Do it For Her (Derpy; Challenge/Cute Short)

May 27th, 2014
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  1. So here are the challenges:
  3. If you can go ONE whole week without masturbating, you can have your waifu transported into your room once and can talk with her for one hour, but there is an invisible force field between you two so you cannot touch her at all
  5. If you can go TWO whole weeks without masturbating, she will appear once again and you cannot touch her but she will be there for that whole weekend
  7. If you can go THREE whole weeks without masturbating, she will appear for the rest of your life one day a month, you can hug her but there is an invisible mini force field around her face and lower areas so no kisses or sexy times
  9. If you can go FOUR whole weeks without masturbating, she will appear for the rest of your life every weekend, you can hug her but there is an invisible mini force field around her face and lower areas so no kisses or sexy times
  11. And the final but most rewarding challenge: If you can go THREE whole MONTHS without masturbating, she will appear every weekend that you wish of her for the rest of your life, no force field, allowing you and her for maximum snuggles and sexy time
  13. So realistically how far are you able to go?
  16. >Week 1
  17. >Choose Derpy
  18. >Successful Mission
  19. >She appears in room
  20. >Confused at first then she sees you and begins to sob
  21. >Can't comfort her through the force field but keep asking what's the matter
  22. >"Nobody has ever picked me before..."
  23. >Learn that this has been going on in ponyworld for months
  24. >Almost every pony on the show and then some has a dedicated human as a friend they see on the weekend
  25. >Derpy sat in her house alone month after month
  26. >She wipes her eyes and presses her hoof to the forcefield
  27. >You put your hand where her hoof rests
  28. >83 days left?
  29. >You'll do it for her
  30. >Week 2
  31. >Difficult but you made it
  32. >No sign of Derpy though
  33. >Weird, maybe lack of fapping made you hallucinate
  34. >Wait another day, no sign of her
  35. >Rub one out and call it a night
  36. >Few more weeks pass
  37. >Work gets busy
  38. >10+ hour days
  39. >Barely a weekend off
  40. >Circumstance leads to you not fapping for a week straight
  41. >At exactly the 168th hour
  42. >Derpy appears
  43. >She sees you and her wings pomf and the tears flow like waterfalls
  44. >You and her rush to the forcefield, pressing as hard as you can against it
  45. >You ask her what happened, why didn't she appear the second week
  46. >"I couldn' long..."
  47. >She hitches between sobs
  48. >You can't believe it
  49. >For whatever magic to work, both sides have to refrain from touching themselves
  50. >"After I...messed up...never again! Anon I'm so sorry, I won't--"
  51. >You shush her
  52. >You say you understand and that if she's willing to keep going you are too
  53. >She nods, wiping her eyes, a small smile gracing her lips
  54. >"I missed you so much...even though I just met you I thought about you all the time..."
  55. >She blushes slightly
  56. >"A little...too much heh heh"
  57. >You smile and shake your head
  58. >She begins to fade away, an hour already passed
  59. >"I'l...for you...!"
  60. >She's gone
  61. >You look to the calendar
  62. >Another 83 days potentially
  63. >She's worth it
  64. >Seven long days pass
  65. >Workload lessens, for the first time this is a curse
  66. >Less work means more free time
  67. >But you truck through as you did last time and sure enough, when you get home Derpy is waiting for you
  68. >She tries to hug you but the force fields keep her millimeters away
  69. >Even so, she's all smiles
  70. >"We have a whole weekend together!"
  71. >You nod and the two of you lay on your couch and start to chat about things.
  72. >Your lives, the world, muffins, you name it, it came up.
  73. >Every so often you or her would forget about the invisible barrier that keeps you apart
  74. >The sting hurt more and more every time
  75. >"In one more week we can hug and hold each other"
  76. >She smiled weakly, you could tell the barrier frustrated her just as much
  77. >At least things could pass through, so you did what any derpy lover would do
  78. >The next morning she awoke to the smell of freshly baked muffins
  79. >You bought them from a local bakery but she didn't care
  80. >She gobbled them down and giggled when she saw what a mess she was making
  81. >You didn't care
  82. >It's just as you imagined she would be
  83. >Cute, talky, rough around the edges, and a little bit of a klutz
  84. >You didn't like that vase anyhow, just some junk from Ikea
  85. >It was adorable watching her try to put it back together though
  86. >Time flew by, you ended up lazying on the couch and watching trashy reality tv with her
  87. >She loved when the 'bleep' sound happened, she laughed everytime
  88. >You felt like it was a really terrible way to spend the rest of the weekend but it took your minds off how close you were
  89. >Yet so far away
  90. >Next week would be different though
  91. >You could actually hug her
  92. >Actually put your arm around her right now and hold her close to you
  93. >"Hey week?"
