DF Game Club: Ice Station Santa (part 2 plus devchat)

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  1. 6:59:00 am Syd: Hey DaveG!
  2. 6:59:00 am Cheeseness: Hey DaveG
  3. 6:59:03 am Heather: Hullo Dave!
  4. 6:59:10 am DaveG: Hey everybody!
  5. 6:59:16 am DaveG: Hi Heather, Hi jared!
  6. 6:59:18 am Cheeseness: Jared's here too, but I think he's afk at the moment
  7. 6:59:27 am Heather: Yay Jared!
  8. 6:59:31 am DaveG: afk?
  9. 6:59:37 am Cheeseness: Away from keyboard
  10. 6:59:44 am DaveG: Aha!
  11. 6:59:47 am Heather: really Dave?
  12. 6:59:50 am BadAsp: Hey everyone
  13. 6:59:57 am DaveG: (A fine kid)
  14. 7:00:04 am Syd: *pokes JaredE-J*
  15. 7:00:09 am DaveG: (Awfully freaking kickass)
  16. 7:00:36 am Heather: Jared is so rad.
  17. 7:00:44 am Cheeseness: Alrighty, I'm going to get the stream up and happening. There might be a slightly longer delay than usual
  18. 7:00:53 am DaveG: Let's talk about him until he gets back.
  19. 7:00:56 am Cheeseness: But hopefully the quality will be a little better 
  20. 7:01:06 am Heather: He's a super nice guy
  21. 7:01:06 am Syd: He's an awesome dude who makes awesome music.
  22. 7:01:07 am Cheeseness: That Jared does some awesome work
  23. 7:01:14 am Heather: and a brilliant composer
  24. 7:01:15 am JaredE-J: Hey all!
  25. 7:01:19 am JaredE-J: JEJ is in the house
  26. 7:01:21 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, summoned by compliments
  27. 7:01:22 am JaredE-J: as they say
  28. 7:01:22 am Syd: There he is!
  29. 7:01:23 am Heather: And so fun to work with
  30. 7:01:24 am DaveG: Hi man!
  31. 7:01:26 am Heather: oh hi!
  32. 7:01:32 am Sven_Q45: Hi Jared.
  33. 7:01:39 am DaveG: The man is a machine.
  34. tadej [] entered the room. (7:01:42 am)
  35. 7:01:46 am DaveG: Make request, receive music.
  36. 7:01:51 am Heather: Dude I was so sick from those cloves the day after we hung out at GDC
  37. 7:01:58 am Heather: I didn't even have a whole one!
  38. 7:02:15 am Cheeseness: Hi tadej
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  40. 7:02:17 am DaveG: Cloves? Is that a thing again?
  41. 7:02:21 am Heather: No
  42. 7:02:24 am Heather: no cloves
  43. 7:02:26 am Heather: just kidding
  44. 7:02:28 am DaveG: Thank goodness.
  45. 7:02:31 am Heather: >whistling<
  46. 7:02:36 am Syd: There is nothing to not live about Ice Station Santa. 
  47. 7:02:39 am JaredE-J: Rolling junior high style
  48. 7:02:40 am Syd: *love
  49. 7:02:51 am Heather: Ice Station Santa is great
  50. 7:02:52 am Cheeseness: Let's appreciate this lovely artwork
  51. 7:03:01 am Heather: you did the first half already right?
  52. 7:03:06 am Heather: I am not seeing anything
  53. 7:03:07 am Sven_Q45: Yes
  54. 7:03:07 am Syd: Yeah, we're doing the second half now
  55. 7:03:14 am Heather: My twitch says offline
  56. 7:03:26 am Cheeseness: Pause and play if you don't see it
  57. 7:03:26 am Syd: if you need a direct link
  58. 7:03:30 am Cheeseness: Or that
  59. 7:03:35 am DaveG: I hear faraway sirens and see the save/load screen
  60. 7:03:38 am Cheeseness: Just make sure to leave the chat open as well 
  61. 7:03:39 am Syd: and make sure stuff like flash isn't being blocked by your browser
  62. 7:03:53 am Sven_Q45: Yes it was off.
  63. 7:04:11 am Heather: Ok I have it.  There is a twitch video
  64. 7:04:18 am Cheeseness: Woo
  65. 7:04:27 am Heather: Ok now I see our heroes
  66. 7:04:36 am DaveG: Oh good, me too
  67. 7:04:38 am Heather: And hear noise but have you started playing?
  68. 7:04:46 am DaveG: Hey, there's some of Jared's music!
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  70. 7:04:57 am Heather: Man that guy Jared...
  71. 7:05:01 am Heather: what a badass
  72. 7:05:05 am Cheeseness: JaredE-J: How much did you rely on Sam & Max's established musical style for coming up with the key themes across the season
  73. GameClubFan_571935 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:05:05 am)
  74. 7:05:09 am Sven_Q45: I love the street music.
  75. 7:05:37 am JaredE-J: The stuff for season one was very much taken from the style of the stuff in Hit the Road
  76. 7:05:43 am DaveG: I wish Brendan was here.
  77. 7:05:44 am Syd: You can also try a different browser if the tips we posted didn't work and you still can't see the stream
  78. 7:05:51 am JaredE-J: with some additional influence from some other stuff
  79. 7:05:53 am Heather: ok hold on
  80. 7:05:56 am JaredE-J: like the Touch of Evil score and etc.
  81. 7:06:11 am JaredE-J: and then as it developed it pulled from more and more
  82. 7:06:14 am Cheeseness: WHEEEE
  83. 7:06:26 am JaredE-J: so by the end of season three we had a pretty wide sound
  84. HeatherL [] entered the room. (7:06:40 am)
  85. 7:06:43 am Cheeseness: New location on the street!
  86. 7:06:44 am JaredE-J: ...but yeah, it's all grounded in the stuff Peter, Mike, and Clint did in the LEC game
  87. 7:06:48 am Cheeseness: Hey Heather
  88. Heather left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:06:50 am)
  89. 7:06:56 am JaredE-J: hahah
  90. 7:06:56 am Syd: Any better now?
  91. 7:06:58 am HeatherL: Ok
  92. 7:06:59 am JaredE-J: "hi heather" heather quit
  93. 7:07:05 am HeatherL: Chrome for the win
  94. 7:07:09 am Cheeseness: Woo \o/
  95. 7:07:11 am Syd: Haha, love the COPS
  96. 7:07:12 am JaredE-J: hahaha
  97. 7:07:12 am JaredE-J: god
  98. 7:07:17 am Cheeseness: Those COPS have great voies
  99. 7:07:20 am JaredE-J: I haven't heard these voices in awhile
  100. 7:07:21 am Cheeseness: 
  101. 7:07:24 am JaredE-J: thank-ee
  102. 7:07:26 am HeatherL: As I recall, Jared freakin loved these guys
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  104. 7:07:31 am JaredE-J: I still do
  105. 7:07:42 am BadAsp: They're very cool
  106. 7:07:46 am JaredE-J: the synth voice is a voice that Jake and I did all the time in High School
  107. 7:07:47 am Cheeseness: Bluster Blaster makes me think of Grenda from Gravity Falls
  108. 7:07:59 am JaredE-J: back and forth forever because we were (are) weirdos
  109. 7:08:05 am HeatherL: yes
  110. 7:08:09 am Cheeseness: 
  111. 7:08:12 am HeatherL: but wonderful weirdos
  112. 7:08:14 am Syd: I think I heard Jake doing Curt's voice on an Idle Thumbs episode a while back
  113. 7:08:16 am JaredE-J: God, that BB voice
  114. 7:08:30 am Cheeseness: Bluster Blaster became a runaway favourite IIRC
  115. 7:08:33 am JaredE-J: You can't tell because it's processed but it was basically me screaming as loud as I possibly could
  116. 7:08:41 am Sven_Q45: Positive crazy. :SD
  117. 7:08:41 am Cheeseness: I love that he got into season 3
  118. 7:08:43 am Sven_Q45: 
  119. 7:08:50 am JaredE-J: to the point where I basically had to lay down every 10 minutes or so
  120. 7:08:56 am HeatherL: hahahah
  121. 7:08:58 am JaredE-J: with a pounding in my brain
  122. 7:09:08 am Cheeseness: >_<
  123. 7:09:13 am HeatherL: Did you abide by union rules?
