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Sep 6th, 2015
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  1. - Remove HIVE functionality (done)
  2. - Finish Account Sys (HIVE functionality removed, needs triggers adding)
  3. - Finish Cinematic Sys (Few bugs to remove)
  4. - Extend the log manager from the server to the client (for debugging purposes)
  5. - Finish the console command manager (Nearly done)
  6. - Add export functionality?
  7. - Create a dummy resource for users to create their own scripts (and possibly have them added to the gamemode)
  8. - Create general interactions (stores, housing, cinemas, etc..)
  9. - Consider that a release maybe?
  11. - Collect feedback, along with bug reports and suggestions.
  12. - Fix bugs, optimise performance based on reports
  13. - Extend the system to accept extensions.
  14. - Extend the system to automatically send script errors to our network (So we can fix those pesky bugs before you report it to us)
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