natasha:        If immune to crits, it is only 50 damage instead.
  211.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature loses 47 hit points.
  212.         Natasha:        End of turn~
  213.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature winces and recoils from the blast, "Hng, örneğin..."
  214.         Strange Female Creature:        A beeping sound and a flashing red light begins blinking around Strange Female Creature's neck!
  215.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature loses 13 hit points.
  216.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature bleeds on the floor.
  217.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature draws forth an amulet and he holds it to his head. A number of 4 shows on the amulet.
  218. Mimsy has received initiative.
  219.         Strange Male Creature:  The number drops to 3.
  220.         Mimsy:  Mimsy shuffles and uses Will o Wisp! 9 Speed Evasion vs Burn!
  221.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature is struck and burned!
  222.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature has had it's Defense modified by -2 stages.
  223.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature has had it's Attack modified by 2 stages.
  224. Saturn Rosewell has received initiative.
  225.         Strange Male Creature:  The number drops to 2.
  226.         Saturn Rosewell:        "P- ...Pull back!!" Saturn, yelling from a sense of terror, ran back behind the wall...but not before leaving something behind for SMC...a black mist that enveloped the battlefield.
  227.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn Rosewell recovered 8 HP!
  228.         Saturn Rosewell:        Everyone's CS become default.
  229.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature has had it's Attack modified by -2 stages.
  230.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature has had it's Speed modified by -1 stages.
  231.         Saturn Rosewell:        I think its attack is supposed to be +2? Unless I'm missing something?
  232. Strange Male Creature: (( You likely are. ))
  233. Strange Male Creature: (( Anything else? ))
  234.         Saturn Rosewell:        No.
  235. Chloe has received initiative.
  236.         Strange Male Creature:  The number drops to 1.
  237.         Chloe:  Chloe takes no action yet.
  238. Ülang has received initiative.
  239.         Strange Male Creature:  The number drops to 0.
  240. Avara:  does ulang get a turn before destination detonation?
  241. Strange Male Creature: (( Ulang can act. It's what I'm waiting on. ))
  242. Trulhammaren:   ((looking up cones diagrams again))
  243. * Ülang dashes into position and slashes throught the creature. 20 v def
  244.         Ülang:         (crit)
  245.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature is critically struck!
  246.         Ülang:         45 Normla, Physical, slahsing
  247.         Strange Male Creature:  13 vs. SPE Eva @ Valerie!
  248. * Valerie Ylsef is hit
  249.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature loses 12 hit points.
  250.         Strange Male Creature:  The injury lowered the Speed stat!
  251.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature has had it's Speed modified by -1 stages.
  252.         Chronicler:     Please, make a Fortitude save. Also you're Blind for 1 round.
  253.         Chronicler:     Err, Fortitude Check.
  254.         Valerie Ylsef :         Fort gm'd
  255.         Chronicler:     Thanks.
  256.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature is struck and spits out a cloud of black blood into Valerie's face! It gets into her eyes, nose and mouth. Ew.
  257.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((plus 3 if i qualify for that))
  258.         Strange Male Creature:  Strange Male Creature's amulet suddenly shatters and he is covered in runic symbols before vanishing.
  259. Alsine has received initiative.
  260. * Valerie Ylsef spits
  261.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Not again..."
  262.         Chloe:  (no action)
  263. Valerie Ylsef has received initiative.
  264.         Chloe:  "Keep an eye out, he might have teleported or he might have vanished. There's a difference."
  265. Strange Male Creature whispers: Saturn can no longer read his aura in this room.
  266.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Fine then, get back here jackass!!!"
  267.         Saturn Rosewell:        "He's not in this room..."
  268.         Saturn Rosewell:        "He might have retreated, but he's not in this room."
  269. * Valerie Ylsef bursts into flame! 20 (crit check) burst 1
  270.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((kek))
  271. DNA:    Ha! Poor Ulang.
  272.         Valerie Ylsef :         41 Fire
  273. Strange Male Creature: (( Dat poor Ulang ))
  274. Eclipse:        Checking something...
  275.         Mimsy:  Mimsy uses Friend Guard on Ulang?
  276.         Natasha:        I might try to intercept it; one moment
  277. Avara:  does blindness end after SgC turn, on Val's next turn, or on Val's this turn?
  278.         Natasha:        9 vs 4
  279. * Natasha runs and butts Ulang backwards out of the way!
  280.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((its a no miss move))
  281.         Natasha:        It is?
  282.         Natasha:        Crap.
  283. Eclipse:        No-miss moves can't be intercepted except by GM permission.
  284. Strange Male Creature: (( I'm fine with it. ))
  285. * Natasha takes it!
  286. Ruby has received initiative.
  287. Trulhammaren:   brb, gotta take care of a diaper
  288.         Natasha:        "Valerie! Wat!? Stop!"
  289. Strange Male Creature: (( DIAPER! NUUUUU. *hates those days* ))
  290. * Ruby emits an aura of Confidence, boosting the Special Defense of all allies within 5 meters (everyone).
  291.         Natasha:        Natasha has had it's Sp.Defense modified by 1 stages.
  292.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn Rosewell has had it's Sp.Defense modified by 1 stages.
  293.         Chloe:  "The thin one is bleeding out. Do we want to question it?"
  294.         Ruby:   "Did anyone understand it when it called out?"
  295.         Strange Female Creature:        The flashing around Strange Female Creature's neck suddenly turns solid!
  296.         Ruby:   (end turn, btw)
  297. Trulhammaren:   back
  298.         Strange Female Creature:        The device around Strange Female Creature's neck explodes, creating two separate explosions! A larger less deadly explosion and four smaller more condensed explosions at its corners!
  299.         Ülang:         "I am afraid I did not understand it's words."
