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  1. greetings fellow user hsa! not sure if u think saying that u forgot abt the way dates work exonerates u from the reality that i've stayed up and waited for u to meet at our agreed upon time of 3:30 AM fri but u have indeed failed to show up as a result of ur disability in understanding "the way dates and times work" :'(
  3. unfortunately i happen to work as a gravedigger during nights (or early mornings? haha xD) and my shifts starts exactly at 3:30 am and ends at 6:30 am! what a shame! therefore unless u we can agree upon a time to play during which normal human beings r up and awake, with great regret, my hands will be forced to claim act for ur scheduling to play right around now and then subsequently dipping on me last second :'(
  5. i wish u the best of luck! :D
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