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  1. !!Canon Examples of Fixer Sues
  2. [[AC:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
  3. * While not an example as such in his own series, Bright Noah of ''MobileSuitGundam'' is in many of his appearances in the ''SuperRobotWars'' metaseries. His [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan Brightslap]] can turn even emo kids like [[NeonGenesisEvangelion Shinji Ikari]] into [[MemeticMutation ''Men Of Destiny!'']]
  4. ** Not really; Bright only slaps him in SRWF. In SRW Alpha Shinji matured by having friends like Daisuke, Quatre, Kouji and Banjou. And he wasn't so much hot blooded as he was the Shinji before everything took a turn down shitville.
  5. ** Alpha 3, however, gives us a memorable incident when ''Shinji'' {{Bright Slap}}s ''[[GundamSEED Kira Yamato]]''. Really it's not Bright who's a FixerSue, it's the Bright Slap ''itself'' by way of MemeticMutation.
  6. * Actually ''deconstructed'' in FruitsBasket. Yeah, Tohru Honda plays super-psychiatrist through ThePowerOfLove and ends up totally fixing the problems of the Sohma family... but there are two catches:
  7. ** The Sohmas are not only very different persons, but they genuinely need Tohru's help. This ''is'' a BigScrewedUpFamily, and the situation is such that only an outsider with a kind heart and a will of iron can change it. And not to mention, they're all such {{Woobie}}s that you end up ''wanting'' her to fix them.
  8. ** Tohru's FixerSue nature is actually one of her major character flaws, stemming from her personality as an ExtremeDoormat, which itself is probably derived by the utter disdain with which she is treated by the rest of her family (except her slightly senile grandfather) after her mother's death. As a result, Tohru's desperate need to make other people happy reaches almost pathological levels to the point that she will neglect her own health and well being for the happiness of others; a fact that becomes more poignant with her revelation as a StepfordSmiler later on in the manga.
  9. * Deconstructed in the 3rd ''FushigiYuugi'' OVA. Mayo picks up the book because she is hoping to "rewrite" the story so that ''she'' becomes the Priestess of Suzaku and get the happily-ever-after with Tamahome she thinks that entails. And she is more than willing to steal Miaka's unborn child and husband, and destroy the world inside the book (literally and figuratively) to achieve that end. WordOfGod has it that Mayo is a sort of TakeThat at young girls who wished they could enter the book.
  11. [[AC:ComicBooks]]
  12. * Bob, from JackChick's ''Bible Series''. Yes, [[AuthorTract that one]]. Bob is basically just a walking DeusExMachina that serves as an AuthorAvatar and uses his magical plot powers to "fix" everybody by converting them to Christianity. Bob himself has no personality, no real backstory, and little to mark him but his goal of bringing everybody to Jesus by constantly being in the right place at the right time. See [[ article here]] for a thorough analysis.
  13. ** For all of Bob's Stu-ness, a good number of his charges still die and go to hell for their sins. This might have been to remind the reader that people go to hell, but it comes off as Bob only being able to convert stupid people while leaving anyone capable of fending him off to burn in the lake of fire.
  14. *** He also comes across as lazy, especially in ''The Nervous Witch'', which shows him able to effortlessly exorcise a demon from his niece without her permission, but apparently has to ask for Holly's consent for an exorcism and only can shout a blessing after her as she storms off. And then he sees her ''again'' and ''still'' doesn't do a damned thing to free her from possession.
  15. * Arguably NICOLE of the ''Comicbook/SonicTheHedgehog'' Archie comic series. Originally a vaguely sentient portable device with [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands less than specific limits and purposes]] (varies from a hacking device, lazer weapon and infobooth for practically anything scannable by her hardware, [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands again not that specific]]), the "character" eventually expanded via nanite technology to create New Mobotropolis, inside which she has [[GodModeSue near limitless powers and create all manner of entities to assist and protect the heroes]]. Though NICOLE has occasionally got some story involvement (gaining a holographic 'Mobian' form, being corrupted by the Iron Queen) she has yet to really gain much of a character and role outside when the others call her to help with a mission.
  16. ** Tails, due to largely following the contemporary interpretation from the games (see below) may also fall under this category, with the development and role of Sonic's best friend usually being handed to Sally.
  17. *** The Bem race, who were introduced as having successfully discovered the method of Derobotocization which they tested upon Robo Robotnik and Snively, and eventually all compatible Robians (as well some other minor plot details such as saving Shadow the Hedgehog and Tails' parents, Armadeus and Rosemary Prower).
  18. * JoeQuesada used Mephisto in ''OneMoreDay'' to "fix" the "problem" of {{Spider-Man}} being married to Mary Jane. In the followup storyline ''OneMomentInTime'', Mary Jane herself was the fixer (being the one to actually make the deal with Mephisto, being the one to call off the wedding in the altered timeline, and telling Peter at the end to get over her).
