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  1. Good morning, my name is Leonardo Souza, I am Brazilian and fan of FreeBSD, as well as PC-BSD and therefore founder of MundoFreeBSD site (http://mundofreebsd.com.br), focused site on FreeBSD 100% content including PC-BSD and PFSense. My desire is to spread as much as possible this platform and make more people know the system.
  3. In my native language there are specialized sites on FreeBSD or PC-BSD and has updated documentation often. For this very reason with frequency search in other languages. For this reason I would like to make two requests:
  5. 1 - would like to receive materials (in any language) on the PC-BSD and FreeBSD so you can translate, edit and publish the World FreeBSD, and so disclose more about this platform. Of course, the credits will be properly directed.
  7. 2 - My English is not good enough to understand the videos, but would like to understand everything that is spoken. There is the possibility of writing at least the main points of the videos? I would love to translate them and publish them in MundoFreeBSD.
  9. I will be very happy in a positive response.
  11. Desda I thank the attention.
  13. Long live the FreeBSD family!
  15. Leonardo Souza
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