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  1. Reannner: I'm fucking sick of your shit. k? k, STOP making everyone like you STOP making it seem like you're so innocent and STOP going for all my friends. Me and arynn and Kati are fucking pissed off at you to the point We never want to see you again.
  2. Reannner: I'm sorry but I'm not dealing with this any longer
  3. Guest_ROFLhaus: :o
  4. ixAlyiahixAlyiah Whisper: ._. are you kidding me
  5. LelyLely Whisper whispers: wat happened
  6. Reannner: You hurt Arynn
  7. ReannnerReannner : You hurt Kati
  8. Reannner: You hurt me
  9. Reannner: If you fucking hurt Aly
  10. Reannner: I swear
  11. Reannner: You're dead
  12. Guest_EpicMiner62: WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DO THAT I LOVE HER >:L
  13. Reannner: OH
  14. Guest_ROFLhaus: O_O
  15. Reannner: YOU LOVE HER
  16. Reannner: K
  18. Reannner: LOL
  19. Reannner: WHAT 2 DAYS?
  20. Reannner: TOPS?
  21. DannixD3: O.o
  22. DannixD3: I am so fucking lost here.
  23. Reannner: Astrid? Hm? Ring a fucking bell
  24. Reannner: OH BELL?
  25. Reannner: SHE RING A BELL TOO?
  26. Lely: Shh Danni i'm watching. idk either
  27. Guest_EpicMiner62: she left me I didnt leave her
  28. Reannner: Mhm
  29. Reannner: Kyle I'm sorry
  30. Reannner: But I just can't take it
  31. ixAlyiah: Are you serios right now reanna ._.
  32. ixAlyiah: woooow.
  33. Reannner: He hurt me
  34. Reannner: Arynn
  35. Reannner: And my BEST friend Kti
  36. Reannner: Kati
  37. Reannner: So stop aly
  38. Reannner: Stop defending him like he's a goodie goodie fucking two shoes
  39. Reannner: and open your eyes
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