A Dream Proposition [clop] (Luna/anon)

Feb 17th, 2015
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  1. >"Anon I don't think you understand the severity of the situation. She's really in love with you."
  2. "Really?"
  3. >"Celestia says the song was twelve minutes of archaic euphemisms about riding a monkey, with a chorus about seeing him in her dreams."
  4. "That's ominous."
  5. > Twilight shakes her head, a grim look on her face
  6. > "What I'm saying, Anon, is be careful. Mares in Equestria weren't always the most, ah, respectful of their prospective mate's wishes."
  7. > Damn
  8. "I'm going to get raped?"
  9. > "No! Not necessarily, it's just..."
  10. > You give her a stern glare
  11. > Twilight ducks her head
  12. > "You might get raped. A little."
  14. > The rest of the day, you can track the spread of the news by the amount of pitying glances you get
  15. > Gifts start piling up by your door
  16. > Fluttershy offers her shoulder to cry on for afterwards
  17. > Rarity...
  18. > "Anonymous, I hear you are to be a royal consort?"
  19. "Yes?"
  20. > Rarity chews her lip
  21. > "After you ah, make it, perhaps you could consider my services for your wedding? I would be ever so grateful."
  22. "Wedding?"
  23. > She looks at you with startled eyes
  24. > "Why of course! If she insists on a, hmmm, royal audience, you may demand a marriage and she is honor bound to accept. Darling, you have no idea how exciting it is, to see all those lovely romance novels play out in modern times."
  25. "You're getting off on this, aren't you?"
  26. > "Now now, there's no need to be crude."
  27. > You just give her a flat stare
  28. > Rarity pretends to inspect her hoof
  29. > "Privately, Anonymous. I am a lady, after all."
  31. > Later, Rainbow Dash hits the ground and skids a bit before facing you
  32. > She grins and gives you a wink
  33. > "Anon, you gotta fuck the moon."
  34. "Fuck the moon?"
  35. > "Fuck the moon."
  36. > She stares at you for a long moment
  37. > Honestly, you don't get what the big deal is exactly
  38. "Yeah, sure."
  39. > Rainbow frowns
  40. > "That's not the voice of the stallion who's going to fuck the moon."
  41. > You roll your eyes, but Dash is a bro
  42. > You point dramatically at your junk with one hand, the other pointing at the sky
  44. > Dash laughs and flies away
  46. > Pinkie Pie just leaves cupcakes everywhere with "sweet dreams" written in frosting
  48. > Applejack hoofs you a mug of cider
  49. > "Anon, I'm gonna be straight with you here. If'n it weren't illegal, an' Luna didn't call dibs, ah'd take you marefully."
  50. > ...
  51. "That's...nice? Wait, if it's illegal, why isn't anyone stopping Luna?"
  52. > Appul shakes her head
  53. > "You go an' try to tell a mare with a thousand year dry spell not to jump the first colt as strikes her fancy. Add in she's the Princess of the Moon, an' let me tell you, you got all the condolences in the world, but ain't no one gonna stand 'tween you and a thousand years of piled up hankerin'."
  55. > As night falls, you find yourself getting nervous
  56. > You've had a few flings with various ponies, but nothing serious
  57. > The difference in status is enough to make Jane Austen's panties wet
  58. > Not to mention her absurd power set
  59. > To be honest though, you are mostly hyped about having sex
  60. > You're kind of a slut
  61. > You lay awake in bed for hours
  62. > Eventually, you hear an irritated huff, and everything turns blue before fading to black
  64. > The first hint that you are dreaming is that you are somehow in a palace on the moon
  65. > The second hint is Luna walking towards you with a sway in her step and jewels in her fur
  66. > "Rejoice, fair Anonymous, for I have chosen thee from the multitude of dreaming! This night I do offer thee wonders and pleasures beyond mortal comprehension, yea, even the beyond the realms of physical limitations!"
  67. "That sounds great. What did you have in mind?"
  68. > She draws close, her eyes half lidded
  69. > "Shouldst thou agree, ye shall be my consort, yea, the single soul privy to mine every feature. Come! Lay thy hands upon me, for it is given to thee to probe mine every orifice as thou wilt."
  70. > Luna abruptly turns around, her tail lifted and her legs braced apart
  71. "Don't mind if I do."