  300.         Strange Female Creature:        The larger explosion erupts, hitting for 140 Normal Physical Damage.
  301.         Saturn Rosewell:        "No, I...I couldn't understand a thing..."
  302.         Strange Female Creature:        The condensed explosion erupts, hitting for 155 Normal Physical Damage.
  303. DNA:    And yet, the Basic Ball is mysteriously unscathed.
  304.         Strange Female Creature:        Strange Female Creature itself takes triple the damage and cannot apply stats against the damage.
  305.         Chloe:  ((Why do you say that?))
  306. DNA:    (It's a joke)
  307. Strange Female Creature: (( Oh no, that ball took damage. And is utterly destroyed. ))
  308. Trulhammaren:   118
  309.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef loses 118 hit points.
  310. Avara:  fuck.
  311.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Oof."
  312. DNA:    Ha! The shield actually fainted! I hope you're proud of yourself.
  313.         Valerie Ylsef :         "That smarted a lot."
  314. Avara:  does val have 1hp?
  315. * Valerie Ylsef is totally still standing!!
  316. DNA:    I bet she has Defiance and is alive by 2
  317.         Mimsy:  Can mimsy move?
  318.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((yes, but alive by 9))
  319.         Saturn Rosewell:        "V-V-V-Valerie!!"
  320. Avara:  initiative over?
  321.         Mimsy:  during the explosion, to get friend guard off?
  322. Strange Female Creature: (( What does friend guard do? ))
  323.         Mimsy:  ((target resists by 1 step))
  324. Avara:  SFC turned into Loot. neat!
  325. DNA:    Causes an adjacent ally to resist a damaging attack 1 step further.
  326. DNA:    Or up to 3 metres away if you're a Linker
  327. Strange Female Creature: (( Oh, no. You already moved in the round. ))
  328. Strange Female Creature: (( But someone can intercept if they wanted. ))
  329.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((three injuries I beleive!))
  330.         Mimsy:  ((no one can risk that, sadly))
  331. Eclipse:        No Ghost-types here I'm afraid
  332.         Chronicler:     You went below 0 HP?
  333.         Chronicler:     The injury lowered the Attack stat!
  334.         Chronicler:     The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
  335.         Chronicler:     The injury lowered the Defense stat!
  336.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((-12))
  337. Eclipse:        Yeah, that would be 3 injuries
  338.         Valerie Ylsef :         The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
  339.         Chronicler:     Ouch. Well, there you go.
  340.         Chronicler:     I rolled already
  341.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef has had it's Attack modified by -1 stages.
  342.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef has had it's Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
  343.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef has had it's Defense modified by -1 stages.
  344.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((misclick))
  345. DNA:    (Is Init over? I will wait for confirmation)
  346.         Chronicler:     You'll find bits and pieces of the strange female creatures remains all over the room. Probably even over you guys.
  347.         Chronicler:     It's over.
  348. * Jennifer Attaway stops singing, shocked by the explosion! She moves over to Valerie, getting out Potions. "I have bandages, if you want to stop and rest."
  349.         Chloe:  "... someone has secrets to keep..."
  350.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I'll be fine."
  351. * Saturn Rosewell SPRINTS over to Valerie, visibly shaken and panicked.
  352. * Valerie Ylsef takes out a few super potions of her own and chug-a-luggs.
  353.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Valerie, you're going to be all right, I promise..." She hurriedly takes out a Super Potion of her own, healing 45 HP.
  354.         Saturn Rosewell:        (Due to Saturn's healing hands, any healing item used heals 10 more HP)
  355.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef is healed and gains 45 hit points.
  356. Chronicler: (( Pretty sure Val is refusing any healing. ))
  357.         Valerie Ylsef :         Valerie Ylsef is healed and gains 35 hit points.
  358. DNA:    (I'm deducting 1 from my own stock; let me know if I need to deduct any more)
  359.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((if they are sprays I can''t very well stop them))
  360. * Jennifer Attaway gets out of the way, then heals her own Pokemon.
  361.         Ruby:   Ruby is healed and gains 20 hit points.
  362. Eclipse:        (That second one would heal 45 as well, provided Saturn applies it.)
  363.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((nah second one was a Val))
  364. Eclipse:        Thought so. Just checking.
  365.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((but yah Val won't ever say no to healing, but she will tend to pull from her stock first if given a chance))
  366.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Are you going to handle healing the others, miss...? Um, I'm sorry. I forgot your name, probably because of the fight"
  367.         Chloe:  (( I was called, sorry ))
  368. * Jennifer Attaway is looking at Saturn when she asks.
  369.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Huh! Oh, yeah! I'm...Saturn. Just Saturn. Chloe, let me see your wounds."
  370.         Chloe:  Chloe looks for the remains of any mechanical explosive that might have blown up the woman. The blinking light was making her suspicious... Perception
  371. Eclipse:        (Pretty sure I have enough potions but I need to pull up my inventory page just in case.)
  372.         Chloe:  Chloe was distracted at the time.
  373.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I got a few left if we need 'em"
  374.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((aka 3 supers))
  375.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((and 10 regular pots))
  376. Eclipse:        I have 3 supers and 6 regulars. Rob let me know who wants what from my stock.
  377. Avara:  9 reg pots here
  378.         Chloe:  Chloe pockets the item.
  379. * Jennifer Attaway approaches the loot pile to search through it. ((skill check of any sort required?))
  380.         Chloe:  "I found a shock collar, it looks like it was rigged to explode."
  381.         Ülang:         "A Shock Collar?"
  382.         Loot pile:      Any worn equipment was destroyed in the explosion.
  383. * Saturn Rosewell will apply a regular potion to each of Chloe and Alsine for now. If Ruby wants one as well I can do that as well. +30 HP healed in each case.