  94. >She looked to you and smiled a goofy smile
  95. >"I like oatmeal muffins, k? Or blueberry"
  96. >You nod
  97. >She begins to fad away
  98. >"I promise to be good!"
  99. >You and her press hoof and hand to each other's fields before she fades away
  100. >Two weeks down...
  101. >Week three was pure torture
  102. >Your heart was on your side but your body was not
  103. >And your subconscious was a dick in general
  104. >A barely worth mentioning 5 started working at the desk across from yours
  105. >Between office hot and clogged pipes though, you gave her far too much attention
  106. >Need to focus!
  107. >Today was the day
  108. >A whole day with Derpy
  109. >Less than a weekend but its for the rest of your life
  110. >Forever
  111. >But most of all
  112. >"HI~!!!"
  113. >You're barely a foot through the door of your place when you get what you've been waiting three weeks for
  114. >Who are you kidding, more like four long, lonely years
  115. >She nearly tackles you, legs and wings wrapping around your torso like a vice
  116. >You give as good as you got, and in the she was the one to cry uncle for the hugging to end
  117. >You know kissing on the lips and...elsewhere was off limits
  118. >But you can still give her a peck on the forehead
  119. >She blushes like a schoolgirl as you set her back down
  120. >"A whole day, every month! And we can cuddle and snuggle and and..."
  121. >She peers beyond you and sees the assortment of baked goods
  122. >"And you remembered!!"
  123. >She flaps happily to the breakfast table and begins to scrutinize each muffin like a wine taster
  124. >"They're ok but I can make better!"
  125. >You tell her to write down what she needs and she can bake them next time
  126. >She agrees and gives your middle another hug
  127. >You pet her mane and scratch behind her ears
  128. >Her wings pomf and she coos happily
  129. >You want to lead her somewhere but she shakes her head when you suggest she let go
  130. >"A few more minutes, please....I want to know this is for real"
  131. >You settle for kneeling down on your kitchen floor
  132. >The hugging not stopping
  133. >"I've wanted this so have no idea"
  134. >She begins to cry, tears of joy but tears nontheless
  135. >You raise her chin with your hand and wipe her tears away
  136. >"We're doing it...we really are"
  137. >You really more week and she was yours on the weekends forever
  138. >"I don't know...if I can do it..."
  139. >Week 4 and you're having the same doubts as your grey friend
  140. >You both made it, but in retrospect that was the easy part
  141. >Four weeks down but nine to go
  142. >"We'll still see each other every weekend forever if we mess up, right?"
  143. >You don't know
  144. >She's doesn't either
  145. >You're curled up together in bed, you on your back, her head resting on your chest
  146. >Its been hours since you ended up this way and neither of you want to move
  147. >"My body is...being this close to you and..."
  148. >You know, you understand
  149. >Heck, she bumped into how much you understand more than once
  150. >Its her fault for having such a great butt and resting it right on your crotch
  151. >"I want to...feel you in other badly..."
  152. >You nod
  153. >"But its so far away..."
  154. >You give her a boost so you can look into her eyes
  155. >This mismatched eyes that stole your heart years ago
  156. >You tell her not to look at it as a long time, just a week at a time
  157. >She sniffles and nods
  158. >She moves to kiss you and you back away, knowing that it won't work
  159. >"I don't care let me...remember why this is so important!"
  160. >She presses her lips almost to yours
  161. >You both are met with an unpleasant shock of energy
  162. >"Why would someone make this so difficult?"
  163. >She sniffs and wipes her eyes again
  164. >You have no answer, just maybe whoever decided the rules wanted to be sure a human would really want to devote his life to a pony
  165. >"It's silly, I knew I loved you the moment I saw you..."
  166. >She gasps and covers her mouth
  167. >Her cheeks are burning red
  168. >"Oh I...I didn't mean..."
