Silver Song [Pg Rogue 5/5]

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  1. Name: Silver Song
  3. Gender: Female
  5. Race: Pegasus
  6.     Pegasus Flight: Pegasi can fly, and get a +1 bonus to actively evade and dodge midair. Flight is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  7.     Bounce: passive;  You hate spending too much time in one place, and are always itching to fly at a moment’s notice.  Takeoff is instant and automatic.
  9. Class: Rogue
  11. Skills:
  13.     (1) Rupture: recharge 1, weapon; Cut a target and leave them bleeding. For the next two turns they take 1 more hit of damage from all weapon attacks.
  15.     (2) Blind: recharge 1 after effect ends; Temporarily blinds an enemy, giving a +2 bonus to all rolls targeting it for 2 turns. Can also be used to block sight of cameras, guards, and other visual reliant objects.
  17.     (2) Sleep Serum: recharge 3, weapon; Hit your target with a weapon coated in a sleeping concoction. Any unaware target is knocked helpless in one hit. Targets actively engaged in combat might only be temporarily dazed, going helpless for a single turn or suffering movement disabilities. If successful, this doesn’t break stealth.
  19. Special Talent:
  20.     Shifty business: Traveling quickly and quietly around The Echoes requires a subtle touch, difficult, but not impossible. Gain the skill stealth.
  21.     [1] Stealth: Fade from sight. Enemies cannot attack you until you reveal yourself. An attack used in stealth Autocrits.
  23. Trained talent:
  25.     Nobility's touch: Being polite and proper, Silver Song can charm a room with her training as an heiress. +2 to persuasion. targets rendered helpless suffer -1 to persuasion resist.
  27. Enlightened Talent:
  31. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  33. EP: 2pts
  35. Weapon and inventory:
  36.     Mag Daggers [Dual]: Silver Song carries a pair of sliver shivs, small, wickedly sharp blades controlled by a belt addon, allowing the user to move them as if by magic. Too thin to cut deep, the blades instead draw blood quickly.
  38.     Toxins belt [Catalyst]: a bulky leather case on her belt, containing vials of poisons and bleeding agents for use on her shivs.
  40.     Journal: simple black book kept on her person, unassuming if one isn't aware of the contents.
  41.     Ink: Silver Song's shivs are thin enough to act as quills, dipping into ink to jot notes into her journal
  43.     -disassembled tent
  44.     -firestarter kit
  45.     -hunting knife
  46.     -oil lantern
  48.     Tailoring kit[catalyst]: a small bag containing needles, spools of thread, dye, cloth, etc. Useful for patching old outfits and, with some material, fashion new ones!
  50.     EASTERNER'S JAMBIYA: passive; +1 to Backstab and Rupture while wielding this weapon
  51.         A small dagger with a curved blade. A popular option for Eastern assassins, the deadly jambiya is easily concealable, and made for piercing vital organs.
  53.     Exorcist's Tanto: ">single, +1 to attack rolls. +2 hits dealt vs incorporeal enemies
  54. >The weapon of choice of an Eastern wraith hunter. Possesses a unique enchantment allowing it to put all sorts of spirits to rest."
  56. A fleshy, shapeless black mushroom known as Monk's Cowl. It serves well for "alacrity draughts" according to Carnifex's notes, whatever that means.
  58. A sprig of Scatterwort, which is a nondescript plant with six-pronged leaves and yellow flowers. Seems to be used in a poison that burns and itches painfully, as if attacked by a horde of ants.
  60. A vial of nectar from a Moonflower, a semi rare plant that, paradoxically, only blooms under moonlight. It is brilliant white with rounded petals. The nectar seems to act as a pheromone, attracting all manner of wild animals.
  62. Character Traits:
  64. - Heiress of Dominion Rails, a Levin-based manufacturer of railway and transport equipment for the Alicorn Dominion. Currently Owned by the ailing Brass Tacks, Silver Song's father, and operated by her brother Silver Mark
  66. - Claims to have been wrongly banished to The Echoes, her father arranging the sentence after she refused to wed a politically-connected suitor.
  68. - well-practiced with her daggers despite her noble upbringing, with a preference to poison and bleed her targets as opposed to a proper fight
  70. - Keeps a journal with her, a diary she calls it. Very protective of the contents, despite her casual treatment of the book.
  72. - Polite and refined, as a noblemare of her upbringing should be
  74. - Her only goal is to escape The Echoes and to return to her prodigious position in the Dominion, continuing her business unhindered
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