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  1. MonoUmbreon...: Dunno if you'll see this or not but ehh >3>
  2. MonoUmbreon...: So anyway i looked through my plug playlist and the songs i don't have videos for are; 11- Dead and Seek, 13 - Gunjo Rain, 15- Shounen Brave and 21- Mary's fictional world.
  3. MonoUmbreon...: and the songs without subs in them are; 10- Konoha no sekai Jijou, 11- Dead and Seek, 17- Ayano's theory of Happiness, 18- Otsukimi Recital, 20- Outer Science and 21- Marys Fictional World
  4. MonoUmbreon...: the problem is a lot of videos have their english subs in annotations, whhich don't show up on plug....
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