Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C3 part 4)

Dec 28th, 2019
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  1. part 4
  3. While I was worried whether I would return home or see Ichinose's condition after separating from Horikita, I was led by Ryuuen to the crowded corridor of Keyaki Mall.
  5. The distance between the two of us was quite far, if someone came and saw it, we could immediately go and pretend to be strangers who just happened to pass by.
  7. "Did you hear from Ishizaki, if I came to Keyaki Mall?"
  9. "Well, I even bother going to look for you ..."
  11. Did the discussion with Ishizaki and the others end for only about an hour or were they just delayed?
  13. Yes ... However, it is... Like never before... It seems that the spirit in Ryuuen's eyes has returned.
  15. "You already know my contact information. Don't think it's better for you to contact me from there?"
  17. "I plan to talk, In front of your boring face." Then let's talk in this limited amount of time. What he wants to say.
  19. "What do you mean by that ...?" 'that' was what he meant, about the message I left with Hiyori whose contents ['if it was me, I could get more than five wins in a better and safer way'] to be delivered to Ryuuen. He seemed to have conveyed the message very well.
  21. I thought if he heard that message from Hiyori ..., then he would definitely come to contact me.
  23. "It's the same meaning as that. If it's me ... Then I can do it better."
  25. "Whatever method I use, it's up to me."
  27. "Then I don't want to end it like that. If you leave this school because you used a bad way again, then I will be lonely ..."
  29. Even though those were natural words, they didn't seem to be conveyed to Ryuuen properly.
  31. "Ha ... Ha ... Ha ... What kind of joke is that ...? You're quite arrogant for the person who was defeated by Sakayanagi huh ..."
  33. "Of course ... our class has been defeated by Sakayanagi ... As long as I cannot fulfill my duties as a commander, I will not make excuses. In the future, you can fight with her and determine for yourself whether Sakayanagi is greater than me or not. "
  35. "Ha .. You underestimate me, huh..?" Ryuuen's smile disappeared, and he began to approach me.
  37. "You once defeated me, you can't be less capable than Sakayanagi."
  39. Apparently, intending to provoke, with courage to say that I'm not inferior to him.
  41. "Thank you for complimenting me ..., but does that include even though I didn't hold my skills in the exam?"
  43. "Sorry, but I don't believe it. Rather than you lose with your true abilities... It makes more sense if you didn't seriously compete in the exam from the beginning ... Or maybe the story will be more credible if you have somehow been involved in an unavoidable incident. Schools may also be arranged to face the class A win, so more people believe."
  45. That's not the right answer, but it turns out he's sharper than I imagined.
  47. Maybe at this school only Ryuuen was able to read deeply about ridiculous and absurd things like this. That is the absolute conviction that comes from confronting me directly.
  49. "So ...? For you who have returned ... What will you do next... Ryuuen ...?"
  51. "Don't decide if I've returned ... I intend to enjoy my vacation a little more."
  53. (Tln: Ryuuen uses the term he is no longer talking about the spring break but the vacation being the class leader.)
  55. Ryuuen said that his overall participation would still be in the future.
  57. "But ... If I get bored with my vacation, then I will destroy Ichinose and Sakayanagi as a warm-up."
  59. "That's an amazing change of mind."
  61. "Kukuku ... It's true. I was even surprised by myself. Didn't think that I was so excited to take revenge on you so quickly."
  63. "So that's how it is ..."
  65. A snake will wake up from its long sleep. If that happened, neither class B nor class A could ignore Ryuuen.
  67. Sakayanagi might really want that ... Right now, it's not strange which one will win later.
  69. "I'm grateful for that. If you destroy Ichinose and Sakayanagi first ... Everything goes as desired. We can reach the upper classes smoothly."
  71. This is also an important part for us to be able to rise to the upper class.
  73. "I thought you didn't care about the state of the class ..."
  75. "Now it's a little different. That class will be in a high position next year. Even if there wasn't me at that time."