  124. 7:09:15 am HeatherL: 
  125. 7:09:21 am DaveG: (thus causing us to want to write lots more dialog for him)
  126. 7:09:34 am JaredE-J: ha, almost certainly not
  127. 7:09:41 am Cheeseness: DaveG and HeatherL: For this season, what things did you hope to achieve above the first season, and how did you go about approaching that?
  128. 7:09:45 am JaredE-J: I loved it
  129. 7:10:01 am Cheeseness: Bob's subtitle colours are terrible
  130. 7:10:04 am DaveG: More awesome ness.
  131. 7:10:06 am DaveG: Funnier.
  132. 7:10:15 am HeatherL: Yeah
  133. 7:10:20 am Cheeseness: Alrighty, here we go. I'm sure this will be easy
  134. 7:10:30 am HeatherL: we wanted to get them away from the street
  135. 7:10:39 am HeatherL: and make things weirder
  136. 7:10:55 am JaredE-J: Mission accomplished
  137. 7:11:08 am HeatherL: I know "weirder" was definitely one of our main missions
  138. 7:11:21 am Sven_Q45: One of the best things in this game is riding this car
  139. 7:11:27 am JaredE-J: From a musical perspective, I really really liked how season two took on a different genre in each episode
  140. 7:11:29 am JaredE-J: at least generally
  141. 7:11:42 am Cheeseness: THat sort of carried across into season 3, right?
  142. 7:11:50 am HeatherL: also for this game we were more conscious from the very beginning of the how the season and character arcs would go
  143. 7:11:57 am DaveG: Rejuvenating the driving part was something we wanted to do for this season. It had gotten a little old in season one.
  144. JaredE-J left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:12:14 am)
  145. 7:12:25 am HeatherL: Yeah we tried to find different ways to use stuff we already had
  146. 7:12:37 am Syd: Remember, Cheeseness, you can run now!
  147. 7:12:45 am Cheeseness: Shh, I'm trying to draw this out
  148. 7:12:46 am HeatherL: Oh yeah, running!
  149. 7:12:50 am DaveG: Remember when we told them we wanted to move the buildings around on the street?
  150. 7:12:50 am Cheeseness: Also, running!
  151. JaredE-J [] entered the room. (7:12:52 am)
  152. 7:12:53 am Sven_Q45: Run for it! 
  153. 7:12:55 am HeatherL: yeah!
  154. 7:12:58 am Cheeseness: Welcome back, JaredE-J
  155. 7:13:01 am HeatherL: It was awesome!
  156. 7:13:06 am JaredE-J: Sorry, dunno what happened
  157. 7:13:13 am Cheeseness: What was the response to moving buildings?
  158. 7:13:17 am HeatherL: Basically anytime we said "hey lets change this!" people would faint
  159. 7:13:32 am DaveG: It was a hard sell - it was work to move them, but it made the navigation much nicer.
  160. 7:13:33 am Cheeseness: 
  161. 7:13:46 am Cheeseness: And it opened up the rest of the street
  162. 7:13:52 am HeatherL: Yeah for sure
  163. 7:13:56 am DaveG: There was definitely a mood of "but we're not adding anything by moving them..."
  164. 7:14:00 am HeatherL: I designed this part!
  165. 7:14:05 am Cheeseness: Yay
  166. 7:14:18 am Syd: Time for some Punch-Out. 
  167. 7:14:19 am DaveG: PunchOut!
  168. 7:14:27 am HeatherL: I did many of the mini-games and puzzles
  169. 7:14:33 am JaredE-J: The incomparable Bill Storkson wailing on the guitar part here
  170. 7:14:36 am HeatherL: And I always was trying to get more put in
  171. 7:14:37 am HeatherL: LOL
  172. 7:14:46 am Sven_Q45: Don´t like minigames.... 
  173. 7:14:47 am HeatherL: Those are my favorite parts
  174. 7:14:55 am HeatherL: you are fired from this chat...LOL
  175. 7:14:57 am Syd: The music even sounds suspiciously similar to the Punch Out music, hehe.
  176. 7:15:00 am Cheeseness: Whose voice is this?
  177. 7:15:04 am HeatherL: Oh I guess you can stay
  178. 7:15:12 am JaredE-J: Ha, yes.
  179. 7:15:14 am JaredE-J: The announcer voice?
  180. 7:15:21 am DaveG: We were still taking some flack for not being very "gamey" in those days.
  181. 7:15:28 am HeatherL: Yes
  182. 7:15:35 am HeatherL: It was a hard line
  183. 7:15:42 am Cheeseness: 
  184. 7:15:42 am HeatherL: we had the adventure game die hards
  185. 7:15:44 am JaredE-J: I *think* it's Terry McGovern
  186. 7:15:46 am Cheeseness: Telltale still gets that
  187. 7:15:59 am HeatherL: and then we had the people who didn't understand adventure games
  188. 7:16:24 am JaredE-J: ...but it may be Doug Boyd
  189. 7:16:35 am HeatherL: I don't remember
  190. 7:16:48 am DaveG: I'm sure it was whoever had time at the end of the hour to do it.
  191. 7:16:48 am Cheeseness: Winnar
  192. 7:17:07 am Sven_Q45: It´s a shame about TTG.  For me you can make 1000 Sam and Max games. 
  193. 7:17:10 am DaveG: WMD joke! Topical.
  194. 7:17:21 am Cheeseness: "Do a flip!"
  195. Schir [] entered the room. (7:17:25 am)
  196. 7:17:37 am Cheeseness: Hi Schir
  197. 7:17:41 am JaredE-J: That is a really great line
  198. 7:17:58 am HeatherL: Actually I think I designed the boxing...sorry if I mis-claim anything, sometimes I have the memory of a dried trout
  199. 7:17:59 am JaredE-J: "Your suicide causation rate suggests otherwise."
  200. 7:17:59 am Cheeseness: Max's lines here are pretty good 
  201. 7:18:12 am JaredE-J: It was like 8 years ago!
  202. 7:18:16 am HeatherL: There was some super great writing in this
  203. 7:18:33 am HeatherL: Yeah it was.  My 7 year old daughter is watching over my shoulder right now.
  204. 7:18:38 am HeatherL: She's never seen this. 
  205. 7:18:47 am HeatherL: She liked the boxing betty part
  206. 7:18:47 am Cheeseness: Hi Heather's daughter!
  207. 7:18:57 am HeatherL: Her name is Celia
  208. 7:19:01 am HeatherL: Wow
  209. 7:19:03 am Sven_Q45: Hi Heather's daughter! 
  210. Schir left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:19:08 am)
  211. 7:19:19 am Sven_Q45: Rising up with adventure games is a good thing. 
  212. 7:19:21 am HeatherL: The third game of this season was about when I went on maternity leave to have her
  213. 7:19:26 am HeatherL: Holy smokes
  214. 7:19:35 am JaredE-J: But you were instrumental in the creation of Jürgen, yes?
  215. 7:19:39 am JaredE-J: Thank you for that.
  216. 7:19:41 am JaredE-J: Thank you.
  217. 7:19:43 am HeatherL: Ja
  218. 7:19:45 am HeatherL: hahahahah
  219. 7:19:45 am Cheeseness: 
  220. 7:19:47 am JaredE-J: Jaaaa
  221. 7:19:48 am HeatherL: Dude.
  222. 7:19:51 am HeatherL: That episode
  223. 7:20:00 am Sven_Q45: The best episode. 
  224. 7:20:20 am HeatherL: I think that, out of all the Sam & Max, that one felt like the one I had the most input in
  225. 7:20:24 am Cheeseness: Macrohard
  226. 7:20:57 am Sven_Q45: HeatherL That´s good.
  227. 7:21:13 am JaredE-J: Specs agrees
  228. 7:21:52 am Cheeseness: So we have to get Bosco to ignore the box that has the last figure in it
  229. 7:21:58 am HeatherL: I wish I remembered all the actors' names
  230. 7:22:00 am JaredE-J: The late, great Michael Whitwell on the trumpet part here.