  384.         Chloe:  ((Chloe is missing about 40 and Alsine 30.))
  385.         Chloe:  Chloe is healed and gains 30 hit points.
  386. Avara:  ruby is good. 6 hp from injured max.
  387.         Saturn Rosewell:        All right.
  388.         Alsine:         Alsine is healed and gains 30 hit points.
  389.         Saturn Rosewell:        How off is val from injured max?
  390.         Chloe:  "Thank you very much Saturn. I'll be fine with this."
  391.         Loot pile:      You find:
  392. 2 Super Potions
  393. A Brilliantly crafted Scimitar
  394. 1500 moneys
  395.         Ülang:         (6)
  396. Eclipse:        Okay, not enough for another potion then. All right.
  397. * Jennifer Attaway divides the 1500 into four piles of 375.
  398.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Does anyone here use weapons?"
  399.         Chloe:  Chloe accepts a pile!
  400. * Saturn Rosewell takes a deep breath and exhales some Mist, healing off what damage she had.
  401.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn Rosewell is healed for 4 HP!
  402. * Jennifer Attaway pockets the Super Potions.
  403.         Ülang:         ((is that a regular Scimitar that is just dancy or is that a poke at it with tech to see what it does brillinat?))
  404.         Alsine:         "Let me see the scimitar." Alsine examines it to determine what properties it might have.
  405. * Jennifer Attaway hands it over.
  406.         Ülang:         ((added pots to teh lootz))
  407. Avara:  can i get a link to loot page?
  408. Loot pile: (( Discover what it does the scimitar. Hit it with some Edu's during an extended rest ))
  409.         Alsine:         "I'll hold onto this until we have some time. If it does not fit my fighting style I will return it to you."
  410.         Chronicler:     There is a singular door to the north.
  411.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Is...is everyone okay to go onward?"
  412.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. Are we going to rest to let everyone heal these injuries?"
  413.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I'll be fine, for now. I was unprepared for that explotion."
  414.         Chloe:  "I'm a little sore, but fine."
  415.         Chloe:  Chloe checked the door for traps! Perception
  416.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'd like to rest here, but...I don't know whether or not we'll be ambushed if we stay here."
  417.         Jennifer Attaway:       "What do you think," she asks Val. "You're the one who got hurt the most."
  418.         Saturn Rosewell:        "But if we need to regroup, then we need to regroup. I just...don't want to come back here again if we have to."
  419.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Well if they are coming from behind, then we will catch them out."
  420.         Valerie Ylsef :         "We can just have Targkon sit in front of the door if we are worried about that route. I doubt anything will move him if he doesn't want to move."
  421.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Isn't Targkon still hurt from before?"
  422.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Sure, but if all we are doing is resting, I see no issue. Could probably be worthwhile to shove a pot down his throut anyway."
  423.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((throat*))
  424. * Jennifer Attaway nods, and lays out her bedroll. She sets out a set of bandages for Val, Chloe, Alsine and Ruby. "I was expecting these to last longer, but... I can get some money and buy more later, whenever I get to another town. Since we're resting anyway, we might as well aim for peak condition."
  425.         Chloe:  "Wait... we're resting?" Chloe looked back from the door she was examining.
  426.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Sounds like it, yes."
  427. Chronicler: (( Back, sorry. Partner is going to sleep and had to set up alarm/tug them in ))
  428.         Chloe:  "That sounds like a bad idea to me..."
  429.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I think the plan for now is to have Targkon guard the exit, while we forge on ahead."
  430.         Chloe:  "We just got here and struck hard, giving them a chance to recover isn't going to be anything but bad for us."
  431. Eclipse:        I'm sorry, did you say 'tug', not tuck?
  432.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright..." she packs up. "Sorry for misunderstanding."
  433.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I'll give out bandages once we're done fighting, then."
  434.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...It's okay. Targkon can plant its roots and get its strength back, too..."
  435.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Keep an eye out and heal up, we'll br bsck for yah."
  436. Chronicler: (( I meant tuck. ))
  437. Chronicler: (( But yes. This is not a safe place to rest. ))
  438.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...and be at full strength within ...five minutes or so."
  439. Chronicler: (( I announce safe areas for resting. ))
  440. * Targkon gurgles
  441.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Come on everyone. Just a little more to go."
  442. * Jennifer Attaway will keep Ruby out for now.
  443. * Saturn Rosewell didn't know how long it was to go, of course. But she was trying to keep spirits up.
  444.         Chloe:  (waaaay up there Chloe has a search check)
  445. DNA:    (Yeah, Perception for traps.)
  446. * Valerie Ylsef tosses a Super Potion into Targkon's gullet.
  447. Avara:  brb
  448.         Targkon:        Targkon is healed and gains 35 hit points.
  449.         Chloe:  "This is a sealed door. I doesn't actually open, not in any normal way..."
  450. Avara:  back
  451.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Smash it open?"
  452.         Chloe:  "We can. But it's easier to be smarter with it."
  453.         Saturn Rosewell:        How is it sealed? Intuition 5d6+1 to see if there are other peculiar means to it .
  454.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Well we all know that smarts isn't in my job description."
  455. Chronicler whispers: The door is not locked nor is it trapped, per say. The door is sealed and requires it to be broken open. This sealed door has bonus resistance to attacks of a considerable amount - able to weather even the most hardy attacks. A DC18 Athletics, a DC 22 Combat or a total damage of 120 after its damage reduction over the course of 3 rounds is required to open this door. If the door isn't broken in those 3 rounds, its damage will be repaired.
  456.         Chloe:  "We could just attack it, and deal a ton of damage really quickly. But someone trained in combat or athletic enough could bust it open. Someone athletic would be the easiest, as far as I can figure."
  457.         Chloe:  ((DC 22 combat, DC 18 Athletics))
  458.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Now that I can handle!"
  459.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I can try if you can't Valerie, but you'd be best suited."