  72. > You rest your hands on her taut posterior
  73. > To be honest, it's a little small for your tastes, but a butt is a butt
  74. > You rub gentle circles on her cheeks, pulling them apart to catch glimpses of her winking marehood
  75. > Nice
  76. > You slide your hands along her side and she lifts a wing out of your way
  77. > You continue around to her neck, stroking her soft fur
  78. > Weirdly, you find her neck more of a turn on than her ass
  79. > You cup her blushing cheeks, and she can't seem to meet your eyes
  80. > Every orifice, hmmm?
  81. > You slip a finger into her mouth, and she lets out a little gasp
  82. > Then her tongue presses against it, licking and swirling around your digit
  83. > This time she does look you in the eyes, sultry and suggestive
  84. > You grin, and slide the rest of your hand into her mouth
  85. > Her eyes widen in surprise, and you take the opportunity to grip the slippery flesh of her tongue
  86. > She makes a grunt of confusion, and you smile
  87. "Just wanted to see how you'd react."
  88. > You take your hand out of her mouth and wipe it off on her neck
  89. > Luna steps back, as if seeing you for the first time
  90. > "Thou art unlike any of mine subjects. Art thou always this flippant?"
  91. > You shrug
  92. "Part of the fun is messing with the high and mighty. I also wanted to see how flexible you are about weird stuff. Apparently, not that flexible."
  93. > She glares at you
  94. > "I am no stranger to hoof-play, Anonymous. It is a common enough thing to kiss, suckle, and lick. Not to seize thy partner's tongue!"
  95. "Luna, that's pretty tame compared to the weird stuff I can get off to. If you can't handle that much, I'm not sure this could really work out between us."
  96. > You can almost see her contemplating her tongue
  97. > She takes a deep breath
  98. > "Thou mayest try again. Forsooth, I was merely surprised that thou wouldst go so far. Come, Anonymous, test again mine limits."
  99. > She opens her mouth wide, her tongue gently undulating, her eyes averted
  100. > So easily manipulated
  101. > This could be fun
  102. "Nah, I'm good."
  103. > She stares at you in consternation
  104. > Her jaw closes with a click
  105. > "Perhaps thou art unsatisfied with my posterior?"
  106. > What
  107. > She gives you a haughty look
  108. > "Dost thou wish to rut mine sister?"
  109. > Celestia appears in front of you, her tail lifted, marevag winking
  110. "Um,"
  111. > Luna comes to your side
  112. > "Is she not more pleasing than I?"
  113. > Celestia looks at you over her shoulder
  114. > "Fuck me, Anon."
  115. > What the hell is happening
  116. "Girls, girls, you're both pretty."
  117. > The mane six appear around you, also presenting themselves
  118. > Luna speaks into your ear
  119. > "In thy dreams, though mayest rut anypony of thy choosing. All I ask is that thou remain by my side in thy waking hours."
  120. > This is messed up
  121. > You like it
  122. > Still, you have to wonder
  123. "Very tempting. But I have to ask, why me? We only met the one time."
  124. > The other ponies vanish, and Luna settles down on a divan that wasn't there a moment ago
  125. > "Thou art... confident. Brazen. As this night bareth witness, ye are no respecter of position, nor power, neither are ye as submissive and shy as other males."
  126. > Huh
  127. > You suppose that makes you the equestrian male equivalent of a tomboy
  128. > Luna gazes down at her hooves
  129. > "Celestia hath always been the more feminine of the two of us. It is not given to me, to speak eloquent and flattering words to stir a stallion's heart. With thee, I thought that thou wouldst bridge the gap, to speak when I falter, and to move when I hesitate. Little did I know what words thou wouldst say, nor movements thou wouldst dare against propriety."
  130. > You look into her sad eyes
  131. > Hell, why not?
  132. > You step forward, cupping her face again in your hands
  133. > Luna stares at you, wary, weary, hopeful
  134. > You kiss her lips
  135. > Her eyes shoot wide open in surprise
  136. > You add a little tongue
  137. > She responds in kind, her breath quickening
  138. > It's nice, her hesitant but eager movements, her warm mouth
  139. > Finally you part, a grin on your face
  140. "You got yourself a consort."
  141. > Luna's face lights up
  142. > "Forsooth?"
  143. "Forsooth."
  144. > She prances around happily, glancing at you and grinning
  145. > Cute
  146. > Then she darts towards you and pecks you on the lips
  147. > "A coltfriend! A consort!"