  20. [[AC:{{Film}}]]
  21. * In the film version of {{Roald Dahl}}'s book ''The Witches'', the screenwriters introduce a young assistant witch Miss Irvine who is snubbed by the Grand High Witch as the plot proceeds. In the end, it turns out that this subplot is created simply so that she might appear at the end of the movie to reverse the effects of a spell cast upon the hero Luke, who was transformed into a mouse midway through the story; in the original novel, Luke remains a mouse forever. Considering that the original book ends with Luke talking about how he's going to die in a few years due to having a mouse's lifespan, and being ''absolutely thrilled'' by the prospect because it means he won't outlive his grandmother, it's pretty reasonable for someone to have said "Uh, yeah, that's creepy as hell, let's change that for the movie." Also there's [[spoiler:Bruno, the other kid who gets turned into a mouse. In the book, it's strongly implied that his family would never accept him like this and would most likely drown him or let their cat kill him. The movie ends with Miss Irvine going to fix Bruno next]]. So yeah...
  22. ** WordOfGod was ''not'' happy with [[spoiler:the boy being changed back into a human]], saying they missed the point of the book (the surprising maturity of the boy accepting his fate [[spoiler:to live a much shorter life as a mouse]] as well as his grandmother's enduring love for him, etc).
  24. [[AC:{{Literature}}]]
  25. * ''Merrick'' from ''The Vampire Chronicles''. After Anne Rice decided to become a "good Christian" after a death in the family, she started cutting out all the homosexuality & started pairing vampires like Louis & Marius with women. Louis ended up with a Mayfair Witch instead of Lestat (Anne Rice lost a truckload of fans).
  26. * ''HaroldShea'' from the ''Incomplete Enchanter'' novels by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt is an interesting example of this. He is a modern psychologist whose friend discovers a way to transport them to the worlds of ancient myths and famous works of Medieval/Renaissance literature. In each of the worlds Shea ends up either fixing the world's problems or becoming essential to making sure things come out right. For example, in the world of Spenser's ''The Faerie Queene'', he defeats the guild of magicians that is slowly conquering that world. In the world of Norse myth he helps the Norse Gods retrieve their weapons in time for Ragnarok.
  27. ** However, Harold is an interesting personality in of himself with his own goals and desires -- he by no means exists only as a plot device to undo perceived problems in fictional continuities.
  28. ** Arguably, Martin Padway from L.Sprague de Camp's stand alone novel ''Lest Darkness Fall'' is one of these too, except instead of fixing a work of literature, he fixes history. In this case, Padway is transported to ancient Italy at the time when the Gothic kings were restoring the institutions of the old Roman Empire and manages to thwart a Byzantine invasion that derailed the process in RealLife.
  29. * In the StarWarsExpandedUniverse, Mara Jade and Corran Horn took this role in 1999. [[ArmedWithCanon Both Zahn and Stackpole considered Kevin J. Anderson the start of where the EU went downhill,]] and so they delivered a couple of {{Take That}}s. Corran tells Luke that Kyp was under Exar Kun's ''influence'', not control, and explains why - if he'd been ''possessed'', wouldn't he have killed Luke directly and not bothered looking for Kyp's brother? (''I, Jedi'' was basically a FixFic of [[JediAcademyTrilogy Anderson's trilogy]] anyway, trying to patch up and RetCon the many inconsistencies.)
  30. ** Mara has a fair amount to say in ''[[HandOfThrawn Vision of the Future]]'', including that everyone saw that "tipped turbolaser" Kyp Durron for what he was ''except Luke''. For the past 11 years, Luke has been influenced by TheDarkSide and not even known it, hence his absurdly godlike powers, like being able to make a fortress with funky gravity out of sand using only the Force and a couple of minutes. Besides denigrating Luke, Mara also mentions her belief that the clone Emperor wasn't Palpatine at all, and that she never had a relationship with Lando. At the end of the book, Luke and Mara are engaged, and the New Republic and TheEmpire are at peace, totally hosing the continuity of ''Young Jedi Knights''.
  31. ** Yeah, but denigrating Luke is what Mara does best. It's part of their relationship. When she isn't [[IsThatWhatTheyreCallingItNow calling him Master]], anyway.
  32. ** ... Hosing it? Did you miss out on how many Imperial factions are running around the galaxy by that point? A peace treaty with the Imperial Remnant isn't a peace treaty with every warlord with twenty systems.
  33. * In both the film and the original novel versions of ''ThePrincessBride,'' Westley embodies this trope (probably moreso in the book, because it can go into greater detail). He beats everyone at their own games; former enemies recognize that he's the only one who can solve all their problems; and he comes up with a successful plan on the spot, despite having been dead minutes earlier. [[JustifiedTrope Justified in this case]], however, because ''ThePrincessBride'' is an AffectionateParody of the adventure and romance genres.