  460.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((my maths is failing!, 4d6+7 ath or 6d6+5 combat which is more liekly to succeed))
  461.         Saturn Rosewell:        6d6+5
  462.         Saturn Rosewell:        wait
  463.         Saturn Rosewell:        DCs are different, let me think...
  464.         Chloe:  "If you do it athletically, it would be best to put pressure here or here...." (Let Me Help You With That. Roll athletics twice, add +3 to the second roll.)
  465.         Saturn Rosewell:        4d6 = 11 or 6d6 = 17
  466.         Saturn Rosewell:        So, the 6d6 option actually works better for you
  467.         Chloe:  ((chloe cant Help You With That if it's a combat check))
  468.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Lets give it a try I can always headbutt it into submission later."
  469. DNA:    Ooh. I see.
  470. DNA:    Then it'd be 4d6 = 8? which is even easier.
  471.         Valerie Ylsef :         16 27
  472.         Chloe:  One 4d6+7 and one 4d6+10. The highest one counts
  473.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Oh you meant here, not here."
  474.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Gotcha."
  475.         Chloe:  "Right, I was turned around."
  476.         Chronicler:     Valerie first attempts to push the door - but it proves to be quite stationary. However, when Chloe points out its weak points, she is able to rip it from its hinges! You can see the runes at its sides that anchored it into the wall being literally ripped in half as Valerie removes the door. Valerie may add 'a reinforced stone door' to her inventory.
  477. DNA:    Best riot shield ever.
  478.         Chloe:  (improvised weapon if I've ever seen one)
  479.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((weee, time to start a collection!!))
  480.         Chloe:  (Val goes around with a necklace made from all the doors she's torn off of walls)
  481. DNA:    kek
  482. Avara:  valerie now is half way to havel's greatshield
  483. * Natasha is just floating there, wide-eyed. "WHOA."
  484.         Chronicler:     Hey Ava: Here's a funny bit: Havel's set exists as a DLI. :P
  485.         Jennifer Attaway:       "You uh... you girls don't do half measures, do you?"
  486. Jennifer Attaway: (( of course it does. any chance i can get the antiquated set? ))
  487.         Valerie Ylsef :         "The only thing half about me is my height."
  488.         Chloe:  "Half... what?"
  489. Jennifer Attaway: (( what edu is weapon/armor/shield crafting? ))
  490. Eclipse:        Tech
  491.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Barely not a midget here, I'm supprised you didn't notice."
  492.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Valerie is great at what she does. I'm glad she's on our side."
  493.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Now, let's go. The sooner we chase them down, the better!"
  494.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Right... let's get going, then?"
  495. * Valerie Ylsef leads the way
  496. * Natasha made a triumphant FINGER POINT to the door ahead, and floated ahead glowing!
  497.         Chloe:  "Mmhm!" Chloe follows behind Val
  498. * Saturn Rosewell goes after Chloe.
  499. * Jennifer Attaway takes the back with Ruby.
  500. * Ülang takes her position as the rear guard
  501.         Chronicler:     Oh, you guys went through the--gimme a sec.
  502.         Chloe:  (Not a comforting thing to hear a GM say)
  503. DNA:    Yeah I'm...a little concerned about this point. Just a little.
  504.         Chronicler:     A balcony on the north wall overlooks this wide room, which is lower and cooler than the previous areas you've explored, and a steep staircase leads from the balcony's west side into the chamber. Atop that stairway is a closed stone door. Swiftly flowing water runs in a canal that flows east to west through the area, and the moisture has made the room damp, the walls and floor slick with malodorous subterranean fungus. A narrow bridge crosses the canal at the foot of the stairs from the balcony. Flanking the canal on the north and south are rows of statues depicting shieldbearing soldiers saluting with their drawn pious swords. On the south side of the canal, two of the statues are shattered. Nearby lie the bodies of two humanoids.
  505. Eclipse:        We entered from the south, right?
  506. Trulhammaren:   north
  507. Trulhammaren:   the door was on our south
  508. Eclipse:        Oh, it was? I thought the door was at our north. My mistake.
  509. Trulhammaren:   oops
  510. Trulhammaren:   my bad you were right
  511. Trulhammaren:   I got flippy lopped
  512.         Chloe:  Education Nature, is there anything significant about this variety of fungus? Something dangerous, unusual growth conditions for the area...
  513. Avara:  so we're closer to the broken statues. there's a cannal and a big chamber, and a steep staircase up to probably the way forward.
  514.         Saturn Rosewell:        Presumably we enter right next to where the humanoid bodies are. INtuition 5d6+1 to sense if they're alive - or if there's anything else in the room .
  515. * Jennifer Attaway is quiet, not really sure what to do to help at the moment.
  516. Chronicler whispers: Just like at the last watery bridge crossing, there is a distinct aura in all of the water. You can sense no life or aura in the bodies.
  517.         Chloe:  Chloe makes a mental note of the fungus. It is interesting, but mostly because she is a hobbyist rather than something that sheds light on anything.
  518. DNA is disconnected.
  519. Eclipse:        Huh. Okay. Continuing off this machine, I guess.
  520. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Same kind of aura (slime) creature as before, or something different?
  521. Chronicler whispers: Something similar. You can't be sure.
  522.         Chronicler:     Would it help if I map this area for you?
  523. Eclipse:        A little, though I think I can construct a mental map on my own
  524. Jennifer Attaway: (( already have a mental image of things ))
  525.         Chronicler:     I'll map it out quickly to help.
  526.         Chloe:  ((It would help me))
  527.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Should we uh... try the bridge? Or are we going to try crossing another way?"
  528. Trulhammaren:   ((yes please, my brain map is broke as fuck right now))
  529.         Chloe:  Chloe checks the stairs for traps. Before checking the doors for traps. Perception 1 Perception 2
  530.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Hmm...there's something in the water here too..."
