Iroha's Winter Costume Story

Oct 5th, 2018
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  1. Iroha's Winter Clothing Story - Nothing in Particular but it was a Special Day
  4. Iroha: Um...All that's left is...
  5. Sana: ...Iroha-san, would it be alright... if we put in some white fish too...?
  6. Iroha: Of course! Today is luxury day, after all. We have to put some ingredients Sana-chan likes in the hot pot too.
  7. Sana: Thank you so much...!
  9. >Iroha: Luxury day... It's a day where it's okay if we eat hot pot with a lot of ingredients at the kotatsu we just pulled out and eat ice cream while lounging around!
  10. >Yachiyo-san gave us her approval just this once since we brought out the kotatsu!
  12. Iroha: What should we have as the last one...
  13. Sana: It'd taste great, regardless of whether we decide to put in zosui or udon noodles...! [1]
  14. Iroha: H---m... Well we came all this way. Should we put both in?
  15. Sana: ...Eh!? B, Both?
  16. Iroha: Yeah! It depends on your tastes, but... it tastes good if you eat mushy udon noodles and the rice from the zosui together.
  17. Sana: .................... I'm a bit curious now...!
  18. Iroha: Then let's buy some frozen udon noodles.
  19. Sana: Yes...!
  22. Iroha: I'm pretty sure we had rice frozen in the fridge... so is this everything?
  23. Sana: Iroha-san...u, um...
  24. Iroha: What's wrong?
  25. Sana: We haven't bought the ice cream...
  26. Iroha: Ah! You're right! Luxury day can't start unless we buy the ice cream.
  27. Sana: Ah... look over there...! There's a lot of different kinds of ice cream here...!
  28. Iroha: Yeah. Sana-chan, what do you like?
  29. Sana: M, Me...? Um... I... Ah...! Strawberry milk flavored...
  30. Iroha: This one, right?
  31. Sana: Ah, b, but... it's okay......since they're all expensive...
  32. Iroha: ........... You don't have to worry about that.
  33. Sana: B, But... won't she get mad at us...?
  34. Iroha: Eh...? ...Ah...h, h--m... (True, seeing how frugal Yachiyo-san normally is does make me nervous about this, but...) Ahh! There's matcha flavored ice cream by the same maker...! Yachiyo-san loves matcha, so if we buy this we should be okay!
  35. Sana: Are you sure...?
  36. Iroha: Yeah! Besides, it's luxury day, right? Maybe I'll have the vanilla flavored one by this maker.
  37. Sana: ......Okay!
  38. Iroha: Fufuu. Let's pick Felicia and Tsuruno's too.
  42. Felicia: Haaaah~~! Man, I really ate! That hot pot was really good~!
  43. Yachiyo: Hey! You're supposed to say "thanks for the meal", right? [2]
  44. Felicia: ...Ugh. Thanks for the meal.
  45. Yachiyo: Yes. Thank you for the meal.
  46. Tsuruno: Thanks for the meal--! Now, now then, Iroha-chan! It's time for the much anticipated...
  47. Iroha: Yeah! Ice cream, right?
  48. Sana: I, Iroha-san and I chose...
  49. Yachiyo: ----!? T, This is...!
  50. Tsuruno: High class ice cream!
  51. Felicia: Yesssss--! Good job, Iroha! If it were Yachiyo, she wouldn't've picked these.
  52. Yachiyo: ..........
  53. Sana: --!? A, Are you angry...?
  54. Iroha: Y, Yachiyo-san...! You see...
  55. Yachiyo: ...Fufuu. I'm not mad. After all, today is luxury day. We have to treat ourselves once in a while, right?
  56. Iroha: Yes!
  57. Yachiyo: However, Felicia. You said a bit more than you should have.
  58. Felicia: So you ARE angry!
  59. Tsuruno: Hey, hey, which one's mine?
  60. Iroha: Tsuruno-chan, yours is the kyoho grape flavored one! It's your favorite, right?
  61. Yachiyo: Then, is mine the matcha flavored one?
  62. Iroha: That's right!
  63. Sana: ...Mine is the strawberry milk flavored one and Iroha-san's is vanilla...
  64. Felicia: Then, mine is... cookies and cream?
  65. Iroha: Yeah, Felicia-chan, you'll eat any kind of ice cream, but this ice cream looks like cowskin, doesn't it?
  66. Felicia: It does! From now on, my favorite's gonna be cookies and cream!
  67. Iroha: Fufuu. Then, let's eat!
  70. "Thanks for the food!"
  73. >Iroha: It'd be nice if... these special days where nothing really happens would last forever...
  77. ===========================================
  79. [1]= Zosui, according to Wikipedia "is a Japanese rice soup made from pre-cooked rice and water."
  80. [2]= For those who are curious, Yachiyo gets on Felicia's case for not saying "gochisou-sama" here. Later, when the girls are ready to eat ice cream, they say "itadakimasu".
  81. I couldn't really think of two different ways to say "thanks for the meal/food" that didn't sound awful, so I decided to just write this note instead.
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