Universal Fireproof Door

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  1. Website:
  2. Address: 1171 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206
  3. Phone: 718-455-8442
  5. If you are looking to make a safe home for your family, consider adding a fire door for your home! Our doors and gates are fireproof and are great to have in case of emergencies. Some of the fire doors with windows we provide include cellar doors, garage doors, aluminum doors, as well as other services. We provide these doors to commercial, industrial, and residential homes. Universal Fireproof Door has been providing fire doors for homes since 1924. Our company’s expertise in the industry allows our customers to trust that we will complete the job successfully. The qualified and loyal team at Universal Fireproof Door is extremely diligent in providing quality service to every customer. Visit our website to learn more about fire doors for homes and to get a quote for your home!
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