  531.         Chloe:  Naturally, perception 1 finding traps halts perception 2 from happening
  532.         Chronicler:     Okay so.
  533.         Chronicler:     You guys start at the---
  534.         Chronicler:     There.
  535. Eclipse:        And the way to the next room is the other white rectangle?
  536.         Chronicler:     The white rectangles are doors.
  537. Eclipse:        Right, so I thought. But there are no other exits to this room, yes?
  538.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright... if there's stuff in the water, then we should pass quickly, right?"
  539.         Chronicler:     None other.
  540.         Alsine:         Alsine teleports.
  541.         Chronicler:     The dragonite statues are hte broken ones
  542.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Cheater."
  543.         Chronicler:     I didn't want to waste time searching my folders for the correct statues.
  544. Eclipse:        Noted
  545.         Chronicler:     Alsine did what?
  546. Trulhammaren:   is there solid wall here
  547.         Chronicler:     Yeah.
  548. Eclipse:        Teleported
  549.         Chloe:  (Teleported near the door)
  550.         Chronicler:     Pretty sure Teleporter requires you to have Line of Sight to your location
  551.         Chronicler:     Of which a wall prevents.
  552.         Chloe:  I thought it was a balcony
  553.         Chronicler:     Warper, the class, bypasses that iirc however
  554.         Chronicler:     The balcony is the statues.
  555.         Chronicler:     The blocking terrain (as noted by sight) are walls.
  556. Avara:  if i have levitate 8 and power 6, can i carry people up to the balcony?
  557.         Chronicler:     It's a confusing room. It's why I wanted to map it out for clearer percepton.
  558. Trulhammaren:   you might be missing a section of wall
  559.         Chronicler:     Ah, thankuu
  560. Eclipse:        Of course it wouldn't be that easy.
  561.         Alsine:         Alsine teleports here then.
  562. Avara:  power 6, max lift is 116 lbs. max carry is 230.
  563.         Chronicler:     75% is max limit for flight/levitation
  564. * Ülang climbs up the wal
  565.         Natasha:        Does anyone weigh 75 lbs or less?
  566.         Chronicler:     So, 87 for--
  567.         Chronicler:     I got 87. >_>
  568. Avara:  max carry is 172.5
  569.         Natasha:        I meant for me. MY max carry is 100.
  570.         Natasha:        Sorry. I wasn't clear enough.
  571. Avara:  max lift is 87
  572.         Chronicler:     Ah. I used the wrong number.
  573.         Chloe:  Chloe examines the broken statues then. Is there anything interesting about how they broke?
  574. Trulhammaren:   only natasha is that small I think
  575. Avara:  does this fall under lift, or carry?
  576. Eclipse:        I was treating it as Carry
  577.         Chronicler:     So, there is a literal wall there. You can't climb over it Ulang.
  578.         Chronicler:     Its like, from floor to ceiling wall.
  579. Trulhammaren:   ah so fully enclosed
  580. Trulhammaren:   gotcha
  581.         Chronicler:     Now, if you want, you can try and break it.
  582. Eclipse:        VENEC PUNCH!
  583. Avara:  ven it up.
  584.         Chronicler:     Rob wasn't the first player of mine to do that.
  585. Eclipse:        Alas we don't ahve one of those so we should probably walka round.
  586. Avara:  ven-tilate that wall
  587. Eclipse:        ^kek
  588.         Chronicler:     And hold it.
  589. Valerie Ylsef must wait 15.772 seconds before it may move again!
  590.         Valerie Ylsef :         went too far
  591.         Watery Serpent:         A graceful serpent of clear water rises from the canal, making a sound that resembles bubbling speech. It seems to say, "More intruders. Leave this place the way you came, or face the price of your folly, as have those before you."
  592.         Chloe:  ((anything on the statues before this happens?)
  593.         Valerie Ylsef :         "How bout, no."
  594. Watery Serpent whispers: You notice that this creature is wounded.
  595. Watery Serpent: (( Oh sorry ))
  596.         Chloe:  "Wait! What intruders?"
  597. * Valerie Ylsef throws Domino's ball out.
  598.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Are...are you hurt?" It was a weird question. "Who hurt you?"
  599.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Is there anything we could do to persuade you to let us pass?"
  600.         Chloe:  "We're investigating another group who have set up in this place. We might be on the same side."
  601. Watery Serpent: (( If you'll be trying negotiations, this creature is currently Unfriendly. ))
  602. Watery Serpent: (( Roll any skills you think appropriate to change its disposition when you speak to it or ask it questions. ))
  603. Eclipse:        Does that include my question?
  604. Watery Serpent: (( Yes. ))
  605. Eclipse:        One moment while I look it up...
  606.         Watery Serpent:         Watery Serpent turns to Domino, watching it suspiciously and moves 1-meter west, placing it within its reach.
  607.         Watery Serpent:         "Do not test me. Leave this place. Go back the way you came. This is a place of rest."
  608.         Saturn Rosewell:        Charm 2d6+1 opposed by its Intuition. I didn't account for its +3 bonus.
  609.         Chloe:  "It's a relief to find at least someone who speaks the same language as us, can't we talk things over before we get into a fight? We might be working together. Jennifer here can probably explain better than I can, right Jen?" Pre-emptive Let Me Help You With That. Reroll any charm check with +3 on the second roll Jen.
  610.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Perhaps we could do this more civilly... My name is Jennifer Attaway, temporary companion to the Winter Lotus. As my friend said, we have been searching for a group that operates from this place these days, which we suspect has been abducting and murdering uninvolved civilians. We wish you no harm, and would like to pass without issue." Charm.
  611.         Watery Serpent:         Watery Serpent pauses for a moment, thinking it over, "You mean to say that you seek out those whom thwarted me?"
  612.         Jennifer Attaway:       "If indeed they did thwart you, then yes. We did battle with their agents in the previous chamber, and are pressing the attack to remove them entirely."