  77. "Ha..?"
  79. When I say 'if there isn't me', Ryuuen makes a suspicious face.
  81. "I might be in a targeted position in the future. In that case, it would not be surprising if anyone dropped out of school by himself, wouldn't it?"
  83. If Tsukishiro wants ... There are many things he can do. It is estimated that something that cannot be stopped even by taking tough measures will happen. Of course, in order to make it not so easy for the other party, I am also running around.
  85. "Don't worry ... If there is anyone who can make you drop out, then that's me."
  87. His arrogance was really like Ryuuen once ...
  89. "But...."
  91. Ryuuen who was trying to say something .., instantly disappeared from my sight. Quickly shortening the distance ..., he then stretched his left arm directly towards my face.
  93. Sharp fingertips point to my eyeballs without hesitation, urging me to overcome them.
  95. "Haa ..."
  97. The kick turned towards my face with the right foot ... But it was a fake attack.
  99. The real attack is a turning kick with the left foot. Avoiding all of his attacks, I took distance from Ryuuen.
  101. "Jeez ... Even though it was a perfect surprise attack ... What kind of monster are you ...?"
  103. "You really do it prominently huh ..." Although it's personal, there are plenty of surveillance cameras in the Keyaki mall.
  105. Of course, unless students consider it a problem, it will not attract attention to because of small things, which motivates Ryuuen's unique bold behavior.
  107. "My heart is talking and I want to eat you."
  109. The instinct of a snake to bite even though it has just woken up from its long sleep.
  111. "Aren't you are attacking me?"
  113. "I want to avoid the risk of fighting you in this place. Besides, it's not time yet."
  115. "Is this the convenience of a strong person? If it was you who said that then it was like really, Really thrilling ..." His eyes shined the same as before, was it not more than before ... I didn't think that it was a spirit that has been submerged under water for several months.
  117. "You have potential. That's why you have to grow even better ... Ryuuen!"
  119. Seemingly disliking my words ..., Ryuuen hit the wall beside him.
  121. "Grow better ... huh ...? How long have you been, my teacher?"
  123. "I'm telling the facts for what they are. Fraudulent methods. Cowardly actions. Or sometimes using criminal acts. I don't think it's okay to use any strategy to win."
  125. "Haa ..."
  127. "I heard that Ishizaki and the others use laxatives. It's not bad to use the karaoke room when mixing it, but if someone keeps the leftovers or drinks, you will be trapped. This is an act that you will be dropped out without saying a word. Even if you succeed through it, strange behavior in the exam will deepen the school's suspicion. You are saved because Ichinose did not file a complaint with the school. "
  129. "Ichinose's kind personality is part of my calculations too."
  131. "If that's the case, then it's a naive calculation. No matter how long, You will never surpass me."
  133. "You can really say it ..."
  135. Ryuuen once again started to get closer to me. But he showed no signs as before. Even if he really wanted to do the same thing as before, it was not difficult to deal with it.
  137. "You're free to listen to my advice or not. But if you stay like this ... Then our rematch won't be realized."
  139. How will he receive it ..? Advice from his enemy ... It can measure one of Ryuuen's talents. Hitting the wall hard next to him, Ryuuen tried to calm his mind.
  141. "I will accept your damn advice this time. But ... I will definitely destroy you one day."
  143. "That's a good spirit, Ryuuen. It's not a bad thing if it was you who destroyed and made me drop out from this school." Even though in his heart he was angry, but my words seemed to be well listened to by Ryuuen.
  145. This will further enhance the strategy that Ryuuen made in the future. Grade 2 race will really become unimaginable.
  147. Will Ryuuen defeat Sakayanagi and ascend to A at once? Or will Sakayanagi be able to prevent it? Or will Ichinose make a strong comeback in the future?
  149. In the face of this three-legged situation, how will Horikita goes deep into the battlefield?
  151. Looks like I'll soon see a different look from last year.
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