  169. >You run your hand through her mane
  170. >And tell her you loved her too
  171. >She broke down and sobbed more, joy and frustration shaking her body
  172. >You laid there and held her, holding back tears of your own
  173. >Nine more weeks
  174. >God as your witness, you'll do it for her
  175. >Week 5 came and went
  176. >You've been having sex dreams every other day
  177. >But no matter what you wake up hard as diamonds
  178. >On friday you swore two grapefruits were close enough together to resemble boobs and nearly had to run to the restroom
  179. >It's for Derpy, remember that
  180. >She's suffering just as much
  181. >Moreso, she has the guilt of screwing up the first time
  182. >The weekend came and she greeted you the same way as the last two times
  183. >A running hug tackle and nuzzles of every kind but the obvious
  184. >You were getting cabin fever so you suggested leaving the house
  185. >She was worried about being spotted but the conditions of this agreement never said she had to be a prisoner in your home
  186. >Taking proper precautions you smuggled her to a late movie
  187. >You can barely remember which one, the theater was empty save another couple in the front row
  188. >Making out like a pair of teenagers
  189. >Derpy and you both couldn't concentrate
  190. >You sat there, snuggled up, eyes glued to the couple in the front
  191. >"When our time comes....I'm going to make them look like prudes"
  192. >Unf..
  193. >You ask her not to say things like that and she rubs your hand with her hoof
  194. >"Bad enough we can't take care of ourselves, we can at least think about the reward, hmm?"
  195. >You didn't really agree, it felt like unnecessary torture on top of the hell you were dealing with
  196. >She sighed and took her hoof away
  197. >You apologize and wrap an arm around her
  198. >Her fur bristled where you touched
  199. >Eight more weeks...
  200. >You needed a miracle...
  201. >Week 6 you nearly failed
  202. >Woke up to the throb of your loins
  203. >You had the most vivid dream of Derpy and you ending this curse
  204. >Your mind had all the tools it needed to construct temptation like that
  205. >Her touch, her scent, the feel and warmth of her body
  206. >Everything but what you needed
  207. >Your sheets were soaked with your pre, your mind on nothing but where her tail met her back
  208. >Those glances of her prize you afforded over the last month
  209. >Even her voice, she could be quite seductive when she wanted to be
  210. >There wasn't water cold enough on this earth to calm you down
  211. >But your resolve held, you conquered the desire
  212. >For now anyway
  213. >When she arrived on the weekend, you sat her down and told her
  214. >She sighed and admitted something similar has happened to her more than once
  215. >She'd wake up suddenly, her neithers dri--
  216. >You put a hand on her mouth
  217. >You...couldn't hear that right now
  218. >She blushed and giggled when she saw what it was doing to you
  219. >"Seven weeks left, I'm..I'm really sure we can do it! Halfway point, no stopping us!"
  220. >You nod, hiding your doubt
  221. >Hiding the part of you that wished she'd cave so you can get off guilt free
  222. >Your balls were aching for release
  223. >Even old fat women were beginning to turn you on
  224. >Derpy found that particularly funny
  225. >No sense hiding it from her
  226. >You two were a team
  227. >She suggested you get a hobby
  228. >With the silliest serious face she could make, she suggested you work out or something
  229. >"I've taken more shifts, been flying and running more...I'd show you what its been doing but...well...butts"
  230. >She stuck her tongue out
  231. >You booped her nose
  232. >Hold out for her, you can do it...
  233. >You took Derpy's advice during Week 7
  234. >In between work, hit the gym, got out more
  235. >You had nearly 50 days left, might as well better yourself in the meantime
  236. >Your frustration levels were not helping your gut one bit
  237. >Your body seemed to get the hint and it backed off, the dreams stopped
  238. >Knot holes in trees stopped looking attractive
  239. >You felt more alive too
  240. >But going from 0 to /fit/ took its toll and come Friday night you passed out cold
  241. >You woke up around noon
  242. >Smell of fresh baked goods filled the entire apartment
  243. >You groggily make your way to the kitchen to find Derpy humming contently and baking
  244. >She's made a bit of a mess, flour and other ingredients everywhere
  245. >But you can't hold back the smile
  246. >She sees you and, after her trademark flying hug tackle, pulls you toward the oven
  247. >"They're almost done! I'm so happy you remembered to get all those ingredients for me~"
  248. >You gave her a peck on the cheek along with your thanks
  249. >She sighed and had to work double to keep herself airborne, her face a light shade of crimson
  250. >Maybe this was the turning point, where you realized there was a brilliant madness behind this challenge
  251. >As you sat there, eating a freshly baked muffin with your waifu, you told her how beautiful she looked
  252. >She giggled and covered her face shyly
  253. >"How can you say that? I have bedhead and I'm covered with flour!"