  613.         Chloe:  "They've been using shadow pokemon and undead alike. We think they might be related to some vampyres we met earlier, but we're not sure. They've been using these tunnels to sneak in and out of a settlement nearby, that is all we know. If these are your 'intruders' then we want to get them away from here just as bad as you do."
  614.         Watery Serpent:         "Then allow me to give you some information upon their leader."
  615.         Watery Serpent:         "He is named Xeron and is a magician of old. Utilizes spells and has somewhat a control over time. Banished me 10 minutes into the future in order to pass me."
  616.         Watery Serpent:         "Xeron knows several languages of old, some even my creator did not know. Among his horde counts undead of various kinds and several mutants of his own creation. I know not of this 'shadow' term you use, but all under him reak of foul aura."
  617.         Watery Serpent:         "If you pursue those who have thwarted me, good luck on your quest. Leave me."
  618.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Do his spells have a verbal component?"
  619.         Watery Serpent:         Watery Serpent retreats into the water and vanishes from sight completely.
  620. Jennifer Attaway: (( =( ))
  621. Watery Serpent whispers: You can still feel its presence spread over the waters below.
  622.         Chloe:  Chloe sighed with relief, then smiled to Jennifer.
  623.         Chloe:  "Q-quick thinking, right..?"
  624.         Saturn Rosewell:        "A magician who controls time... That was probably the voice we heard earlier that told the other guy to blow up..."
  625.         Domino :        "Perdiendo el tiempo una vez más veo."
  626. * Jennifer Attaway curtseys with her semitransparent partial skirts, then gestures to continue.
  627. * Domino returns himself
  628. * Saturn Rosewell kneels down to the edge of the water briefly, and speaks. "We'll get him. I promise." She then gets up and rejoins the others.
  629. Jennifer Attaway must wait 12.226 seconds before it may move again!
  630. Ruby must wait 12.259 seconds before it may move again!
  631. Natasha must wait 2.609 seconds before it may move again!
  632. Saturn Rosewell must wait 2.594 seconds before it may move again!
  633. Ruby must wait 1.541 seconds before it may move again!
  634.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I'll let someone poke at the dorr before I mess with it."
  635.         Saturn Rosewell:        Intuition 5d6+1 to sense this door too !
  636. Jennifer Attaway must wait 11.233 seconds before it may move again!
  637. Jennifer Attaway must wait 2.631 seconds before it may move again!
  638.         Chronicler:     An experience point reward of 75 is earned from overcoming this challenge. This is anymon expeirence.
  639.         Chloe:  "Let me check the door quick, the past two caused us trouble, this one might as well."
  640. Chloe must wait 28.159 seconds before it may move again!
  641.         Chloe:  Chloe checked the door for traps.
  642.         Chloe:  Chloe tries to safely remove the trap for later use. Is that stealth?
  643. Chronicler: (( It is, but you gain a bonus from your perception ))
  644.         Chloe:  Doing stealth Plus bonus minus whatever tool penalty.
  645.         Chloe:  "Aha! I was expecting that to blow up on me. Literally. Anyway, the door is safe now."
  646.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Alright then."
  647. * Valerie Ylsef leads the way!
  648.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Here goes." Saturn follows behind Chloe, as usual.
  649.         Chloe:  Chloe follows Val, and is followed by Saturn
  650. * Jennifer Attaway and Ruby proceed into the tomb of doom.
  651.         Chronicler:     This area is a hall stretching from the southeast to the northwest. Statues along the eastern wall represent different figures, and each one is placed in front of a vault door. The nearest portrays a human magician, holding her staff aloft. Second is a Staraptor Priest brandishing a symbol of Dialga. The third and fourth are twin vampyres, one an archer aiming a bow and the other a warrior wielding a rapier and dagger. Statues to the east and west of the northern stone door appear to be made of black onyx. Depicting human warriors, they hold halberds crossed over the door. A single stone door is set near the center of the western wall.
  652. Eclipse:        2spooky
  653.         Saturn Rosewell:        Intuition 5d6+1 . As always.
  654. Chronicler whispers: There is a western chamber that has a faint aura within it, but its walls prevent any clear readings.
  655.         Chloe:  "An empty room? I don't think I've ever seen one since my first day as an adventurer. Keep on your toes..."
  656. Jennifer Attaway: (( brb, try not to get killed. =p ))
  657. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Beyond the aforementioned door? or behind something else?
  658.         Ülang:         "I wonder what, if anything, is behind these doors the individual statues are guarding."
  659.         Alsine:         With an eye for history, Alsine examines the statues for any recognizable figures, motifs or signifiers of what era this chamber might be built for. General Education
  660. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: er, for some reason I didn't notice there were multiple doors. I meant behind the WESTERN door, is that where the reading is coming from?
  661. Jennifer Attaway: (( back ))
  662. * Jennifer Attaway closes her eyes, trying to feel out the presence of a strong aura in the area. Intuition. (Mystic Senses)
  663. * Ülang takes a closer look at the magcian statue and door. Percep
  664. Chronicler whispers: Yes
  665. Chronicler: (( Give me a sec to organize all these checks ))
  666.         Saturn Rosewell:        "There's something in the door to the west but I can't tell what. Doesn't seem to be anyone else nearby though."
  667.         Alsine:         "I don't even know who these are, they are before my time. But the vampyres stand beside humans... that..." She trailed off.
  668.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Alsine? Something the matter?"
  669.         Jennifer Attaway:       "There's... someone, or something, in the western room."
  670.         Alsine:         "It's just strange. The mortals and those who feed on them, it is a conflict that has defined my entire life."
  671.         Ülang:         "Interesting, I do not suppose those as young as she appears to be are put in such lofty position such as this, is all that common."
  672.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Are we to investigate these vaults, or should we press on?"
  673.         Jennifer Attaway:       "The western one. The others are probably, y'know... for corpses."
  674.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Pretty much everything could be trapped. Even the statues. Even the loot."