  231. 7:22:01 am Cheeseness: This episode has some fun pacing
  232. 7:22:07 am Syd: JaredE-J: Thanks for uploading some of the old Sam & Max tracks to your website!
  233. 7:22:11 am JaredE-J: Which actor, Heather
  234. 7:22:13 am Cheeseness: Yes, thank you!
  235. 7:22:14 am JaredE-J: Oh yeah for sure!
  236. 7:22:16 am HeatherL: Celia says "Bosco's mean, he's never going to sell anything"
  237. 7:22:20 am JaredE-J: I'm really enjoying going through stuff again
  238. 7:22:22 am JaredE-J: and sharing
  239. 7:22:26 am HeatherL: All of them...LOL
  240. 7:22:35 am HeatherL: Ok, so maybe you went over this last time
  241. 7:22:57 am HeatherL: but the look of the North Pole was totally inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing
  242. 7:23:20 am Cheeseness: JaredE-J: Were you aware of the season 3 soundtrack forum thread?
  243. 7:23:36 am HeatherL: I loved how everything turned out in the North Pole
  244. 7:23:41 am JaredE-J: Bosco is Joey Camen, Specs is Doug Boyd I think, Peepers is Peter Barto, Whizzer is Michael Barett
  245. 7:23:47 am Syd: I like the music in the workshop. 
  246. 7:23:53 am JaredE-J: I am aware
  247. 7:24:01 am HeatherL: Oh yeah, Joey Camen was so awesome
  248. 7:24:02 am JaredE-J: I would love to release a soundtrack of season three more than any of you, I promise!
  249. 7:24:09 am JaredE-J: It may happen someday
  250. 7:24:09 am Cheeseness: We understand 
  251. 7:24:11 am Sven_Q45: Syd As I said last week me too.
  252. 7:24:18 am JaredE-J: Every now and again I bring it up again with the powers that be
  253. 7:24:34 am DaveG: I'll buy one.
  254. 7:24:45 am JaredE-J: The crazy thing is that we went and made soundtrack masters for everything so it's pretty much all ready to go
  255. 7:25:03 am JaredE-J: It's an ongoing discussion, that is for sure
  256. 7:25:04 am Cheeseness: Right, Jake had said that when we first did the first episode of the first season
  257. 7:25:09 am HeatherL: That's show business Jared!
  258. 7:25:10 am JaredE-J: Yeah 
  259. 7:25:14 am JaredE-J: 'its
  260. 7:25:15 am JaredE-J: 'tis
  261. 7:25:42 am DaveG: I love that sign. "Happy elves make happy toys."
  262. 7:25:48 am HeatherL: The storyline for this episode was really fun to design
  263. 7:25:57 am JaredE-J: The time stuff in the back half is the best
  264. 7:26:16 am JaredE-J: That type of mechanic is always my favorite thing in all adventure games
  265. 7:26:19 am JaredE-J: i.e. DOTT
  266. 7:26:32 am JaredE-J: and the 4 reelsstuff in episode two of season three
  267. 7:26:35 am Cheeseness: Yeah, I love the time travel stuff in this season
  268. 7:26:51 am JaredE-J: The non chronological puzzling
  269. 7:26:52 am DaveG: And unbelievably, we were already setting it up in this episode.
  270. 7:26:56 am HeatherL: Oh man, the stuff Brendan came up with I couldn't even keep track of it
  271. 7:26:58 am JaredE-J: Oh yeah big time
  272. 7:27:03 am JaredE-J: the past, present, future stuff
  273. 7:27:16 am HeatherL: Not unbelieveably!  We totally had a plan!
  274. 7:27:20 am DaveG: The alternate versions of yourselves was particularly baffling.
  275. 7:27:30 am Sven_Q45: THEY
  276. 7:27:35 am DaveG: We did have a plan! That's the unbelievable part.
  277. 7:27:36 am JaredE-J: Brendan is a non linear guru
  278. 7:27:41 am JaredE-J: haha yes
  279. 7:27:46 am HeatherL: Oh yeah, conspiracy theory Bosco!
  280. 7:27:57 am Cheeseness: I missed Bosco in season 3
  281. 7:27:58 am Sven_Q45: I love CT.
  282. 7:28:07 am Sven_Q45: Me too!
  283. 7:28:07 am JaredE-J: I wish I'd made snow skid sfx
  284. 7:28:12 am JaredE-J: apologies all around
  285. 7:28:16 am HeatherL: Speak for yourself, Dave, I always have a plan!  
  286. 7:28:25 am HeatherL: (LOLs)
  287. 7:28:57 am HeatherL: actually, I have to say that one thing the design/writing team was really great at (even for season 1) was retroactively looking like we had a plan
  288. 7:29:13 am HeatherL: tying threads together
  289. 7:29:27 am Syd: Nothing quite like a nice traditional xmas exorcism.
  290. 7:29:30 am DaveG: Yes. Calling back to stuff we hadn't actually intended to call back to.
  291. 7:29:44 am DaveG: Xmas is all about ceremony...
  292. 7:29:47 am HeatherL: We were pretty much geniouses.  
  293. 7:29:53 am JaredE-J: That is the secret to all good serial writing though
  294. 7:29:59 am HeatherL: I love the kids exorcism kit
  295. 7:30:10 am HeatherL: I mean, we DID have plans
  296. 7:30:13 am HeatherL: plans within plans
  297. 7:30:14 am Cheeseness: I love the dots you need to connect to make the song here work
  298. 7:30:20 am JaredE-J: I recorded the vocals for this really early in the morning
  299. 7:30:26 am Cheeseness: Oh, I haven't read the box yet
  300. 7:30:27 am JaredE-J: which is why I sound like I just woke up
  301. 7:30:29 am flesk: Do commissions for Telltale take up most of your time, JaredE-J, or is that just a small part of what you do?
  302. 7:30:37 am Sven_Q45: take b!!
  303. 7:30:38 am JaredE-J: It's most of my time
  304. 7:30:39 am Sven_Q45: 
  305. 7:30:41 am JaredE-J: I'd say 80%
  306. 7:30:46 am JaredE-J: Especially these days
  307. 7:30:50 am HeatherL: but we also made stuff up as we went and brought other things back in
  308. 7:30:52 am DaveG: I remember that taqueria. I ate there all the time.
  309. 7:30:53 am JaredE-J: Juggling GoT and TftBL
  310. 7:30:56 am JaredE-J: and future stuff
  311. 7:31:07 am Cheeseness: Back To The Future stuff if we're lucky
  312. 7:31:10 am flesk: I can imagine with their increased output of games the last few years.
  313. 7:31:20 am HeatherL: When I first met you you were working on America's Army, right?
  314. 7:31:37 am JaredE-J: Yeah I think so
  315. 7:31:41 am JaredE-J: That was around the same time as bone
  316. 7:31:58 am JaredE-J: I still do a lot of little things
  317. 7:32:00 am JaredE-J: for mobile projects
  318. 7:32:03 am Cheeseness: DaveG, HeatherL, JaredE-J: What are your favourite episodes of Sam & Max?
  319. 7:32:07 am JaredE-J: but they tend to be small in scope
  320. 7:32:11 am DaveG: Hm...
  321. 7:32:29 am HeatherL: Reality 2.0 and this one and Night of the Raving Dead
  322. 7:32:42 am Cheeseness: I love the twist here that Santa isn't really possessed
  323. 7:32:45 am DaveG: I liked the one at the TV studio, what was the title of that one?
  324. 7:32:55 am Sven_Q45: Night of the Raving dead of course. 
  325. 7:32:55 am HeatherL: Oh that one was pretty good
  326. 7:33:04 am HeatherL: oh I liked the last one of Season 1
  327. 7:33:10 am HeatherL: YES
  328. 7:33:13 am DaveG: Somehow it all just felt cohesive. Cohesive in a weird Sam & Max way.
  329. 7:33:17 am JaredE-J: In no particular order...The Penal Zone, City That Dares Not Sleep, Chariots of the Dogs, Ice Station Santa, Mob Mole Meatball, Reality 2.0
  330. 7:33:18 am HeatherL: SHAMBLING CORPORATE PRESENCE
  331. 7:33:19 am Syd: DaveG: Situation: Comedy?