  254. >You just sit there and grin, looking at your silly waifu
  255. >"Whaaaaat?"
  256. >She flapped over the table and landed in your lap
  257. >"What's so funny? What are you grinning at?"
  258. >You whisper in her ear exactly what
  259. >She swoons and wraps her forehooves around your neck
  260. >"You're the really are"
  261. >You squeezed her tight and kissed her everywhere you could
  262. >Six more weeks?
  263. >Bring it on
  264. >Week 8 you kept up your routines
  265. >Work, gym, sleep, no time in between
  266. >You saved the weekends for being lazy
  267. >The plumbing downstairs continued to behave itself
  268. >You had to avoid the treadmills and cardio in general though
  269. >Women in tight spandex running, nuff said
  270. >Again you slept in, again you're woken by smells from the kitchen
  271. >This time, not the good kind though
  272. >You smoke detector woke you up, along with Derpy shoving your body looking distressed
  273. >Without much thought, you rushed into the kitchen and saw something burning in the oven
  274. >She's panicking, you're still so sleepy it doesn't quite register
  275. >You go with the motions and put out whatever she was baking with a fire extinguisher
  276. >Crisis averted, though you'll need a new muffin pan
  277. >And probably a new oven
  278. >Derpy didn't take this nearly as well as you
  279. >You found her under your covers in bed, sobbing
  280. >"..I'm sorry.."
  281. >She barely squeaked out the apology
  282. >You tried to move the covers but she pulled them tighter around herself
  283. >"No matter....what...I...mess something're kitchen is ruined!"
  284. >You try to play it off and say as a single male you were unaware you had a kitchen till she started using it
  285. >She doesn't take too kindly to the attempted joke
  286. >"It's not...funny...I nearly burned your house down! Don't...try and make it no big deal"
  287. >You sigh and sit on the bed, petting the mound of covers and sheets
  288. >You don't care about the kitchen, you tell her, you only care about her
  289. >She pokes her head from out of the covers
  290. >Her eyes are red and puffy
  291. >"You...really mean that, don't you?"
  292. >You nod
  293. >The last 8 weeks were proof enough
  294. >"Can we...go inside and hide in the living room for a little bit?"
  295. >You smile weakly and scoop her up, carrying her to the couch for snuggles
  296. >"...Thank you for not being mad..."
  297. >She was clinging to your shirt when you got to the couch
  298. >You can't recall how many hours you laid there petting her
  299. >But you'd do anything to see the happiness in her eyes again
  300. >Week 9 was bad
  301. >You forgot how good a stress tug felt after a terrible day at work
  302. >Now times that by 5
  303. >Even the gym wasn't helping anymore, your need to lock yourself away, look at some porn and have at yourself getting the better of you
  304. >It only got worse when the weekend rolled around
  305. >You expected Derpy
  306. >You expected her to give you a huge hug and to show her the new stove
  307. >Instead she never showed
  308. >She didn't...she couldn't have
  309. >Even if she did that wouldn't have stopped her from coming this weekend?
  310. >Right!?
  311. >You were a wreck, you actually were searching your own closets trying to find the little grey pegasus
  312. >She didn't turn up anywhere
  313. >She couldn't still be upset about the weekend before, it was an accident
  314. >Maybe...maybe it's all been a dream?
  315. >Like that movie about that math teacher
  316. >Did you imagine every--
  317. >You freeze
  318. >In the hallway is Derpy
  319. >She's trying to smile with a card in her mouth
  320. >On her back is a box filled with cookies and other assorted treats
  321. >"Mvy vmamvm..."
  322. >She drops the letter on the floor and blushes
  323. >"I wanted to surprise you...after last weekend I still felt bad and---"
  324. >You nearly tackled her, pulling her into your embrace
  325. >She yelped, nearly dropping the box of sweets
  326. >"Easy're a lot buffer these days..."
  327. >She chuckled then gasps when she saw the tears in your eyes
  328. >You thought she was gone for good
  329. >"That's silly....I love you! Why would you think I'd do that? You're a silly human!"
