Bellerophon x Anon (Satyr)(Incest)

Mar 17th, 2014
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  1. >Oh god, why had you drank so heavily that night
  2. >Turns out that the place that passed for Louisiana in Equestria made some hardcore kind of moonshine
  3. >And you had never been one to resist the lure of alcohol
  4. >What had followed you could not recall, but six months later the result of your drunken stupor had appeared
  5. >In the unfortunate form of a chimera tearing down your front door
  6. >You had been just lounging about, waiting for Lyra to show up
  7. >The minty pony had been doing research, for science she claimed
  8. >No matter what it was for, she was at least friendly to you, not like most of Ponyville
  9. >And now, with your wall wrecked, you could add some enemies outside Ponyville too
  10. >A chimera had stepped out into the dust cloud, clutching some kind of bundle in one of its mouths
  11. >Its snake head had slunk around its massive frame and had stared you in your eyes
  12. >Its hissing voice had been clearly female, which almost answered what questions had about what it was carrying
  13. >"I believe thisss, is yoursss. We can't care for it and for ourssselvessss."
  14. >You were still too scared shitless to even respond, instead just watching as the beast dropped the package and left without another word
  15. >When you had finally got the balls to crawl over, you'd heard a loud squalling
  16. >And that answered the rest of your questions
  17. >Fucking alcohol
  18. >So here you were, sixteen years later, sexless, poor, and...
  19. >"Hey dad, we're outta 'nip again!"
  20. >Not fucking alone
  21. >You'd been stuck with Belle, your little shit offspring, ever since that god damn chimera had left her in the wreckage of your living room
  22. >Ungrateful little motherfu--
  23. >"Dad, didya hear me! We're outta catnip, and all the root is gone too!"
  24. >After all this time, you finally snap at her
  25. "I heard you, kid! Fuck, I heard you when you started on that shit years ago! I heard you last week when you brought that colt home and used up the last of your stash, and drank half my cabinet! I can't stop hearing you, you little brat!"
  26. >You hear her claws click and look up from your beer, at her, with an angry glare
  27. >You see the look on her face, horrified with her eyes full of tears
  28. >But you're too far gone to stop now
  29. "Ever since you got it in your head that drugs are cool, you've been nothing but trouble. Hell, even before that you didn't do anything besides eat the food and take up a bed. Fuck sake, your mother didn't even stick around for you, just left it to dear old dad. And by god, I've tried to raise you right. But it sure seems like something got fucked up, doesn't it?"
  30. >She drops the empty container in her hands and it lands with a dull thunk
  31. >A piercing pain in your hand distracts you, and you look down to find that you've crushed your half empty can of beer
  32. >When you look back at your daughter, tears are streaming down her face and her shoulders are shuddering
  33. >"I-I'm gonna go to my room for a bit..."
  34. >That's all she squeaks out before she runs off to her room
  35. >Dammit, now you feel like the asshole
  36. >And maybe that feeling was a little justified
  37. >Yeah, you had dealt with her shit since she was just a kid
  38. >But that was part of the deal when it came to raising them, right?
  39. >You knew what you had to do, at least
  40. >After you clean up the spillage from the spilled beer and dropped dish, you walk down the short hallway to your shared room
  41. >You had seperate beds of course, ever since Belle started going into heat...
  42. >That was a memorable way to wake up and unfortunately, though you'd feverently deny it to anyone who asked, not entirely unpleasent
  43. >You shake the thoughts off and knock on the door to the room
  44. >You hear a sharp hiss, that could only be the snake that was in place of her tail
  45. >It wasn't able to speak, so you had never felt a need to differ it from Belle herself
  46. >A quiet, almost mewling, voice punctuates the his in between choked sobs
  47. >"W-what do you want?"
  48. >You open the door and the hinges give way with barely a squeak
  49. >Without speaking, you walk over and sit beside the crying lass and put an arm about her shoulders
  50. "I just wanted to say, I'm sorry kiddo."
  51. >She looks up at you with a confused gaze, and the ever present hissing from her tail ceases
  52. >You take the opportunity to continue
  53. "I treat you pretty rough sometimes, and most of it's because I'm pissed at your mom for dumping you on me and just leaving. But that's probably been hard for you too, so I shouldn't use it as an excuse. I'm trying to be a good dad and raise you right, it just feels like it doesn't click with you sometimes."
  54. >She leans in closer to you, laying her head on your chest and drying her tears on your shirt
  55. >"Y'know, I only bring those colts home because they all say they like me for who I am, not what I am. And I guess I've just been using the nip and stuff so I don't remember whether it's true or not but..."