  332. 7:33:28 am Cheeseness: Situation: Comedy, yeah
  333. 7:33:37 am HeatherL: So this guy was great
  334. 7:33:38 am DaveG: Right! Of course.
  335. 7:33:54 am HeatherL: You recall he appeared first in Reality 2.0
  336. 7:33:58 am JaredE-J: Season Two was a lot of fun on the whole because each episode was taking on a different genre thing
  337. 7:33:59 am JaredE-J: musically
  338. 7:34:02 am JaredE-J: so it was a lot of fun variety
  339. 7:34:15 am DaveG: (Kudos to Heather on that whole text adventure part at the end of Reality 2.0...)
  340. 7:34:19 am HeatherL: and he was never really supposed to have a visual design
  341. 7:34:24 am HeatherL: aww thanks Dave
  342. 7:34:28 am JaredE-J: demon xmas, island party, gothic disco, space time travel, hell
  343. 7:34:51 am HeatherL: We designed the text adventure to deal with stuff that you couldn't visually represent
  344. 7:35:01 am Sven_Q45: Yes but Season 3 was the most advanced. 
  345. 7:35:02 am JaredE-J: The whole 70s/80s aesthetic of season three was a hell of a lot of fun
  346. 7:35:18 am DaveG: I always imagined the shambling corporate presence as much larger and more horrible. A Lovecraftian thing the size of a WalMart.
  347. {Stone} left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 188 seconds). (7:35:24 am)
  348. 7:35:39 am JaredE-J: Musically it was more of a singular thematic thing across the season
  349. 7:35:48 am HeatherL: so in this episode when we wanted to use the shambling corporate presence as an actual character onscreen Dave Bogan and I had a lot of fun designing it
  350. 7:35:48 am JaredE-J: plus we had 11 games of thematic content to pull from
  351. 7:36:16 am HeatherL: Yeah, Dave, giant Lovecraftian thing was kinda the idea
  352. 7:36:21 am JaredE-J: Terry McGovern
  353. 7:36:29 am JaredE-J: You all know him yes?
  354. 7:36:35 am DaveG: Yes
  355. 7:36:37 am Sven_Q45: Yeah the Xmas ghosts.
  356. 7:36:48 am HeatherL: I love these ghosts
  357. 7:36:56 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, the weed and dilithium crystals line
  358. 7:36:59 am JaredE-J: also Launchpad McQuack
  359. 7:37:11 am JaredE-J: and the "these aren't the droids you're looking for" stormtrooper from star wars
  360. 7:37:16 am HeatherL: I think Dave B. made the corporate presence goofier than I wanted
  361. 7:37:24 am HeatherL: or rather
  362. 7:37:30 am HeatherL: than I saw it in my mind
  363. JaredE-J left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:37:45 am)
  364. 7:37:52 am Sven_Q45: A always love that tree thing. 
  365. 7:37:53 am HeatherL: but it is consistent with the Sam & Max aesthetic and with Dave's aesthetic. 
  366. JaredE-J [] entered the room. (7:37:55 am)
  367. 7:38:08 am DaveG: I saw Terry McGovern in a stage presentation of Death and the Maiden, alongside former Telltale designer Greg Land. It was pretty great.
  368. 7:38:11 am HeatherL: I love the candy cane swirl
  369. 7:38:20 am HeatherL: Oh that's awesome!
  370. 7:38:24 am JaredE-J: Oh nice! That sounds fantastic.
  371. 7:38:36 am HeatherL: I miss Greg
  372. 7:39:02 am HeatherL: This part was inspired and awesome.
  373. 7:39:14 am HeatherL: The ghosts of Christmas past present and future
  374. BadAsp1 [] entered the room. (7:39:17 am)
  375. 7:39:19 am BadAsp1: Sorry about that
  376. 7:39:28 am HeatherL: Leonard!
  377. 7:39:36 am HeatherL: Boris!
  378. 7:39:50 am Cheeseness: Ahhh, the tourettes
  379. 7:40:09 am DaveG: Timmy's lines still crack me up.
  380. 7:40:09 am Syd: Haha, I forgot about that kid.
  381. 7:40:11 am HeatherL: This was Brendan
  382. 7:40:11 am JaredE-J: We had too much fun with the bleeping
  383. ASirrelle [] entered the room. (7:40:19 am)
  384. 7:40:30 am JaredE-J: It got to a point where we just started bleeping almost anything that woudl be funny
  385. 7:40:33 am JaredE-J: not just the cursing
  386. 7:40:42 am HeatherL: It was awesome working with Brendan, cuz he would get so worked up over his own jokes
  387. 7:41:06 am Cheeseness: And it ended up being pretty tame anyway, right?
  388. 7:41:11 am DaveG: I'm laughing my head off right now.
  389. 7:41:13 am HeatherL: and we would all be in our brainstorming meetings laughing so hard we were gasping for breath and crying
  390. 7:41:15 am Sven_Q45: lol
  391. ASirrelle left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:41:53 am)
  392. 7:42:21 am HeatherL: I'm had to explain the Timmy beeps to Celia
  393. BadAsp left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:42:21 am)
  394. 7:42:33 am HeatherL: I still don't think she gets it
  395. 7:42:38 am Sven_Q45: 
  396. 7:42:40 am Cheeseness: I guess that's a good thing 
  397. 7:43:07 am Cheeseness: Ha ha ha, "shrew"
  398. 7:43:29 am HeatherL: I liked this part because I always wanted more character devlopment
  399. 7:43:36 am HeatherL: I like character development
  400. 7:43:38 am HeatherL: 
  401. 7:43:44 am JaredE-J: So, you asked us...what are all of your favorite SnM episodes?
  402. 7:44:05 am JaredE-J: *your*
  403. 7:44:09 am HeatherL: Yeah your turn you guys
  404. 7:44:38 am Syd: Hmm, that's a tough choice...
  405. 7:44:49 am Sven_Q45: Dito.
  406. 7:45:02 am BadAsp1: I wish I would like any of them
  407. 7:45:05 am Syd: I really liked "What's New Beelzebub?"
  408. 7:45:05 am Sven_Q45: Well best game after Dott is Night of the Raving Dead. 
  409. 7:45:29 am HeatherL: I'm glad you liked that one. 
  410. 7:45:44 am Sven_Q45: Wich one?
  411. 7:45:54 am Cheeseness: They Stole Max's Brain was pretty sweet
  412. 7:45:55 am HeatherL: Night of the Raving Dead
  413. 7:46:08 am HeatherL: I feel a special kinship with you now. LOL
  414. 7:46:09 am Syd: I don't think I could pick a favorite in season 3. They all kind of merge together into one big game in my mind. 
  415. 7:46:10 am JaredE-J: What's New Beelzebub was a really satisfying resolution to everything else in the season for sure
  416. 7:46:11 am JaredE-J: it's on my list
  417. 7:46:16 am JaredE-J: Yeah agree
  418. 7:46:17 am JaredE-J: on s3
  419. 7:46:18 am Cheeseness: Also, I love that we're the ones that ruined Jimmy's christmas here
  420. 7:46:30 am Sven_Q45: It has a good reason, Heather. 
  421. 7:46:37 am HeatherL: Sam and Max ruin everything!
  422. 7:46:42 am Cheeseness: \o/
  423. 7:46:44 am HeatherL: That's part of their charm.
  424. 7:47:00 am Cheeseness: I love all of season 3
  425. 7:47:10 am Syd: Abe Lincoln Must Die had the great War song, and I loved the credits song for Bright Side of the Moon
  426. 7:47:10 am Cheeseness: And season 2
  427. GameClubFan_154116 [] entered the room. (7:47:12 am)
  428. 7:47:18 am Cheeseness: And season 1
  429. 7:47:20 am Cheeseness: lol
  430. 7:47:26 am HeatherL: Oh man...yes...the war song!
