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  1. Hades
  3. ° Necromancy
  4. The children of Hades have control over the dead and death itself. They are able to communicate with the deceased, whether that be from summoning their said spirit or raising them from the dead temporarily. Due to Hades being the Lord of the Underworld, not only can they *speak* and *communicate* to the dead, but have the ability to resurrect any living being. One could even raise an entire army of the dead.
  6. To be able to speak and communicate to the deceased, you’re to have some type of object from the person they are trying to communicate with. Raising the said person from their graves takes much more strain and energy than it does summoning them spiritually. Communicating with them can only last for an hour with a cool down of 5 hours.
  9. Resurrecting someone from the dead takes a huge amount of power and strength. It requires skill and concentration, as well as precision. The body you’re trying to resurrect can’t be dead for over a week ICLY otherwise resurrection is no longer an option. One can only resurrect a single individual after 2 weeks OOCLY. After resurrection, *all* abilities that comes from Hades will become much more weaker and strained for an entire day. Resurrection can lead to a bloody nose, weaker form, drained energy, and weak abilities. Depending on the size and what species [animal or human] you’re trying to resurrect will determine how your body is physically and your abilities afterwards.
  13. ° Osteokinesis
  14. Osteokinesis is the ability to summon, control, and manipulate bones.
  15. Such power allows his children, with a single thought, to reach into the depths of one’s soul and be able to control each and every movement of theirs by manipulating and controlling the bones within their body - be it other demigods, humans, or animals. They are able to inflict pain physically to one’s body, snap one’s body back into place or out of proportion, and create skeletal weapons and/or tools. One could even create a group of Skeleton Warriors.
  17. Only Hades himself and his children possesses this ability.
  20. Controlling another one’s bones requires energy and precision - one must be precise at which spot within the body they are targeting otherwise this ability could become destructive. Those of which are extremely skilled with this ability and have been taught at the Camp for long are able to achieve more greater feats than those that are new as this ability is more-so skill. For those still learning their ability, they can only control another one’s body and movements within a maximum time limit of 10 minutes whereas those more skilled could reach up to 15-20 minutes.
  22. The longer you’re trying to control one’s body, the more strain you are adding to your own physically, and the weaker you become afterwards. Those that have strong resistant can attempt to move and resist the control, but may add more pain on their own body as this is difficult to get away from.
  24. Although the children of Hades can control the body via bones as well as movements, they can’t control another one’s abilities and force the said person they are controlling to use their powers against another folk.
  27. When inflicting physical pain to another one’s body, it causes the pain to go back to you emotionally. This essentially means that if you inflict pain on someone via through arms, you’re able to *feel* the pain they’re feeling, but it doesn’t damage your body physically. The emotional pain felt for **Hades’ Children** only lasts for 3 minutes maximum unless you’ve added more pain onto the said being.
  29. The person that’s been inflicted with pain will continue to feel it as how one would originally - unless healed via abilities or naturally.]
  32. ° Umbrakinesis
  33. The children of Hades have the ability to mentally generate and manipulate darknesses. They are able to travel from shadow to shadow, the shadows acting as a portal that’ll allow them to get from one place to another without much trouble. In a way, this acts as intangibility, otherwise known as phasing ; the ability to phase your body through walls and objects. Using the darknesses to engulf their bodies, they can hide from others, “invisible” from sight - though this only truly works within dark areas.
  35. In a more defensive format, these Demigods have the power to surround their enemies into pitch black clouds and control the beings that live within the Shadows to act as warriors within battle. Those skilled are even able to *generate* shadow figurines and forms via through dark spaces or by using their own shadows and control them entirely.
  38. When using the shadows as a portal, long travels/destinations takes much more energy than it does with short ones. You’re only able to bring a maximum of 3 people through the portals with, but physical contact [such as holding hands] with these individuals are needed as only you can guide them through the darknesses. One can only generate 3 portals before needing a cool down of 20 minutes OOCLY.
  41. As stated above, engulfing your body with darknesses to be invisible from sight only works within dark areas, but this technique especially works far better within the night time.
  45. Light/Day time can conquer this portion of the ability as darkness cannot exist when there’s light [unless scientific matters]. The manipulation of shadow figures, depending on the size, requires more power and more skill. One is capable of controlling/and or generating a maximum of 5 shadow forms within a time frame of 2 hours and a cool down of an hour.
  47. Shadow forms can physically attacking another being if the one controlling them allows it, but can **only** be despised if light [any] is shined upon them. Shadow forms cannot be physically attacked, seeing how they are only a form of ghostly mist. If one is to attempt, their forms will only regrow, though this as well takes much energy for said person controlling them.]
  50. ° Phobikinesis
  51. Phobikinesis, otherwise known as Fear Manipulation, is the ability to induce, manipulate, and sense fear upon others. The Demigods in which hold this ability are able to detect any signs of fears on people, even those of which are good at hiding, and are able to use the emotion to their advantage. They can manipulate the fear in terms of increasing or decreasing the feeling as well as induce|inflict fear onto the people within their surroundings.
  54. Demigods that come from a god or goddess that bewailed a brave and courageous trait can **attempt** to resist the fear inducement, but there is no guarantee that such would be able to break through - this portion entirely depends on the God/Goddess parent. Otherwise, other Demigods can be lured in.
  56. The fear infliction only lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes OOCLY and a cool down of 25 minutes OOCLY.
  58. Eye-contact is needed for the fear to be induced on.
  60. The aura of fear is roughly 30 feet in size.
  62. Harder to use on those with indomitable wills, although still possible.]
  65. Cyrokinesis;
  66. This ability for the children of Hades is excessively limited upon. Although Cryokinesis ables those that weld the ability control over cold and ice, the children of Hades **aren’t** able to reach the ability’s maximum extents.
  68. Due to this, they are only able to turn areas of their choosing cold within temperature.
  71. Those that easily adapt to cold temperatures can have little to no affect on this, as well as those that can change and raise their body’s temperature.
  73. These areas only turn cold for a maximum of 5 minutes and can’t go below 0°F.]
  75. ° Pyrokinesis
  76. The ability to control and create fire mentally is something that Hades’ Demigods are able to do. They are capable of creating huge fire walls, create weapons out of flames, etc. They, as well, have a strong resistant against heat and fire - to which includes other Demigods that weld the ability of Pyrokinesis.
  78. Other Demigods that are capable of Aerokinesis, also known as Air Manipulation, can add “fuel”, meaning strengthen, the flames in which the children of Hades are able to generate.
  80. [Fire manipulation is weak against Water Manipulation. Temperatures that are excessively cold can affect them in terms that it throws them off balance, considering Cold and Heat don’t go together.
  82. Extensive use of this ability can cause the ability to weaken for a maximum of 20 minutes as well as drain the body of energy.
  84. Fire is a very dangerous element and can be exceedingly hard to control and manipulate.
  86. Forming things from the fire is quite difficult and tiresome depending on the shape.
  88. Can only manipulate both greek fire and normal fire.
  90. Manipulating the flames heat discharge is a feat that can prove hard if attempting to do so quickly.]
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