MGE Side III Nevia Current

Jan 23rd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. It seems your face has gotten very red, and your breath ragged, are you alright?
  2. Come, please firmly take my hand!
  3. Entrust your body to me, leave it all to me, and I shall support you!
  4. Fufu, it seems you’re even redder now♥
  5. You really are just so unbearably cute...♥
  6. Take a look at those two walking over there, that man is a guest, and the young woman with a parasol embracing his arm is one of Nevia Theater’s song maidens.
  7. Leading our important guests by the hand, slowly escorting them like this, such is the way of Nevia’s Diva and song maidens. It’s just like a lady and gentlemen heading to a ball, isn’t it?
  8. Fufu♥ There’s no need to hesitate, as I personally believe I am very fortunate to be allowed to take your beloved hand like this...♥
  9. Hm? You’re wondering what race that young woman and I belong to?
  10. Fufu, take a look at these ears and red hat, that young woman and I are a type of mermaid called a “Merrow”. Hm, what’s that? Our legs are human, not fish?
  11. Ah, apologies, you haven’t been told have you.
  12. This is one of the spells many monsters can use, called an “Anthropomorphosis Spell”. It allows even mermaids such as us to temporarily have legs like this.
  13. All of the song maidens in our Nevia specialize in this magic. Fufu, we are actors after all.
  15. Now then, it’s still a little way to our Nevia Theater. Why don’t we take a break around here and take in the sights of the city?
  16. After all, art is something you must experience with your own eyes, take a look at that house over there, the hedges of beautiful Nevian Roses surrounding it, it’s such a splendid garden, don’t you think♪
  17. That house over there has a splendid multi-layer arch of roses, and next to that, a rather magnificent shrubbery arranged in the shape of a mermaid... a wonderful topiary that even feels bewitching.
  18. Fufu, they look like gardens of a noble’s mansion or a royal castle, don’t they? Let’s see, in order, I believe those are a novelist’s house, violinist’s house, and if I’m not mistaken, that garden with the grandest topiary is the baker’s apprentice’s house?
  19. “Art should be loved by everyone.”
  20. As these words say, the art culture that was once centered around aristocrats is now loved my all in Nevia, free to see and create.
  21. And now, the crimson demonic roses in full bloom in these gardens, the “Nevian Roses”, are a symbol of our island loved by all, from noble to commoner.
  22. Speaking of Nevia and these demonic roses, Nevia is also called “The Island of Roses” due to this scenery, and every single one of these ordinary buildings pleases the eyes of visitors as “Nevia’s Rose Estates”.
  24. Furthermore, this waterway flowing through the city is beautiful, and you can feel the fixation on beauty of Nevia’s craftsman in the very waterway itself, but the roses floating in the water accentuate the water’s beauty even further.
  25. Also... whoops, looks like one came out just in time. As you can see, the waterway is also a passage for mermaids.
  27. It’s said that there are many guests whose hearts are stolen by the limbs of the lovely rose-colored mermaids.
  28. All of the monsters in this city take pride in being a part of our beautiful Nevia, and playing a role in the arts. They never neglect their efforts to make their charm and beauty stand out, and to make the scenery of the city even more beautiful from their own existence.
  29. Fufu, it seems that mermaid we just passed has captivated that man watching over there. It seems she’s noticed it too. Let’s hope it turns out well.
  30. Monsters are a part of Nevia’s works of art, and they want you to feel that beauty to your heart’s content.
  31. Of course, in order to more deeply understand such beauty, rather than just gazing at it, it’s absolutely fine to touch it directly with your hands, feel the monster with your own body, and receive their love...♥
  32. Fufufu, of course, personally, I want you to only desire to look at me♥
  33. As you can see, in Nevia, the nobles, city folk, and monsters are rather showy.
  34. Attention seeking is said to be a bad thing, but it’s not all that bad is it?
  35. The beauty our predecessor nobles competed to enhance has left us with such beautiful scenery.
  36. And then, the desire of people and monsters to see it themselves became passionate, and inspired beautiful love between people and monsters.
  37. It may have only been for nobles in the past, but now everyone can pursue beauty, and enjoy art.
  38. Being able to discover beauty in anything and enjoy that beauty means that there is calm in people’s hearts.
  39. This is why, after many twists and turns, the city of Nevia came to find the beauty in my parents. That is why I love Nevia.
  41. Fufu♥ That expression is cute, but don’t be jealous♥
  42. My love as a woman is just for you. That’s why I want you to also love my beloved Nevia.
  43. Now then, I’d like you to enjoy Nevia as soon as possible, however, Nevia is easily the largest of the seven islands.
  44. There are plenty of casual cafés, opera halls, and places for monster couples to take a break all over the island.
  46. Fufu, was that a little too indirect? As you can probably guess, in Nevia, the true aim is to deliberately take detours, slowly touring around the whole island while enjoying art, and spend time leisurely enjoying sightseeing. In Nevia, it’s a little unfashionable to go around the whole island in just one day♪
  47. While the sun shines, it’s sometimes nice to go down a path with a loved one in the afternoon where the trees are casting shadows, and then turn around to see a different view than before.
  48. You can also have a wonderful time by stopping by a garden of beautifully blooming roses you suddenly came across, and then sit down on the stairs and enjoy a chat with mermaids in the waterway while enveloped in the scent of roses.
  49. And in the end, you will visit Nevia Theater.
  50. And then, you listen to the singing voice of the Diva on stage, Eustine.
  51. Fufu, little by little, slo~wly...♥
  52. Just like this, why don’t we go cultivate our love little by little...♥
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