  431. GameClubFan_154116 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:47:27 am)
  432. 7:47:32 am HeatherL: Holy COW
  433. 7:47:34 am JaredE-J: Yeah I missed the songs in season 3
  434. 7:47:36 am Sven_Q45: Yes Cheese but NOTRD is the best.-
  435. 7:47:54 am JaredE-J: There was talk at some point...early in season two or late in season one
  436. 7:47:57 am HeatherL: Well the musical numbers we did were incredibly time intensive
  437. 7:48:00 am JaredE-J: of doing a full on musical episode at some point
  438. 7:48:04 am Cheeseness: The end of Season 1 song is great ("It's a Max Max world"?)
  439. 7:48:07 am JaredE-J: never came to fruition
  440. 7:48:11 am Sven_Q45: So Heather you´re the one with the Stuttgart idea? 
  441. 7:48:11 am HeatherL: Yeah we totally wanted to do it
  442. 7:48:17 am JaredE-J: but I always thought that would have been epic
  443. 7:48:21 am Syd: World of Max is the title for that song I think
  444. 7:48:26 am JaredE-J: yup
  445. 7:48:29 am Cheeseness: Ahhh, that's right
  446. 7:48:38 am HeatherL: Did one of the Wallace and Grommits turn out to be a complete musical?
  447. 7:48:42 am HeatherL: I know we talked about that
  448. 7:48:46 am JaredE-J: nope
  449. 7:48:56 am HeatherL: Yes, I came up with Stuttgart.  Are you from there?
  450. 7:48:59 am JaredE-J: only a few little short songs in that one
  451. 7:49:01 am Sven_Q45: HeatherL good choise. 
  452. 7:49:07 am JaredE-J: the sticky wicket club song in the 4 episode
  453. 7:49:12 am JaredE-J: ...that may be it
  454. 7:49:17 am Syd: I may or may not have both World of Max and the War song on my MP3 player, as well as a few other choice tracks. 
  455. 7:49:21 am Cheeseness: I haven't played any o W&G
  456. 7:49:22 am Sven_Q45: HeatherL Yes I liver near there. 
  457. 7:49:25 am JaredE-J: excellent
  458. 7:49:36 am flesk: I really liked the Wallace and Gromit season.
  459. 7:49:40 am HeatherL: Well basically anytime we said "let's do a musical number" people turned pale
  460. 7:49:47 am JaredE-J: haha
  461. 7:49:51 am JaredE-J: well, the war song was a bit of a debacle
  462. 7:49:54 am DaveG: Yes, they were expensive.
  463. 7:50:00 am DaveG: Especially the war song.
  464. 7:50:01 am HeatherL: Oh cool Sven, no wonder you like that episode!
  465. 7:50:07 am Sven_Q45: 
  466. 7:50:10 am flesk: I thought it was better than A Matter of Loaf and Death.
  467. 7:50:12 am Syd: I waited too long to get a digital copy of Wallace and Gromit, ended up grabbing the physical PAL version off Amazon.
  468. 7:50:18 am JaredE-J: jake and daniel basically just sacrificed themselves for a week to make that happen
  469. 7:50:24 am HeatherL: Right
  470. 7:50:34 am HeatherL: It was kind of awful in a way
  471. 7:50:53 am JaredE-J: "where the f#%& did that come from daddy?'
  472. 7:51:25 am JaredE-J: I want to hang out with 70s Santa
  473. 7:51:26 am HeatherL: I mean, they were determined and had a vision and that was awesome.  But I think I recall that it had schedule impacts elsewhere.
  474. 7:51:39 am HeatherL: 70's Santa is rad
  475. 7:51:43 am Cheeseness: Word
  476. 7:51:55 am BadAsp1: Groovy
  477. 7:51:57 am Cheeseness: His voice got higher pitched when he got to the present
  478. 7:52:06 am Sven_Q45: also the music in the zombie disco was great. 
  479. 7:52:08 am JaredE-J: terry is a master
  480. 7:52:11 am HeatherL: That's because he wasn't as cool
  481. 7:52:17 am HeatherL: in the present
  482. 7:52:20 am JaredE-J: That is probably my wife's favorite thing that I've made ever
  483. 7:52:27 am JaredE-J: the jurgen trance tune
  484. 7:52:33 am Sven_Q45: yes
  485. 7:52:51 am HeatherL: It was awesome
  486. 7:53:06 am HeatherL: You do have to tell me when you do that one. 
  487. 7:53:07 am JaredE-J: She was a bit of a raver in high school and early college
  488. 7:53:08 am JaredE-J: 
  489. 7:53:15 am HeatherL: Nice
  490. 7:53:24 am HeatherL: I was a rave tourist
  491. 7:53:43 am JaredE-J: I wasn't cool enough for raves in high school
  492. 7:53:48 am JaredE-J: I was busy going to orchestra rehearsal 
  493. 7:53:54 am JaredE-J: and play practice
  494. 7:53:58 am HeatherL: me neither.  I was playing vampire LARPs.
  495. 7:54:17 am HeatherL: Raves came later for me. 
  496. 7:54:27 am Cheeseness: "Promise to wait up for me"
  497. 7:54:34 am Cheeseness: The subtitles totally said something different
  498. 7:54:36 am Cheeseness: What's up with that?
  499. 7:54:52 am Syd: The beginning of that line seemed to have been missing
  500. 7:54:55 am Cheeseness: Ah, right
  501. 7:54:58 am Cheeseness: Spotted it second time round
  502. 7:55:05 am HeatherL: Oh I see
  503. 7:55:12 am HeatherL: huh
  504. 7:55:14 am DaveG: Hm. Bug!
  505. 7:55:15 am JaredE-J: Okay, so time for some real talk...we've all said our favorite episodes
  506. 7:55:17 am HeatherL: oh well!
  507. 7:55:19 am JaredE-J: what were your least favorite ones?
  508. 7:55:24 am JaredE-J: and least favorite music cues?
  509. 7:55:33 am JaredE-J: That's always way more intersting
  510. 7:55:34 am Sven_Q45: least?
  511. 7:55:36 am Sven_Q45: non
  512. 7:55:36 am JaredE-J: interesting
  513. 7:55:41 am JaredE-J: hah
  514. 7:55:42 am Cheeseness: The Ted E. Bear song never grabbed me
  515. 7:55:46 am HeatherL: I had a weird relationship with Sam & Max
  516. 7:55:47 am JaredE-J: "wet ghost dog"
  517. 7:55:56 am HeatherL: Oh I liked the Ted E. Bear song
  518. 7:56:04 am DaveG: Aw, I *love* the Ted E Bear song.
  519. 7:56:12 am HeatherL: For the first season my attentions were kind of in and out
  520. 7:56:18 am Syd: I enjoyed the Ted E. Bear song enough to put it on my MP3 player
  521. 7:56:26 am HeatherL: I was doing other things too
  522. 7:56:29 am Cheeseness: I guess the snowball melting wasn't time based
  523. 7:56:34 am Cheeseness: We went to the past and everything with it
  524. 7:56:43 am HeatherL: We hate time based puzzles
  525. 7:56:54 am HeatherL: Monkey Island grog AHHHHH
  526. 7:57:01 am Cheeseness: 
  527. 7:57:08 am Sven_Q45: HeatherL   Hate them too. 
  528. 7:57:10 am BadAsp1: The grog one was very fun
  529. 7:57:10 am DaveG: Instead of time-based puzzles we would usually do "time-based" puzzles.
  530. 7:57:24 am BadAsp1: I also like the time-based puzzles in Broken Age
  531. 7:57:31 am HeatherL: Anyway for Sam & Max season 2 I was really involved at the beginning but then went and had a baby
  532. 7:57:34 am DaveG: (Thanks, I made the grog puzzle in Monkey)
  533. 7:57:50 am HeatherL: Well you have learned much since then
  534. 7:57:51 am Cheeseness: It's hard to pick a least favourite episode…
  535. 7:57:54 am DaveG: (I even drew the extra mugs)
  536. GameClubFan_979554 [] entered the room. (7:57:58 am)
  537. 7:58:06 am HeatherL: And I don't think I even know much of what happened in Season 3
  538. 7:58:11 am HeatherL: great line!
  539. 7:58:16 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, did you expect it to give people so much trouble, DaveG?