  56. >Her shoulders start shaking again and she grasps your shirt with a deathly grip
  57. >"All the kids at school always make fun of me! I'm just the freak in the yard, that thing that shouldn't be real. And all the colts just wanna bang me so that they can say 'I've fucked the freak!'. I just want one that actually likes me..."
  58. >As she sobs into your shirt, a spontaneous thought fills your mind, a surefire way to cheer her up
  59. >You scoop up your comparitively small daughter in your arms and carry her with you into the kitchen
  60. >You shift her so that she's slung in one arm and rummage about the cupboards with the other
  61. >Now where had you put that shit you'd found last month...
  62. >Ah!
  63. >Your fingers make contact with a small, sackcloth textured back and you pull it out of its hiding hole
  64. >You wave it in front of Belle's face, and she immediately perks up at the scent
  65. >Her sniffles lessen and die away along with her tears
  66. >"I-is that..."
  67. >You smile and keep the packet just inches from her face
  68. "It's a little bit of nip I took from you last week. I was going to give it back, but I forgot about it."
  69. >She snatches it from your hand with her paws and presses it to her nose, breathing deep
  70. >Then her eyes turn to you, pupils dilated under the effects of the drug
  71. >"You're the best dad, I could kiss you!"
  72. >She blushes at that statement, but then her face becomes more serious
  73. >"Actually..."
  74. >With that, she grabs behind your head and pulls herself and you into a passionate, lengthy kiss
  75. >And despite your brain screaming about happenings and throwing around damage control statements, you find yourself kissing back within a second
  76. >And what's more, you take a more aggressive, dominant role, grabbing one of her horns and pulling her closer
  77. >Finally you pull her away from you, with a rough jerk of her horn
  78. >A small string of saliva connects your open, panting mouths and you can feel the effects of the catnip as well
  79. >How the fuck did that work?
  80. >Wait, why were you asking that? You just kissed your half-human, half-chimera daughter
  81. >This is Equestria motherfucker!
  82. >"D-dad, can we go somewhere a bit more comfortable?"
  83. >You smile and place her down on her own two hooves, before pulling her along to the bedroom by her horn
  84. >She certainly didn't seem to mind your actions, scrambling to keep up with you with a huge smile on her face
  85. >Her snake tail was hissing nonstop now, you'd have to take care of that
  86. >For that matter, given the proximity of your neighbors, you'd probably have to gag Belle too
  87. >You reach the room and, with care not to hurt her, toss your daughter onto the bed
  88. >You go into your closet and get your rope
  89. >You had it laying about still from the time you'd helped AJ stowing hay in her barn
  90. >You cut of a lenth of it for the snake, then take another look at your daughter who was laying on her back, staring at the ceiling
  91. "I'm gonna need more rope..."
  92. >She perks up as you speak
  93. >"Whassat dad?"
  94. >You 'hide' the rope behind your back and walk over to her with what you suppose is an evil grin
  95. "Turn around, honey."
  96. >She does, presenting her snake tail and, more importantly, her more than ample ass
  97. >You bite your lower lip, praying to Slaanesh to bless you with the Damned Glasses of Uunf
  98. >Your prayers go unheeded, so you'll have to make do with the rope
  99. >You use the smaller bit to tie the mouth of the serpent tail shut, shushing up the annoying hissing that had become wearying
  100. >With a quick motion, you flip your stoned daughter on her back and grab her legs under one arm
  101. >She puts up a resistence that could best be described as feeble before you tie her legs in such a way that's convenient for your purpose
  102. >With that done, you grab both her arms and secure another length of rope around them
  103. >And finally, for the finishing touch, you tie the two restraints together, forcing her limbs to fold uncomfortably
  104. >With every sharp tug on the rope, or rough shove to move her about, Belle lets out a little moan
  105. >Clearly she's really into being the sub, and you doubt any of those colts knew a shear from a reef
  106. >With your conquest thus secured, you grab one of her horns and pull her up so that she looks you in the eye
  107. "You know, you've been teasing me ever since that first heat. You're going to have to make up for all those years of torture."
  108. >She actually pulls of a good scared look
  109. >"B-but I don't think I can go that long! And these ropes are hurting already!"
  110. >You give her a light, but loud, slap across the cheek
  111. "Don't you sass me, young lady. I'm your father, and I deserve the respect. And if you won't give it to me, well I'll just have to teach you how to respect me!"
  112. >With that, you roll her again so she's face down
  113. >The way you had secured her bonds meant that, while her head was buried in a pillow, her rump was in the air, practically begging for attention
  114. >You start with a little tease, running your finger up and down her inner thigh, and around the lips of her puffy vagina
  115. >You can hear her moans intensify at the play, and you know she wants the D
  116. >Too bad, she'd have to wait for it
  117. >You tear the shirt she had been wearing clean off her body, prompting and annoyed groan from her
  118. >"I paid money for that, dad..."
