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  2. [h1] Previous Teams [/h1]
  4. ːprojectileː[b]SafeZone          (Me, RYZ, SirClucker, Mystic Robot, relentL3SS ) [/b]
  5. ːprojectileː[b]illusion               (Me, Unlimited, Stormz, Jep, Charlie, Zero ) [/b]
  6. ːprojectileː[b]Equinox.UK       (Me, RYZ, SirClucker, Unlimited, Stormz ) [/b]
  7. ːprojectileː[b]illusion               (Me, Unlimited, Stormz, Hellex, eastarejosh ) [/b]
  8. ːprojectileː[b]illusion               (Me, Unlimited, Stormz, eastarejosh, RYZ, SirClucker ) [/b]
  9. ːprojectileː[b]illusion               (Me, Unlimited, Stormz, SirClucker, FaDe, Sacrifice ) [/b]
  10. ːprojectileː[b]VIPER eSports  (Me, SirClucker, JuX4L, Taco, Kian4K, Mitchun ) [/b]
  11. ːprojectileː[b]TrueDauntless   (Me, SirClucker, Taco, Quipz, ??? ) [/b]
  12. ːprojectileː[b]VIPER eSports  (Me, SirClucker, Taco, Mitchun, AyD1N) [/b]
  13. ːprojectileː[b]Blazin eSports   (Me, SirClucker, AyD1N, Makk, Lozah, Alercan ) [/b]
  14. ːprojectileː[b]TrueDauntless   (Me, SirClucker, Makk, Unlimited, matt ) [/b]
  15. ːprojectileː[b]TrueDauntless   (Me, SirClucker, matt, Kr0nos, v1king, wiekzR) [/b]
  16. ːprojectileː[b]ILMD.org           (Me, SirClucker, xdeie, Steelinio, Void ) [/b]
  17. ːprojectileː[b]Synapse            (Me, haza, Switcher, Rand, ezkiMO, Megiumum, Lavalele ) [/b]
  18. ːprojectileː[b]VIPER.EU         (Me, JuX4L, Taco, AyD1N, zNiak ) [/b]
  19. ːprojectileː[b]VIPER.EU         (Me, Exhile, walterP, TeNsE, DoKoTa) [/b]
  20. ːprojectileː[b]VIPER.EU         (Me, Exhile, TeNsE, DoKoTa, Fille) [/b]
  21. ːprojectileː[b]Xinity EU B        (Me, Kydo, NANO, Jinzo, Oleg) [/b]
  22. ːprojectileː[b]Xinity EU B        (Me, Kydo, NANO, Jinzo, djorro) [/b]
  23. ːprojectileː[b]TrueDauntless   (Me, Kydo, NANO, Jinzo, djorro) [/b]
  24. ːprojectileː[b]TrueDauntless   (Me, NANO, Jinzo, djorro, v1king) [/b]
  25. ːprojectileː[b]VIPER.EU         (Me, NANO, Jinzo, djorro, v1king) [/b]
  26. ːprojectileː[b]VIPER.EU         (Me, NANO, v1king, Makk, dyzie-) [/b]
  27. ːprojectileː[b]VIPER.EU         (Me, NANO, v1king, Makk, JuX4L) [/b]
  28. ːprojectileː[b]Vague                (Me, Holtie, Quad, mell0, Szabo) [/b]
  29. ːprojectileː[b]Vague                (Me, Holtie, mell0, Szabo, Jesse,) [/b]
  30. ːprojectileː[b]Vague                (Me, Holtie, Szabo, Jesse, KOGGGYYYY) [/b]
  31. ːprojectileː[b]FFC                   (Me. Faite. Exhile, oTyl3r, milena)[/b]
  32. ːprojectileː[b]UnderTake.gg    (Me. Faite. Exhile, oTyl3r, milena)[/b]
  33. ːprojectileː[b]Team Nethron    (Me. dxsp. Dreww, Curse, kARMA)[/b]
  34. ːprojectileː[b]Team Cypher     (Me. dxsp. Dreww, Curse, kARMA)[/b]
  35. ːprojectileː[b]Team Nethron    (Me. dxsp. Dreww, kARMA, sh0tekk)[/b]
  36. ːprojectileː[b]OP.Vortex           (Me. coxy. Angry 21, s1ck, Smunkin)[/b]
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