  540. 7:58:16 am HeatherL: Japanese RPgs
  541. 7:58:30 am DaveG: Not really. Just enough trouble.
  542. 7:58:36 am Cheeseness: Season 3 is great. I totally wasn't expecting it to be so… everything
  543. 7:58:46 am Syd: I loved Season 3
  544. 7:58:47 am HeatherL: I think my least favorite Sam & Max was the very very first episode
  545. 7:58:48 am DaveG: If I thought it was really going to throw people, I would have adjusted it.
  546. 7:58:55 am HeatherL: I don't think we had our groove yet
  547. 7:59:00 am JaredE-J: i really really really love that we seeded this moment here
  548. 7:59:06 am Cheeseness: Nothing Telltale has done moved me like The City That Dares Not Sleep's ending
  549. 7:59:07 am HeatherL: And I had to be a producer then
  550. 7:59:32 am Sven_Q45: I hated the ending of Season 3. 
  551. 7:59:32 am HeatherL: I dislike being a producer
  552. 7:59:36 am JaredE-J: It was a really good ending, took itself just seriously enough
  553. 7:59:38 am HeatherL: or at least, the way we did it then
  554. 7:59:39 am JaredE-J: haha
  555. 7:59:41 am JaredE-J: fair enough
  556. 7:59:52 am JaredE-J: I dug it
  557. 8:00:01 am Cheeseness: JaredE-J: Beyond that, the post credits stuff was a lovely sendoff
  558. 8:00:02 am Syd: I guess my least favorite episode would probably be Culture Shock, but it's totally forgivable since it was the first episode ever.
  559. 8:00:07 am JaredE-J: but I'm a sucker for silly stuff getting serious
  560. 8:00:12 am Cheeseness: 
  561. 8:00:15 am Sven_Q45: Yes the ending was good but sad. 
  562. 8:00:16 am HeatherL: Jared me too
  563. 8:00:18 am JaredE-J: yeah it was a good balance
  564. 8:00:22 am Marykate_died: Telltale is amazing... What Telltale does with characters and story speaks to a longing I've had forever with games.
  565. 8:00:26 am HeatherL: man now I kinda want to play it
  566. 8:00:31 am Cheeseness: The Fast Show unexpectly has arcs for the characters in its sketches. I was blown away by that
  567. 8:00:53 am DaveG: Oh yeah, this was another thing that was tough: hey guys, we need you to build part of a scene that happens much later in the season, in an episode we haven't remotely designed yet.
  568. 8:01:08 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, it came out well enough
  569. 8:01:08 am HeatherL: Oh yeah!
  570. 8:01:24 am HeatherL: Right, so it had to be really minimal
  571. 8:01:29 am BadAsp1: "Want to haunt ourselvs?"
  572. 8:01:30 am Sven_Q45: I can´t find a bad episode but the first was not as good.
  573. 8:01:47 am DaveG: I can't remember now, but I think we did regret something about how we designed this part of the environment when we got back to it at the end of the season.
  574. 8:02:02 am HeatherL: we were given sort of a quota of new scenes (settings) and characters and mini-games we were allowed to have per episode
  575. 8:02:02 am Marykate_died: Voices that never held the spotlight before, take center... and games like I've always wanted but have never seen come into being while I play, mouth agape.
  576. 8:02:14 am Marykate_died: (my 2 cents)
  577. 8:02:23 am HeatherL: We were always trying to push them
  578. 8:02:28 am Cheeseness: The last armpit fart sound is very satisfying
  579. 8:02:33 am HeatherL: "what if this is just a half a new setting?"
  580. 8:03:01 am HeatherL: I'm glad you enjoy the games, Marykate!
  581. 8:03:22 am Cheeseness: I forgot where we were at for a bit
  582. 8:03:25 am DaveG: In its defense, I will note that the first season, and especially the first couple of episodes, were done under stricter circumstances than the rest.
  583. 8:03:34 am HeatherL: yeah
  584. 8:03:37 am Cheeseness: Stinky commented about her feet last week
  585. 8:03:48 am HeatherL: we were still finishing cow race
  586. 8:03:52 am Cheeseness: Saying that she was very worn out from all that hard work she's doing
  587. 8:03:53 am Sven_Q45: How big or small was TTG at that time?
  588. 8:03:56 am HeatherL: or...was it done?
  589. 8:04:07 am HeatherL: and we were just doing localization and stuff?  
  590. 8:04:16 am HeatherL: We were tight on people, that's for sure
  591. 8:04:39 am HeatherL: Uhm...if I thought about it I could probably count out all the people we had
  592. 8:05:02 am HeatherL: 12 -15 maybe, + the sound guys?
  593. 8:05:18 am HeatherL: Does that sound right Dave?
  594. 8:05:26 am DaveG: When we moved out of the Bellam office, I think there were about 16 of us.
  595. 8:05:33 am DaveG: Sam & Max started a little after that, I think.
  596. 8:05:37 am Cheeseness: Were there any Sam & Max stories that you wanted to do which didn't make it?
  597. 8:05:44 am DaveG: Might have been more like 25.
  598. 8:05:52 am DaveG: But of course, some of them were making CSI...
  599. 8:05:57 am HeatherL: Oh right!
  600. 8:05:58 am BadAsp1: The Sam & Max Freelance Police ones, maybe?
  601. 8:06:05 am BadAsp1: Which by the way, there needs to be a Kickstarter for
  602. 8:06:12 am HeatherL: CSI was also happening and also we were doing some stuff with Bone too
  603. 8:06:18 am HeatherL: yeah it was a busy time
  604. 8:06:28 am HeatherL: without enough people
  605. 8:06:49 am HeatherL: We had so many story ideas
  606. 8:06:58 am Cheeseness: You had the community behind you though!
  607. 8:07:08 am HeatherL: I don't really remember anything that stands out though
  608. 8:07:27 am HeatherL: Well, we did....but they could also be pretty critical too
  609. 8:07:34 am Cheeseness: I love the "going up" animation
  610. 8:07:43 am HeatherL: Like especially when we unveiled the voices
  611. 8:07:50 am DaveG: I remember some folks around the office had a fondness for the Freelance Police stories (I wasn't there for those, so had no context).
  612. 8:08:01 am JaredE-J: Those armpit farts are farts from my very own armpit
  613. 8:08:01 am BadAsp1: I so want them back
  614. 8:08:05 am JaredE-J: Fun Fact™
  615. 8:08:09 am Cheeseness: DaveG: The canned title, or the TV show?
  616. 8:08:10 am HeatherL: hahaha
  617. 8:08:19 am Cheeseness: JaredE-J: They're amazing
  618. 8:08:24 am DaveG: The Lucas game, I mean.
  619. 8:08:33 am Cheeseness: Cool
  620. 8:08:38 am BadAsp1: I WANT
  621. 8:09:15 am Cheeseness: That's not very climate responsible, Santa
  622. 8:09:43 am JaredE-J: Santa doesn't care about anyone but Santa
  623. 8:09:51 am JaredE-J: I guess technically that isn't Santa
  624. 8:09:53 am HeatherL: My daughter says that the sleigh should not run on coal, but Christmas Spirit
  625. kisak [] entered the room. (8:09:53 am)
  626. 8:09:53 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, Max
  627. 8:10:09 am JaredE-J: Maybe the future ghost knows something that we all don't
  628. 8:10:10 am Cheeseness: I should've tried using the bottle on the sleigh D:
  629. 8:10:18 am Sven_Q45: Good thing. I was very sad that Sam and Max 2 was canceled.
  630. 8:10:27 am HeatherL: We were disallowed reindeer
  631. 8:10:28 am kisak: *connected just to block a potential impersonator*
  632. 8:10:38 am Cheeseness: Animation?
  633. 8:10:46 am Cheeseness: kisak: Not because you love us?
  634. 8:10:49 am HeatherL: Didn't we try to adapt a cow to a reindeer?
  635. 8:11:00 am HeatherL: Or suggest that?
  636. 8:11:04 am Marykate_died: Adieu, friends.   
  637. 8:11:07 am HeatherL: bye!