  330. >She rubs her hoof through your hair
  331. >You wipe your eyes and look into hers
  332. >She smiles and boops your nose
  333. >Four more weeks, you can do it
  334. >After the misunderstanding during week 9
  335. >You and her talked and planned out the next 28 days
  336. >What you'd do to keep your minds focused
  337. >You were both so close
  338. >There was no stopping you now
  339. >Week 10, Week 11, they flew by
  340. >The only slip up was a backrub that got a little too intimate with her wings
  341. >And her butt
  342. >God it's nice, she wasn't kidding
  343. >Otherwise, Week 12 came, and went, you two having an actual date for a change
  344. >Sure it was a little cheesy and involved keeping her hidden but she understood
  345. >It didn't stop her from wearing a cute green dress and a little bit of makeup just for you
  346. >Which lead to the here and now
  347. >91 days
  348. >It fell on a thursday, giving you some buffer time
  349. >Friday was painfully long
  350. >You couldn't sleep that night
  351. >The next day Derpy was going to appear and...
  352. >Huh....that was funny
  353. >All the pent up frustration and other things
  354. >You never stopped to think about exactly what you were going to do
  355. >Did you want this? Really truly want this?
  356. >Give your life and soul to a small pegasus that visits every weekend?
  357. >Why would you doubt things? Why now?
  358. >Maybe you were worried it would ruin something special you two had?
  359. >That couldn't be it, could it?
  360. >Derpy wanted this just as bad as you did
  361. >If she didn't....she'd say so, wouldn't she?
  362. >You fall asleep, your mind riddled with doubt
  363. >You had to talk to her tomorrow morning
  364. >You awoke the next day
  365. >To Derpy jumping on your bed, demanding you wake up
  366. >When she saw you stir she nuzzled your cheek and pulled the covers off
  367. >"Come on sleepy-head! Today is the big day!"
  368. >She seemed taken aback when you didn't leap out up to join her, but more somberly slouched at the foot of the bed
  369. >"Hey hon, what's the matter?"
  370. >She laid next to you and put her hooves in your lap
  371. >Her head was hung a little low, expecting you to say something terrible
  372. >You cupped her cheek and guided her upwards, to look to her eyes, and ask
  373. >If she was really ready, if this is what she really wanted to do with you
  374. >You promised you wouldn't be mad if she said no
  375. >Though you jokingly added you may need 5 minutes alone if she did
  376. >She sighed and pressed her forehead to yours
  377. >"I've wanted it since day one...that's why I failed so badly. I...I'm not the most popular mare back home."
  378. >She forced a smile but her eyes always betrayed her feelings
  379. >"My weeks are lousy. I deliver the mail and nobody says thank you, they only complain when I make a mistake..."
  380. >Her smile fades, her eyes drooping downward
  381. >"But when I'm here, with you....even the tiniest thing is happy. You make me happy. I want you...I want be even more than that."
  382. >"I promise...I love you, my silly human...I've been dreaming of you..."
  383. >She inches closer to your face
  384. >Her eyes slowly close
  385. >You both hesitate, months of forcefields zapping you doesn't suddenly fade away
  386. >But, slowly, carefully, your lips meet
  387. >You both share a sudden breath, and three months of stress, determination and friendship is finally rewarded
  388. >....very briefly....
  389. >You're no player by any stretch of the imagination
  390. >But of all the sex you've ever had
  391. >That was by far the quickest bout of romance you've ever experienced
  392. >Both of you are on your backs, staring at the ceiling, an uncomfortable silence between you two
  393. >"...Sorry...?"
  394. >She giggles slightly but you can tell she's embarrassed
  395. >That is the only saving grace of this, you weren't the only one who was a bit..premature
  396. >You literally put it in her and a second later she was orgasming
  397. >Her muscles pulled you in and a few pumps later...
  398. >Yea...
  399. >Three whole months of each other and the rest of the world teasing you
  400. >When you thought about it, why didn't you see this happening?
  401. >"So....well....umm....we have the rest of our lives to get...better, right?"
  402. >You nod
  403. >"That was just cause...we hadn' so long right? Everypony says humans can go for..."
  404. >You shhhh her
  405. >She pokes you in the ribs
  406. >The rolls onto your chest, opening her wings
  407. >"I love you, no matter what. Don't forget that"
  408. >You tell her the same, sharing another kiss
  409. >Her cheeks twinge red as you pull away
  410. >You feel something below her begin to stir
  411. >"Ah....already?"
  412. >You grin and nod
  413. >Her blush intensifies
  414. >"Oh...oh my I didn't...know you recovered that..."
  415. >You nod again and your hands find her rump
  416. >She gasps and her body arcs against yours
  417. >You give her another kiss, one far more passionate than the last
  418. >There were plans for today, but they were quickly forgotten
  419. >You had three months to make up for, afterall
  421. ~ END ~
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