  35. [[AC:{{Live Action TV}}]]
  36. * A year before the GodModeSue that was Billie Jenkins, ''{{Charmed}}'' introduced a LovableRogue ex-demon by the name of Drake, played by Billy Zane. Retaining his powers at the cost of his life (RealLifeWritesThePlot, as the studio likely couldn't afford to keep Zane on as a regular), he breezed into the girls' lives and, with {{Kirk Summation}}s and {{Patrick Stewart Speech}}es galore, wrapped up all the problems that had plagued the entire 7th season, just in time to [[DeadStarWalking go out on a dance.]] Turns out it was [[spoiler: all a part of ex-BigBad Cole's XanatosGambit to [[TheAtoner make up for past sins.]]]]
  37. ** Proof that TropesAreNotBad - Drake was probably the best thing to happen to Season 7.
  38. * Amanda from ''{{Lost in Austen}}'' is a rather literal example, coming from the real world into {{Pride and Prejudice}} to keep the story on course after Elizabeth Bennet escapes into the real world. She also exhibits a few other Mary Sue traits like just about every male character (and one female) falling in love with her.
  39. * Arguably the plot to ''QuantumLeap''. Sam shows up as a literal PossessionSue, solves everybody's problems and leaves.
  40. * In ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' episode "As You Were", Riley and his new wife Sam show up to save the day. Not only that but everyone realizes what a great and wonderful person Sam is as she imparts valuable insight about everyone's lives and basically acts like a Mary Sue so that Buffy can be envious of how well Riley's life is going. Riley is also used as plot device here just to make Buffy realize that sleeping with Spike might not be the healthiest decision she's ever made and then leaving again.
  41. * Attempted in the Van Gogh episode of ''DoctorWho'' where Amy tries to prevent his inevitable suicide.
  43. [[AC:VideoGames]]
  44. * Zehir in ''HeroesOfMightAndMagic V'' appears out of nowhere as the protagonist of the final campaign and single-handedly resolves just about the entire tangled web of conflicts and wars. Then in the final campaign of the second expansion, ''Tribes of the East'', he does ''the exact same thing'' to the unresolved plotlines of both expansions -- a literal case of AWizardDidIt, since he's, well, a wizard.
  45. ** In ''Hammers of Fate'', Zehir didn't play a major role due to personal matters [[spoiler: such as finishing off a major villain from the original game]]. Everything almost literally went to hell without him. It's as if the good guys in the setting can't do jack without him. Or maybe he's the demons' KryptoniteFactor.
  46. * [[spoiler: Erika]] from UminekoNoNakuKoroNi is a deconstruction. She drops into the story via a ContrivedCoincidence and quickly solves the unsolvable Witch's Riddle that had stumped everyone for the past four story-arcs. [[spoiler: Except this doesn't solve the family's problems, it just makes them far worse. And it turns out that [[BitchInSheepsClothing this was Erika's intention all along.]]]]
  47. * A Hero/Vigilante Tip mission in ''CityOfHeroes'' offers the choice to either undo the damage done by [[CompleteMonster Westin Phipps]], or to [[ExtremeMeleeRevenge beat the shit out of him for being so evil]].
  49. [[AC:WebOriginal]]
  50. * A.Chimendez - hack writer of Cheat Commandos - from ''HomestarRunner'', although a parody of this trope, is a stellar example. After Gunhaver's VA [[BlackHoleSue took over the show]], he inserted himself [[CousinOliver quickly into the show]] just for the purpose of initiating a laughably poor BatmanGambit to write Gunhaver out of the cartoon while he put the show [[OffTheRails back on the rails]].
  51. ** And keeping in the nature with this trope, after Chimendez was able to regain control [[BrotherChuck he wrote himself out]] and gave Gunhaver his old position back even though the other Cheat Commandos were legitimately excited to have him around.
  53. [[AC:WesternAnimation]]
  54. * Arnold of ''HeyArnold!'' degenerated into this as the show went on, becoming the kid who solved everyone's problems, including those of the adults on the show. {{Lampshaded}} in one episode, in which several kids get annoyed with this fact and try to have Helga solve their problems instead... only to learn that they need Arnold after all.
  55. ** It was kinda funny in later episodes when Gerald would [[LampshadeHanging hang a lampshade]] on how ridiculous this had become.
  56. --> "You may have been able to get stoop kid off his stoop, freed the pigeon man, beat the king of the rats, and taught Mr. Kokoshka how to read, but there's ''no way'' you can keep Chocolate Boy from eating chocolate!"
  57. *** [[ForegoneConclusion Which he did.]]
  58. * It was also [[ParodySue parodied]] and {{lampshaded}} in ''TheSimpsons'', with Lester and Eliza, which made viewers realize how many problems Bart and Lisa had fixed over the years.
  60. ----
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