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  1. __Out Of Character Questions__
  3. 1. How long have you been roleplaying?: About 7 years.
  5. 2. How long have you been a part of Old World Roleplay?: Today is my 2nd day.
  7. 3. Do you have PE flags?: I do not.
  9. __In Character Questions__
  11. Full Name: Jeremy Hanson
  12. Date of Birth: 09/09/1984
  13. Place of Birth: New York City, NY, USA.
  14. Pre-Union Occupation: Fast food restaurant employee.
  15. Body Measurements (Height & Weight):  5 feet 11 inches | 166 lbs.
  16. Loyalist Points: 14 points.
  18. Why would you like to join the Combine Civil Authority?: My wishes to join the Civil Authority stem from my gratitude to the Union for their constant protection and guranteed safety control within our fine city, the gratitude to the Universal Union for the provided food and drinks through the ration system and most importantly a roof over our head in this time of highest criminal ratio in the city's history, I want to return the favor to the Union by providing myself as another asset to them and protecting the streets from malice and any threats that are posed upon to the establishment and citizenship of the city.
  20. A citizen approaches you and tells you they have something to report. They ask you to follow them, what do you do?: I would follow through with the citizen's wishes as certain as I may be of the potential actions that may occur with this, but before I did so, I would report the occurence through my handheld radio and let my signal be tracked and the citizen's identity be noted if something were to spin out of control.
  22. In the corner of your eye, you notice what looks to be a firearm in the pocket of a citizen. However you are not entirely sure, and the citizen is in a crowded area. What do you do?: I would follow through with my suspicions and use my jurisidiction within the City limits to make sure a violation was not taking place with this particular occurence, I would follow the Citizen and apprehend them temporarily for a search, if my suspicions were confirmed, then I would apprehend the suspect indefinitely and bring them into custody within the Nexus.
  24. What skills would you like to learn in the Combine Civil Authority: The skills I most desire to learn through my enlistment within the Civil Authority would most certainly like to be prepareness for high-stress situations and increase my physical and mental prepareness for any situation that might possibly occur during my employment.
  26. Please sign below: Signed here, Jeremy Hanson.
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