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  1. Beauty
  3. I could grant my own tears
  4. Beauty
  5. There's beauty in exile, refusals, and bodies
  6. ...
  7. Purely post-passion
  8. Bouquet tossed forward
  9. Whilst I live in the streets of South-East
  10. Bleed while inheriting sin I am the beast
  11. Comatose in space racing climbing breaking wives husbands
  12. Children and billionaires forgotten jokes and pallets
  14. Red dresses are pretty
  15. Ballots cast for all except for I entered myself
  16. I drove to my grave the other day
  17. Flowers tossed forward from two no one no none
  18. Tormenting the post-passions
  19. I drove back home, and examined my staircase
  20. With fear in my breath
  21. I always loved neon rainbows so much
  22. But enough?
  23. ...
  25. Somehow, I don't know
  26. I always knew I'd die
  27. Wrapped in rainbows like a guardian angel's love
  28. Wraps itself around its prey
  29. Petals escape my mouth and my angel speaks:
  30. "You'll be tried
  31. In the fires of
  32. All friendly conversations"
  33. Bouquet tossed forward whilst we transform...
  34. "I knew you would accept,"
  36. I said.
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