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  1. 1. Real life comes first.
  2. This means that noone should put this GAME before thier real life.
  4. 2. Be respectful.
  5. Everyone should respect not only fellow guild members, but also alliance members, other guilds, and other Mids in general.
  7. 3. Respect the guild's name.
  8. This means dont do anything that would make the wreckers look bad. This includes scamming people, looting raids, just yelling nonsense in region or being overly argumentative in region, etc.
  10. 4. Have pride in your guild.
  11. Wear your guild colors, even if your not 50 yet. Let people know we are here, let them see our numbers, let them envy us and want to join us. No character will be promoted beyond rank 6 without wearing our colors. (Stealthers exempt)
  13. 5. Dont take more than you need from the guild vaults.
  14. This pretty much means dont grab something from the vault just to sell it. This also means when taking pots out of the vault, dont just load up on them, only take what you need.
  16. 6. No fighting in guild chat.
  17. If you and another wrecker have an issue, settle it in PMs. If its a big problem, bring an officer or GM in on it as a mediator so that we can help get it resolved. Noone wants to see someone leave because thier feelings got hurt.
  19. 7. All characters will identify themselves in the /social window using the personal note.
  20. If the character is your main, then put "Main" in /social. If its an alt then put your mains name in the window.
  21. ex.1 Throkgar - Main
  22. ex.2 Pokinatya - Throks alt
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