Sarah McCarthy

Nov 19th, 2013
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  1. Sarah McCarthy (25) Nov 27 05'
  2. (HOAX)
  4. Walking with boyfriend [fiance, Jon Johnston 29yo] and uncle [Terry 36yo] in parking lot of O'conners at the Kanata Centrum shopping mall
  5. Friends birthday party
  6. Hit 2:40 am by a westway minivan cab
  7. Was caught up in the undercarriage for 1.5[>1.4] km until dropped on highway 417 [between the Castlefrank and Eagleson rd exits]
  9. Body found on Eastbound Queensway; Beyond Kanata/Castlefrank entrance.
  11. Information: 236 1222 ext. 2478
  12. Sgt. Brian McMahon of the Ottawa Police
  14. 1998 school photo swown
  16. Worked at Richmond LCBO for four years, now said to be five years
  17. 30 hours, six days a week
  19. Boyfriend/Uncle, Sean/Pam (parents¿)
  20. Uncle: Jim McCarthy
  21. Boyfriend of three years, Jon
  22. Dawn McCarthy [sister][22yo]
  23. Robin McCarthy [sister][16yo]
  24. Aunt: Marion Williamss
  26. Friend/Co-worker: Daina Gray
  27. Says she loved country music
  28. Graduated from Algonquin College in travel and tourism
  29. "She loved to travel and she and Jon were going to go to Texas in February, and they we going to buy a house together"
  31. Holiday Inn
  32. Lived on McBean St.
  34. Christmas endorsement:
  35. Last week, McCarthy went christmas shopping with her co-worker Jennifer MacCrae, picking up presents for her dad and her boyfriend and a pedometer for her beloved golden retriever Duke
  37. O'conners closes at 2:00am.
  39. Youssef Gaber (43)
  40. ^Lawer: Norman Boxall
  41. West-Way driver, worked 3 years with cab company
  42. Driving a brown 2000 Chevrolet Venture minivan, registered to Hassna Fattal of Nepean in April 05'
  43. Company president: Richard Szirtes
  44. "In 25 years of operation, nothing like this has ever happened before; no serious injuries..."
  46. No charges laid, Jan12th2006: not enough evidence
  48. Sarah caught on bumper
  49. NO SCREAMS!!
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