  638. 8:11:08 am JaredE-J: haha, should have just been the cow
  639. Marykate_died left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:11:08 am)
  640. 8:11:11 am JaredE-J: see ya marykate
  641. 8:11:12 am Cheeseness: Have fun, Marykate!
  642. 8:11:16 am JaredE-J: died
  643. 8:11:18 am HeatherL: With antlers glued on it
  644. 8:11:27 am Sven_Q45: She died?
  645. 8:11:34 am Cheeseness: Ghost breath
  646. 8:11:40 am HeatherL: Yeah, anything with a different skeleton was a hard sell
  647. 8:11:41 am DaveG: We used that cow in everything.
  648. 8:11:47 am kisak: Cheeseness: I've been watching the stream all this time, that doesn't count for anything I guess
  649. 8:11:48 am HeatherL: I know!  HAHAHAH!
  650. 8:11:48 am JaredE-J: They still do
  651. 8:11:53 am JaredE-J: that cow is in The Walking Dead 101
  652. 8:11:57 am HeatherL: No!
  653. 8:11:58 am Cheeseness: kisak: 
  654. 8:11:59 am HeatherL: Really??
  655. 8:12:06 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, really?
  656. 8:12:07 am JaredE-J: yup
  657. 8:12:10 am JaredE-J: at hershel's farm
  658. 8:12:10 am Cheeseness: WoW
  659. 8:12:22 am HeatherL: Oh man, I saw it!
  660. 8:12:27 am Cheeseness: Santa nooooooo
  661. 8:12:33 am HeatherL: Oh man, remember the jello!
  662. 8:12:42 am DaveG: Thank goodness we made a game called "The Great Cow Race" or we wouldn't even have had the cow...
  663. 8:12:43 am JaredE-J: or possibly the dairy in 102
  664. 8:13:05 am Cheeseness: How was this finale to the episode received?
  665. GameClubFan_979554 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:13:15 am)
  666. 8:13:17 am JaredE-J: of this one?
  667. 8:13:23 am HeatherL: Uhm...good?
  668. 8:13:31 am DaveG: Well, Dave Bogan thought it was too complicated for us to pull off...
  669. 8:13:33 am Cheeseness: It's timing based 
  670. 8:13:34 am HeatherL: I think people liked it
  671. 8:13:35 am kisak: noooooo not the jelloooooooooooooooooooooo
  672. 8:13:43 am HeatherL: oh I guess it is
  673. 8:13:43 am DaveG: ...but he always said that.
  674. 8:13:45 am HeatherL: hah
  675. 8:13:47 am HeatherL: yes he did
  676. 8:13:53 am JaredE-J: sul-me-beeb-see-hoong-aaas
  677. 8:13:54 am HeatherL: And Dave always talked him into it
  678. 8:13:56 am HeatherL: 
  679. 8:14:22 am HeatherL: You couldn't have taken this one away from DaveG though.
  680. 8:14:37 am HeatherL: Not when its a Rube Goldberg device
  681. 8:15:12 am HeatherL: Music here is so awesome
  682. 8:15:14 am Sven_Q45: Oh, cheese. 
  683. 8:15:18 am DaveG: I didn't just hypnotize him, though. We would talk through all the pieces of the scene until Dave agreed it was reasonable.
  684. 8:15:24 am Cheeseness: I can't remember. Do we have to stop the thing?
  685. 8:15:36 am JaredE-J: Oh man, I completely forgot about this tune
  686. 8:15:38 am Sven_Q45: Yes...
  687. 8:15:38 am Cheeseness: Ah, we do!
  688. 8:15:39 am JaredE-J: man.
  689. 8:15:51 am DaveG: He was just always imagining something way more awesome (and hard) than what we actually expected to build.
  690. 8:15:52 am Cheeseness: There we go!
  691. 8:16:00 am HeatherL: Yeah I know.  You were always my hero when it came to getting people on board with your ideas
  692. 8:16:19 am JaredE-J: oh man
  693. 8:16:22 am JaredE-J: hell soda poppers theme!
  694. 8:16:23 am HeatherL: Not just Bogan but others, you'd be all excited when describing things and others would get excited too
  695. 8:16:27 am JaredE-J: I was pretty happy with this
  696. 8:16:31 am JaredE-J: I forgot about it
  697. 8:16:42 am JaredE-J: The subtlest seed of what is to come
  698. 8:16:43 am Cheeseness: Foreshadowing!
  699. 8:16:50 am JaredE-J: ooooooooooooo...!
  700. 8:17:02 am Cheeseness: lol, Whizzer
  701. 8:17:03 am Syd: I always appreciated the extra effort put into the animations for the intros and outros.
  702. 8:17:16 am HeatherL: I thought the elves were creepy....LOL
  703. 8:17:20 am Cheeseness: They are
  704. 8:17:26 am JaredE-J: it's the teeth
  705. 8:17:28 am JaredE-J: and bat ears
  706. 8:17:34 am Cheeseness: And the beady eyes
  707. 8:17:35 am HeatherL: indeed
  708. 8:17:41 am HeatherL: Bogan liked them creepy
  709. 8:17:48 am JaredE-J: as did I
  710. 8:18:01 am DaveG: I remember we had to change that November line - originally it was October, but then we went over schedule.
  711. 8:18:08 am Syd: Demon song encore!
  712. 8:18:09 am JaredE-J: classic
  713. 8:18:14 am Cheeseness: 
  714. 8:18:15 am JaredE-J: unprocessed!
  715. 8:18:22 am DaveG: We wanted to have the actual month that the game was shipping...
  716. 8:18:31 am Cheeseness: That must've been fun to coordinate
  717. 8:18:37 am HeatherL: Did we have to re-record the line?
  718. 8:18:46 am Cheeseness: Did you record several months at once and use the right one close to shipping?
  719. 8:18:52 am Cheeseness: (that's what I would have done)
  720. 8:18:54 am JaredE-J: ah, the boxing announcer was j.s. gilbert!
  721. 8:18:59 am HeatherL: hahah  Cheese
  722. 8:19:05 am DaveG: No, we would never do that. We'd always assume we'd hit the date.
  723. 8:19:06 am HeatherL: There is no way that's what we did
  724. 8:19:10 am DaveG: And then pay for it after.
  725. 8:19:11 am Cheeseness: Ha ha
  726. 8:19:12 am JaredE-J: I think we got the line picked up in pickups when we were recording for 202
  727. 8:19:18 am DaveG: Yes.
  728. 8:19:29 am HeatherL: yeah that sounds like what we would do
  729. 8:19:43 am Cheeseness: So that's the end of the stream. Everybody is of course welcome to hang around and continue chatting!
  730. 8:19:55 am DaveG: (It was funnier when it was October...)
  731. 8:19:56 am BadAsp1: By the way
  732. 8:19:57 am Syd: Thanks for joining us, JaredE-J, DaveG, and HeatherL!
  733. 8:19:59 am JaredE-J: Thanks so much for coordinating and playing, Your Cheeseness
  734. 8:20:04 am JaredE-J: and for the invite
  735. 8:20:11 am BadAsp1: We Sam and Max fans need something new
  736. 8:20:12 am HeatherL: Thanks!
  737. 8:20:12 am Cheeseness: My pleasure! Thank you for joining us!
  738. 8:20:12 am JaredE-J: lots of fun
  739. 8:20:14 am HeatherL: It was fun
  740. 8:20:21 am BadAsp1: Any plans?
  741. 8:20:25 am JaredE-J: It is amazing how much you forget about
  742. 8:20:34 am DaveG: This was a fun session. Thanks to everybody.
  743. 8:20:35 am Sven_Q45: Thank you JaredE-J, DaveG, and HeatherL! And for Episode 203. 
  744. 8:20:36 am JaredE-J: that comes back when you're watching
  745. 8:20:44 am Cheeseness: Yeah, that seems to be common
  746. 8:20:45 am JaredE-J: I may join in on the broken age pt 2 stream
  747. 8:20:57 am Cheeseness: You're very welcome to!
  748. 8:20:59 am Syd: That starts next week, same time as this one. 