  148. > She laughs joyfully, running circles around you in excitement
  149. > Yeah, you made the right choice
  150. > Finally she settles back onto the divan, glancing at your face, and your crotch
  151. "You know, it's funny. A lot of ponies expected me to get raped, but you've been remarkably well behaved."
  152. > Luna blushes
  153. > "I am not ignorant of the laws, Anonymous. E'en though I longed to mount thee from time to time, I would rather have thy cooperation. Twas a close thing, if I may speak with candor."
  154. > You shrug
  155. "I am surprisingly sexy."
  156. > "Indeed."
  157. > She shifts a little on the divan
  158. > "Whilst we are on the topic..."
  159. > Celestia appears facing you, laying on her stomach
  160. "What?"
  161. > Luna stares at you with fervent eyes
  162. > "Rape her mouth. And call her a dirty whore."
  163. > Huh
  164. "Really?"
  165. > A mischievous gleam shines in Luna's eyes
  166. > "If thou canst not withstand this mild perversion, that doth bode ill for thy suitability as my mate."
  167. "Fair enough."
  168. > You strip out of your clothes slowly, keeping an eye on Luna's hungry expression
  169. > You turn to Celestia, your cock hardening in your hand
  170. "Suck my cock, you dirty whore."
  171. > With that you thrust into her mouth
  172. > Her eyes widen as you grip her horn and her mane, roughly pushing your dick further into her mouth
  173. > She makes muffled noises of protest, but her mouth is hot and moist, and too good to quit
  174. > You can hear Luna breathing heavily not too far away
  175. > "Take it, sister. Thou art but a toy to my coltfriend!"
  176. > You redouble your efforts, your cock grinding against her cheek, then her tongue
  177. > Luna moves to stand above her sister, her marehood dripping onto Celestia's head
  178. > You remove your hand from Celestia's mane and use it to finger Luna's pussy
  179. > She groans and leans into your touch, more marecum splattering into Celestia's mane
  180. > Sunbutt whimpers around your cock, marecum dripping down her forehead and across a closed eyelid
  181. > Her other eye stares at you pleadingly
  182. > Luna tosses her head in exultation
  183. > "Cease thy violations, Anon. Sister dearest isn't worthy of thy seed. Nay, a far more fertile field lies above. Plow, fair Anonymous, and plant thy seed!"
  184. > You pull out of Celestia's mouth, and you bring Luna's rear down in its place
  185. > You thrust into Luna's winking marehood, groaning at the glorious sensation
  186. > Then you feel a warm tongue licking at your balls, gathering what nectar courses from Luna's flower
  187. > Luna grins at you over her shoulder
  188. > "Is not sister," hah, "a good attendant?" hah, "Such a greedy whore."
  189. > Luna's heavy breathing is a bit more of a turn on than her weird sister issues, but you aren't complaining
  190. > You slap Luna's ass
  191. "Such a whore."
  192. > Luna clenches around you, then her pussy resumes its rhythmic milking
  193. > "Y-yes. Consort? Do that again."
  194. > You slap her ass as you bury your dick deep within her
  195. > Luna groans, shivering with pleasure
  196. > She gasps, "Again!"
  197. > You are both pretty close
  198. > You thrust in and out a few more times, building up momentum, then you hilt inside her throbbing, winking pussy
  199. > At the same time, you strike her rear with as much force as you can muster
  200. > Her marehood clenches hard as her legs buckle
  201. > You collapse together on top of Celestia, your cock firing again and again into the torrent of Luna's orgasm
  202. > Celestia lies docile beneath your twitching bodies, semen and marecum pooling between her shoulders
  204. > You wake up, only to find that Luna had mounted you in your sleep
  205. > You thought Celestia's mouth was too good earlier, and now you know why
  206. > Luna stirs a little from where she had collapsed on your chest
  207. "Hey."
  208. > She smiles sleepily
  209. > "Greetings."
  210. "Well, Rarity will be happy."
  211. > Luna wakes up a little more
  212. > "Pray, tell me the reason."
  213. "You raped my sleeping body. Now you have to marry me."
  214. > Luna's eyes widen
  215. > "Thou knowest of the custom?"
  216. > You reach down an squeeze her ass
  217. "Yup. Now you're stuck with me."
  218. > She wiggles a little
  219. > "More aptly, I am stuck upon thee. Fortunate, therefore, that I would rather be nowhere else."
  220. "Forsooth?"
  221. > She giggles
  222. > "Forsooth."
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