  675.         Alsine:         "I was hoping for a clue to know who we are dealing with. I'm not sure if I found one."
  676.         Valerie Ylsef :         "If we really want to, we can hit them on the way back."
  677.         Tall, ratlike humanoid:         A Tall, ratlike humanoid steps out from the western chamber, frustrated and muttering several curses. It steps into the center of the room, between the many of you before looking up and realizing it is surrounded.
  678.         Saturn Rosewell:        "We could probably ask Anastasia. She might know. But you're right. We need to conserve energy and get rid of this Xeron guy ASAP."
  679.         Chloe:  Chloe looks for traps or hidden items in the room, once everyone got the preliminary scans out of the way. Perception agogo!
  680.         Ülang:         "This first door does not appear to be trapped, but I digress."
  681.         Valerie Ylsef :         "If I were you I'd give up now."
  682.         Tall, ratlike humanoid:         It reaches for the rapier at its waist but pauses, realizing its position and instead doesn't draw it, "I...don't suppose you're on Garjuk's payroll, eh heh?"
  683. * Valerie Ylsef says as she lofts a ball of flame in her fist.
  684. * Natasha was waiting, poised.
  685.         Chloe:  "Sorry to say. Though you might be able to help us."
  686.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Garjuk in any way related to this Xeron fella we are hunting?"
  687.         Tall, ratlike humanoid:         "So, look. Garjuk-" Tall, ratlike humanoid motions to himself, "Is very knowledgeable about plans. If you allow Garjuk to live and escape, free of harm, Garjuk will provide whatever Garjuk can. Sound fair?"
  688.         Chloe:  Chloe looks at the rat creature, does he have the same shock colar the SFC did?
  689.         Saturn Rosewell:        "And what exactly can you provide, Garjuk? We don't know anything about you other than you walked right into an ambush without looking."
  690.         Chloe:  "We can agree not to harm you. But we will also hand you over to the city to explain yourself to them. I know you don't want to fight us, not with that fancy collar on."
  691.         Tall, ratlike humanoid:         "Garjuk was sure there is treasure hidden here. Master Xeron thought it wasted time but allowed Garjuk to continue searching. Garjuk knows there is something of incredible value here somewhere."
  692.         Tall, ratlike humanoid:         "Garjuk doesn't want any part of this. Garjuk was once pretty girl."
  693.         Chloe:  "I believe you. Were you taken from the city?"
  694.         Tall, ratlike humanoid:         "But Garjuk cannot say no to Master Xeron. Garjuk would be dead then. And still serving."
  695.         Chloe:  Chloe bluffed a quick response. She didn't know if she believed it or not, at least not right away, but it felt like the right thing to say."
  696.         Chloe:  "Is the collar there to force you to obey?"
  697.         Garjuk:         Garjuk touched the collar on its neck, "...To keep Garjuk from failing master or from abandoning him too far. Master has other ways to force servitude."
  698.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...So there's no way you can leave here without him knowing?"
  699.         Chloe:  "If they are through words, Jennefer might be able to break them. But the collar, we might be able to take off later. I don't want to risk doing that now, and I don't think you want to either."
  700.         Garjuk:         Garjuk then thought back as far as he could, "Garjuk recalls...a town of rock and a place of darkness. A river and a waterfall. Clear during the day and poisonous at night. The place was peaceful. Perhaps, Garjuk's old home?"
  701. Jennifer Attaway: (( Pewter? ))
  702. Eclipse:        ...ahaha, what do you know.
  703.         Garjuk:         "Garjuk would appreciate that, yes. Anything Garjuk can do to help?"
  704.         Chloe:  Chloe gets close to Garjuk and examines the collar. Judging how hard it would be to take off, and how many methods there would be to do so safely. Perception.
  705.         Chloe:  She makes no motion toward it, as if she were going to grab it. No need to startle anyone.
  706.         Saturn Rosewell:        "What do you know about Xeron? His goals, his ambitions, how he got here, what he's looking for... What are his strengths? His weaknesses? Some ways we can strip him of his power?"
  707.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Maybe Maya could be of some help here."
  708.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Saturn, how good are you with medicine and status conditions, that sort of thing... diagnosis."
  709.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I carry around a first aid kit and I'm good with that, but besides that, I'm no better than the average layman. ...Why do you ask?"
  710.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Phyllis has a mind for medicine."
  711.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Can someone check Garjuk for any unusual conditions, disorders, or the like?"
  712. * Valerie Ylsef releases Phyllis and Maya.
  713. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Is Garjuk the same aura that was in the western room before? Or is the aura still over there?
  714.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Phyllis you mind givin ole rat face a look over for anything weird?"
  715. * Phyllis nods.
  716.         Phyllis:        Med
  717.         Chloe:  "Hm, this is an insteresting collar. The detection seems to work off of magic of some kind. I think we could remove that enchantment pretty easy, at least temporarily, but it'll be a lot harder to take it off entirely... (what is the chance of setting it off if we tried to remove it techwise?)
  718.         Phyllis:        "Ko te Lycanthrope , he hopuhopu ngau."
  719.         Phyllis:        (pokeKanto, for anyone who knows it
  720.         Chloe:  ((is it autodeath, or just a lot of damage?))
  721. * Natasha does!
  722. Avara:  explosion was over 100 damage. triple and undefended for the wearer.
  723. Phyllis whispers: It is a Lycanthrope, bite is infectious.
  724.         Phyllis:        "Ki te kahore he he rongoa e kore ahau e mohio ki te reira"
  725. Phyllis whispers: If there is a cure I do not know it
  726.         Natasha:        "Ah!" Natasha understands and is translating.
  727.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Hm... I don't know if I could cure lycanthropy."
  728.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Lycanthrope, the bite is infectious. Phyllis doesn't know of a cure."
  729.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I know a song that can remove volatile and sustained statuses."