  749. 8:21:01 am Lightkey: fin
  750. 8:21:03 am JaredE-J: cool
  751. 8:21:08 am JaredE-J: I need to finish it first 
  752. 8:21:11 am HeatherL: Do you go every week?
  753. 8:21:13 am DaveG: BadAsp1: Not on my end, but I don't know what anyone else might be doing.
  754. 8:21:16 am Sven_Q45: I started with BA episode 2 today.
  755. 8:21:22 am BadAsp1: I finished it already
  756. 8:21:27 am Cheeseness: I remember when we did Loom, at the beginning, Brian said he didn't remember anything, but eventually stuff came flooding back
  757. 8:21:37 am BadAsp1: And even took some notes too, and posted them on the Double Fine messageboard
  758. 8:21:43 am Cheeseness: HeatherL: Yeah, every week, although after Broken Age part 2, we'll be going on hiatus
  759. 8:21:45 am HeatherL: I saw him do a post-mortem on Loom at GDC this past year
  760. 8:21:49 am HeatherL: it was AMAZING!
  761. 8:21:49 am Sven_Q45: I played TBOUT 2 the last few weeks.
  762. 8:22:10 am BadAsp1: We should bug Tim for a Sam and Max kickstarter
  763. 8:22:11 am Cheeseness: I wonder if Game Club helped refresh his memories
  764. 8:22:17 am HeatherL: OK, I would love to do 203 but it will depend on when you do it
  765. 8:22:19 am DaveG: Loom was great, ahead of its time.
  766. 8:22:20 am Cheeseness: Bug *Steve*
  767. 8:22:29 am Cheeseness: Yeah, way way ahead of its time
  768. 8:22:29 am HeatherL: I loved Loom
  769. 8:22:32 am BadAsp1: Bug Steve to actually attend a chat session
  770. 8:22:45 am Cheeseness: It'd be lovely to have Steve along. I get the feeling he's pretty busy though
  771. 8:23:06 am liorean: Man, TBOUT2, I forgot about that
  772. 8:23:16 am liorean: Yet another game to add to my list
  773. 8:23:24 am Cheeseness: DaveG, HeatherL: What preparation did you do for diving into Sam & Max for the first time?
  774. 8:23:34 am Sven_Q45: But TBOUT 2 isn´t ready yet...
  775. 8:23:40 am HeatherL: I read all the comics
  776. 8:23:45 am Cheeseness: I'm guessing that you were already pretty familiar with them, Dave, but what about you Heather?
  777. 8:23:46 am HeatherL: and watched the cartoon
  778. 8:23:49 am Cheeseness: Nice 
  779. 8:23:56 am HeatherL: basically just anything I could get my hands on
  780. 8:24:04 am HeatherL: I am a big believer in research
  781. 8:24:11 am Cheeseness: I kinda like that every incarnation of Sam & Max has a different feel
  782. 8:24:16 am DaveG: (I was. I also talked to Steve some before we got rolling. That was helpful.)
  783. 8:24:24 am Cheeseness: A bit like Hitchhiker's Guide
  784. 8:24:30 am HeatherL: Yeah I got to talk to Steve too
  785. 8:24:39 am Sven_Q45: I only met Dan Conners yet. (in collogne)
  786. 8:24:41 am BadAsp1: Let's talk to him again
  787. 8:24:47 am BadAsp1: And suggest a REBOOT
  788. 8:24:52 am HeatherL: hahahah
  789. 8:24:53 am Cheeseness: A reboot? Aww
  790. 8:24:54 am HeatherL: REBOOT
  791. 8:25:25 am BadAsp1: I had always thought about a Sam and Max game in the Broken Age engine
  792. 8:25:28 am JaredE-J: suggest a robot
  793. 8:25:33 am HeatherL: I had played Sam & Max Hit the Road when I was in high school
  794. 8:25:39 am BadAsp1: Let's recapture that feel
  795. 8:25:54 am Cheeseness: A gritty reboot by Christopher Nolan?
  796. 8:26:08 am Sven_Q45: I played hit the road very often. 
  797. 8:26:15 am HeatherL: actually, when I was interning at LucasArts it happened to be the time when Sam & Max (the cancelled one) was in development there
  798. 8:26:26 am JaredE-J: Lagomorph Launches
  799. 8:26:29 am DaveG: This time the roles of Sam and Max can be played by Jeff Bridges and William H Macy.
  800. 8:26:46 am Cheeseness: Hah
  801. 8:26:57 am JaredE-J: With Michael Caine as Mack Salmon
  802. 8:27:00 am BadAsp1: I'll stick with Farmer and Jameson, thanks
  803. 8:27:03 am HeatherL: I almost completed Hit the Road in high school but got stuck at the very very end
  804. 8:27:10 am HeatherL: I don't remember why
  805. 8:27:18 am BadAsp1: By the way, since Disney re-released that game onto GOG
  806. 8:27:28 am Cheeseness: With Linux support \o/
  807. 8:27:29 am BadAsp1: Let's ask them to put that game onto Steam
  808. 8:27:31 am Sven_Q45: I needed a very long time to end Dott. :F
  809. 8:27:32 am BadAsp1: Along with IT
  810. 8:27:33 am Sven_Q45: 
  811. 8:27:40 am Syd: I gotta head out. See you all around. 
  812. 8:27:44 am HeatherL: bye
  813. 8:27:47 am Cheeseness: JaredE-J, DaveG, HeatherL: Do you guys have a favourite adventure game
  814. 8:27:49 am JaredE-J: Yeah I should take off as well
  815. Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:27:49 am)
  816. 8:27:50 am BadAsp1: Bye Syd
  817. 8:27:50 am Sven_Q45: bye Syd.
  818. 8:27:51 am Cheeseness: THanks for coming, Syd?
  819. 8:27:56 am JaredE-J: Probably Monkey Island 2
  820. 8:27:58 am DaveG: I also have to go - Max awaits.
  821. 8:28:03 am Cheeseness: Alrighty
  822. 8:28:06 am HeatherL: Yay Max!
  823. 8:28:07 am Cheeseness: Thanks so much again for joining us.
  824. 8:28:09 am Sven_Q45: Max?
  825. 8:28:10 am Cheeseness: It's been fun!
  826. 8:28:15 am DaveG: Glad to have done this. Cheers, everybody!
  827. 8:28:24 am HeatherL: Ok, I need to do gardening.   Thanks I had a great time!
  828. 8:28:26 am DaveG: (Max is my son's name. No relation.)
  829. 8:28:28 am BadAsp1: Bai
  830. 8:28:37 am Cheeseness: Bye HeatherL, JaredE-J and DaveG 
  831. 8:28:41 am JaredE-J: with Grim Fandango as an honorable mention (largely because of the score and it's influence on me)
  832. 8:28:42 am Sven_Q45: DaveG That´s great. 
  833. 8:28:43 am JaredE-J: see you all
  834. 8:28:47 am JaredE-J: take care
  835. HeatherL left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:28:50 am)
  836. DaveG left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:28:59 am)
  837. 8:28:59 am Cheeseness: Monkey 2 and Grim Fandango are fine games
  838. 8:29:22 am BadAsp1: I need to finish Grim Fandango one day, I barely got even STARTED on it
  839. 8:29:25 am JaredE-J: I also love DOTT, but those are the two that I go back to replay most often
  840. 8:29:25 am JaredE-J: oh man
  841. 8:29:32 am JaredE-J: you have a delight in store
  842. 8:29:48 am JaredE-J: the remastered edition is worth getting
  843. 8:29:53 am JaredE-J: an on that note
  844. 8:29:54 am Cheeseness: I'm looking forward to seeing how Double Fine treat the special edition of FoTT
  845. 8:29:56 am JaredE-J: farewell everybody
  846. 8:29:56 am Cheeseness: DoTT
  847. 8:30:02 am Cheeseness: Bye JaredE-J!
  848. JaredE-J left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:30:07 am)
  849. 8:30:11 am Sven_Q45: Bye Jared.
  850. 8:30:16 am BadAsp1: Bai
  851. BadAsp1 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:31:22 am)
  852. 8:33:57 am Cheeseness: On that note, I'll wrap up the chat log. Don't forget to leave some comments in the forum thread
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