  119. >You smack her bottom and she yelps
  120. "Yeah, you paid my fucking money for it."
  121. >With that, you reach around and stuff the remainders of the ruined shirt in her mouth
  122. >She tries to mumble something around the makeshift gag, and then tries to spit it out
  123. >You smack her face when she tries to spit out and grab hold of one of her horns
  124. >She moans into the gag and slackens under the forceful grip
  125. >You were ready to go
  126. >Hell, your dick had been ready for this since her first heat
  127. >You unzip your trousers and nearly tear them from your body
  128. >All the while, your daughter lays there, naked and waiting
  129. >Your cock springs from the pants that had held it, slapping against Belle's bare flank
  130. >Then, with power that would impress even a Khornate Berserker, you slam your shaft into her waiting pussy
  131. >You hear her whimper into the gag you had made for her
  132. >That was all the encouragement you needed
  133. >You grab her hips and pound furiously at her moistened hole
  134. >Despite all the colts she had brought home with her, it was still just as tight as any mares
  135. >She must have either had incredible muscle control, or those colts didn't even last as long as regular stallions
  136. >No matter the why, it was driving you wild
  137. >As you slam away at her dripping cunt, one of your hands reaches forward and starts fondling one of her budding breasts
  138. >The other takes hold of a horn, just so that you can have a handhold
  139. >And going by the way she was responding to your rough touch, she was nearing her peak
  140. >You could feel your own fast approaching as well, but you had something special in mind
  141. >Without warning, you pull your cock free with a pop and let go of your daughters body
  142. >You hear the cry of a climax denied muffled by the gag, but quickly remedy that mournful sob with a hard smack on the rump
  143. >She yelps again and falls silent, waiting for whatever you have planned
  144. >You reach up to the snake tail and undo its muzzle
  145. >A loud hiss fills the room as soon as you do, but you're quick to fix that
  146. >You pry the serpents jaws apart and force it down on your waiting erection
  147. >You feel it convulse, and its muscles contract around your cock
  148. >You almost lose control, but then take it back and start forcing the appendage to blow you
  149. >With your free hand, you press two fingers into Belle's still dripping pussy, much to her vocal delight
  150. >With your thumb, you massage her clit, driving the young satyr mad with lust
  151. >She begins to shudder and cries out as her burning walls clamp around your two fingers
  152. >A musky fluid gushes over your hand, and several more spurt jet out after
  153. >All the while, you continue to force the snake to deepthroat you
  154. >But the scent of your daughters musk and her muffled scream of ecstasy push you to your own peak
  155. >You grit your teeth and force the viper tail down and fire into its throat a load that had been building for sixteen long years
  156. >The serpents eyes bug out, but you see a small deformity travel along its 'body' as it swallows jet after jet of your seed
  157. >Clearly this has some effect on Belle, as she moans in time with the twitches of your dick and her pussy convulses as well
  158. >Finally spent, you pull the tail off your cock and remove your fingers from her pussy
  159. >After that, you untie the knots and take the rope off of your defiled child
  160. >You roll her over and see her eyes, pupils dilated from both the catnip you had both taken and the ecstasy of orgasm
  161. >Given how fast those colts left, it was probably her first
  162. >You take the gag of ruined shirt from her mouth and throw it into the small pile of discarded clothes
  163. >Belle places her paws on your shoulders and weakly pulls herself up to kiss you
  164. >You return the kiss with equal passion and scoop her into your arms
  165. >You break the kiss and look outside
  166. >Holy shit, it's getting pretty late
  167. >The sun had probably been lowered an hour ago
  168. >No matter, Belle was about to fall asleep in your arms anyway
  169. >You walk over to the bed you had for her, in the same room, and lay her down
  170. >She snuggles under the covers, and you turn to go back to your own
  171. >But then you feel the tug of her soft pad on your leg and turn around
  172. >She looks up at you, face flushed and eyes sparkling
  173. >"Hey dad, can you sleep here tonight? I don't think I can if you're not holding me."
  174. >Well, an open invitation was better than sneaking in later
  175. >You smile and crawl under the covers behind her, after pushing her over to make room
  176. "Fine, but you still owe me for at least another few years, you little brat."
  177. >She giggles and rolls over, planting a kiss on your cheek
  178. >"Fine, old man. As long as you keep the catnip coming."
  179. >Oh, if the result was like this you'd definitely keep it coming
  180. >And not just the catnip
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