  730.         Saturn Rosewell:        *lycanthropy
  731.         Garjuk:         "There are two leaders. Xeron and Krootad. Xeron is a human magician and Krootad is a mutant priest of some kind. The rest of the crew are-or were-mutants, except for a vampyre woman, human man and a fairy magus."
  732. * Valerie Ylsef Maya might be able to help with the removal, she's been taking care of all my armor and enchnted thing-a-ma-bobs."
  733.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((only minus the /me, le durp))
  734.         Chloe:  ((DC 25, or essensially death))
  735.         Garjuk:         "They got into the place through the excavation site. I was brought along until after the digging was done. I turned back after the rest of the crew entered a magic maze that's a ways ahead. Don't know much more than that."
  736.         Chloe:  ((Maybe Friend Guard can finally help out. But I doubt it))
  737.         Garjuk:         "Xeron's been riding us hard. He's looking for something specific, and he suspects he's being followed. Guess he was right."
  738.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((that tech or occult?))
  739.         Chloe:  ((Tech))
  740.         Garjuk:         "Krootad can animate the dead. He camped in a room ahead to animate some more skeletons. In fact, he should be there now."
  741.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((sittin on 5d6+6 for both))
  742.         Chloe:  ((Big chance of failure, I'd rather not try it now. >.>))
  743. Eclipse:        GM, I sent a whisper a while back. Do you want me to re-send it or can you scroll up?
  744.         Garjuk:         "Listen, if you need a place to rest, we had a camp on the surface. If you'll let me go, I'll call off the runehounds Xeron left to guard the place."
  745.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Those were HIS beasts!?"
  746. Garjuk: (( I can scroll up. I was answering your questions. ))
  747. Eclipse:        ah. soz. didn't know.
  748.         Chloe:  "We might need that place soon. And if we can, we could convince the water serpent to let you through as well."
  749.         Chloe:  *a place to rest that is
  750. Garjuk whispers: Same aura. But there's another faint aura in the room - but its not a life aura.
  751. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: What do you mean by 'not a life aura'? If not that, what kind is it?
  752.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Well if this Krusty Tadpole guy isn't far and doing stuff, maybe we should hurry up and smash his face in."
  753. Garjuk whispers: Life auras are auras of living creatures. Auras of other things, such as enchanted items, wards, etc. are not life auras.
  754.         Garjuk:         "If you'd like to see a gesture of good faith from Garjuk, he can help you 'get the drop' on Krootad."
  755.         Saturn Rosewell:        "That'd be appreciated. I think there's...something else in the room one over. I don't know what it is, but it's not alive. Might be some kind of object. Garjuk, what was in the room you just came from?"
  756.         Garjuk:         "Krootad knows Garjuk is here and always makes Garjuk announce himself before entering a place he is in. A little paranoid that one. Garjuk can announce himself to Krootad before you enter. Should give you the jump on him."
  757.         Garjuk:         "There was a statue of an old man."
  758.         Chloe:  "Will you be in danger if we do that?"
  759.         Garjuk:         "Garjuk thought it was out of place, but Garjuk could not find anything about it."
  760.         Garjuk:         "Garjuk will not enter the room. Garjuk will leave that to you! But Garjuk will not betray you. Garjuk likes his life."
  761.         Saturn Rosewell:        "But I assume when we get close to Krootad, you will be going in ahead of us. Right?"
  762.         Garjuk:         "Garjuk would prefer not to."
  763.         Jennifer Attaway:       "That's... not what Garjuk said, Saturn."
  764.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Oh. Oh! I see. Sorry. That's what you meant."
  765.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Garjuk announces, the doors open, we step in and win."
  766. Garjuk: (( This will effectively give you a surprise round. ))
  767.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((me like suprise rounds!!))
  768.         Jennifer Attaway:       "And Xeron won't be where Krootad is?"
  769. Garjuk: (( They are quite rare in AEB ))
  770. Eclipse:        All of the setup! Woohoo!
  771.         Garjuk:         "Xeron should not."
  772.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. Hopefully Xeron won't notice or care, then."
  773.         Chloe:  "If this works out, we'll help you in return, however we can. I'm sure Snowmeadow will take you in, especially if we vouche for you."
  774.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright... who does Krootad keep with him when he's at rest?"
  775.         Garjuk:         "Just let Garjuk know when you are ready. Garjuk also knows there is treasure here somewhere."
  776.         Garjuk:         "Krootad keeps the dead with him."
  777.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Does Krootad make the dead move?"
  778.         Garjuk:         "In short, yes."
  779.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. So we've got a necromancer and nobody else, from the sound of things."
  780.         Chronicler:     How does people feel about stopping here? Letting you guys go over what you learned tonight and plot a plan of action?
  781. Jennifer Attaway: (( sounds good ))
  782. Trulhammaren:   ++
  783. Eclipse:        I sometimes prefer to wait for a pivot point, like right before an Init, but here is fine if it involves planning.
  784. Avara:  i'm currently thinking of opening with Fascinate.
  785.         Chronicler:     Alright then. We'll stop here.
  786. PKMN XP: 30. TXP: 3.
  787.         Alsine:         ((I was thinking the same thing. Alsine wants to open with Leech Seed, but he might have something to make that hurt..."
  788. Eclipse:        TL 14.5
  789.         Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log~
  790. Trulhammaren:   I'm not sure what to do poke wise, but I'm fairly certain I will open with a skull bash
  791.         Alsine:         fun game today though
  792. Avara:  depending on the room layout, i might start with spikes.
  793.         Alsine:         solving things with skill rolls is nice
  794. Avara:  lots and lots of spikes.
  795.         Alsine:         A spike for every skeleton on the ground, so they get hurt on spawning
  796. Eclipse:        Wouldn't that be something.
  797. Avara:  spawning isn't shifting, but they won't be able to move without pain
  798. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  799. You have disconnected.
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