A Visit From Santa Lim

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  1. The night was long and cold
  2. There was a young Anubis called Gold.
  3. Snuggled down into her bed
  4. With visions of legos in her head.
  5. Tonight was the night that Santa Lim came
  6. She has been good and kind to all she could name…
  7. Expect for Lucy, fuck that bitch, anyway,
  8. Gold knew Santa Lim was on the way
  9. NORAD had been tracking the jolly gal
  10. From her factory in Tartagal
  11. Suddenly a clatter arose from the lawn
  12. Gold thew open the curtains to see what was wrong.
  13. Upon her lawn, a Pontiac Firebird T-top.
  14. The sight of Santa Lim’s sweet ride caused a jaw to drop.
  15. From downstairs she her a scuffle,
  16. It sounded like her father and Santa had gotten into a kerfuffle
  17. “Get the fuck outta my house ya bum.”
  18. “And don’t return.”
  19. “Fuck you and your family I hope you all eat nothing but baloney.”
  20. Gold could her Santa as she ran to her car in tears, “I’m not lonely.”
  21. She ran to her Pontiac in a rush,
  22. Did not expect to fall into the brush.
  23. It happened as radically as a theocracy in the middle east,
  24. With far less bloodshed at least.
  25. As Santa Lim collapsed her hat fell to the ground.
  26. Suddenly the hatless Lillim  looked around.
  27. “Where am I, what happened,”
  28. She she asked.
  29. For Santa Lim was nothing but the hat, what a worry,
  30. And the Lillim wandered off in a hurry.
  31. Gold knew that Christmas was in ruination
  32. Unless she could find a host to take up the obligation.
  33. She ran outside,
  34. To the hat she stood beside.
  35. “Hey kid, help me save Christmas all snappy.”
  36. “The masses will be happy.”
  37. Without a second thought,
  38. She wore the hat like a thot.
  39. Santa Lim might be dead.
  40. That idea had been put to bed,
  41. But hey
  42. Maybe Anubis Santa will save the day…
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