Just Maybe Just Maybe - Mandy Moore | | SuTuVxu33YKM

May 17th, 2022
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  1. Lời bài hát Just Maybe  Just Maybe - Mandy Moore  | | SuTuVxu33YKM Lyrics up by [Verse 1]
  2. There were so many sides to the both of us
  3. We defied geometry
  4. And we thought that it meant there was hope for us
  5. As if hope is all we would need
  6. But now we hang by a thread
  7. We've been pulling on
  8. To see if we could pull it off
  10. [Chorus]
  11. Just maybe
  12. We're all that we've got
  13. And that's more than enough
  14. To keep on dreaming
  15. Just maybe
  16. Then again, maybe not
  17. But a maybe's enough
  18. To keep on believing
  21. [Verse 2]
  22. We were told we wеre doomed from the start of us
  23. By our friеnds and family
  24. It's like no one could see the true spark of us
  25. That's just for you and me
  26. But now our moment in time
  27. Is a moment of truth
  28. And I don't know where it ends
  30. [Chorus]
  31. Just maybe
  32. We're all that we've got
  33. And that's more than enough
  34. To keep on dreaming
  35. Just maybe
  36. Then again, maybe not
  37. But a maybe's enough
  38. To keep on believing
  40. [Bridge]
  41. Are we dangerous? (Are we dangerous?)
  42. Are we medicine? (Are we medicine?)
  43. Is it a little bit of both?
  45. [Chorus]
  46. Just maybe
  47. We're all that we've got
  48. And that's more than enough
  49. To keep on dreaming, oh-oh
  50. Just maybe
  51. Then again, maybe not
  52. Oh, but a maybe's enough
  53. To keep on believing
  54. Yeah, a maybe's enough
  55. To keep on believing
  56. Yeah, a maybe's enough
  57. To keep on dreaming
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