Pone Amom - Transformation/Slice of Life (Anon & Anon)

Nov 11th, 2015
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  1. >You came to Equestria as a a human male.
  2. >Immediately taken in, Twilight invited you to stay with her.
  3. >Month of endless questions would slowly become magical experiments.
  4. >Then one day. poof.
  5. >You were the cute little mare.
  6. >Another few months trying to change you back with no avail.
  7. >You simply accepted your new life.
  9. >Many years pass.
  10. >You're no longer cute and little, but mature and maternal.
  11. >You lived on your own. Life full of normal pony experiences.
  12. >You tried your now hoof with both mares and stallions. The latter taking longer to accept.
  13. >You were happy and peaceful, happy to just transitioned into normal pony life.
  15. >Then one day there was news of another human in Equestria.
  16. >Another human male.
  18. =
  20. >Memories flushed back to you, how scared and lost you were upon arriving.
  21. >Then you remember Twilight.
  22. >And her magic.
  23. >Rushing immediately to her now castle, you ask for an audience.
  24. >After a days of papers and counsels, the new human is now under your custody on the grounds that you've been in his shoes.
  26. >On the walk home, you come to know that he's a bit..... Odd.
  27. >He was pretty dorky. Seemingly over enthused at everything. Somewhat aloof.
  28. >You might have titled him a 'faggot' way back when, but that just isn't who you are anymore.
  29. >He's your human and now you're going to take care of him. More specifically keep him away from Twilight.
  31. >The two of you exchange pleasantries over the evening, getting to know each other better.
  32. >Bringing in warm tea and some recently baked cookies had him smiling the whole evening.
  33. >It was nice to take care of him. It felt right.
  34. >Motherly even.
  36. =
  38. >Bed time was always a delight for you.
  39. >Even though he couldn't be older than seventeen, he enjoyed you reading him stories from this world.
  40. >It came on as a joke at first. You sarcastically reading him one of your favorites. Both of you would soon get caught up in the story.
  41. >He laid under the covers slowly dozing off while you happily reading , laying atop the covers right next to him.
  42. >You'd finish a chapter, hop off the bed and pull up the covers over him.
  43. >Since you used your mouth, he'd always make a quick pet a top your head.
  44. >You wanted to tell him you weren't an animal, but you'd be technically wrong.
  45. >After many nights, the reading session would end with you lightly kissing him upon his head.
  46. >You two were becoming very close.
  47. >You loved it.
  49. =
  51. >Your strolls through town with your human were always a fun event.
  52. >Sure in the beginning ponies looked at you, being once a human. Even after becoming a pony you'd get the occasional eye.
  53. >Anon always brought on stray eyes though.
  54. >He always kept a huge smile on though. He was just like that.
  55. >The once slight embarrassment of everypony staring at you two would slowly becoming a beaming sense of pride.
  56. >You were the only pony in all Equestria with a human for a so-.... Friend.
  57. >You had to remind yourself occasionally.
  58. >You weren't his real mother.
  59. >You still couldn't shake the feeling though.
  61. >Anon always held all the groceries on the way home.
  62. >He was pretty strong compared to most ponies. Even when you offered to hold the bread he said no.
  63. >He was such a nice gentleman.
  64. >You'd never admit it, but getting older didn't inherently make you any stronger.
  65. >You weren't THAT old though.
  66. >You'd steal the paper bag of fruits and bread from him.
  67. >He can't take it all on his own.
  68. >You still need to take care of him.
  70. =
  72. >Days eventually became the same for you. This was okay.
  73. >Anon even started making good friends with a few of the towns ponies.
  74. >One of them being a very cute little mare.
  75. >If you were any younger, that would be something you'd try to chase.
  76. >You wonder if he'll try anything with her.
  77. >He better use protection too.
  78. >You're not ready to be a grandma yet...
  79. >Not that....You know.
  80. >You're his mom or anything.
  82. >Another late night
  83. >He still isn't home.
  84. >You wait patiently on the couch with all the lights out.
  85. >Clip clapping you hooves together impatiently for seemingly all night.
  86. >The door creaks
  87. >It's Anon.
  88. >He creeps in, trying to stay quiet. He must be trying not to wake you.
  89. >You reach over and press the button on the lamp.
  90. >Both of your eyes meet.
  91. >It's very quiet.
  93. >Grounded.
  94. >For a week.
  95. >He tried to resist, saying I wasn't in charge of him.
  96. >Under my roof? He better listen to me!
  97. >So, he was grounded.
  98. >You didn't know what exactly it meant. He had nothing of special interest to take from him. He had to come straight home after his job.
  99. >You knew nothing to take from him, to teach him.
  100. >Dinners were silent.
  101. >Passing him was awkward.
  102. >The story time ceased.
  103. >It was a very sad week.
  105. =
  107. >The both of you bounced back after another week.
  108. >Everything went back to normal. All smiles and happy times.
  109. >Story time even started up again.
  110. >This you were most happy about.
  111. >You loved doing things for Anon.
  112. >Cooking all his meals. Baking many cookies. Tucked him in.
  113. >You loved him very, very much.
  114. >Even his pony friend adored you.
  115. >They all said you were the best mom ever.
  116. >His pony girlfriend nudged and teased playfully with him.
  117. >Anon would shy away, I would blush and try to change the subject.
  118. >Anon was very cute when he was shy.
  119. >Him and his miss turned out to be a very nice couple.
  121. >Story time again.
  122. >You were reading a very fluffy story. Lots of cute things were happening to the main character.
  123. >Reading became harder over the years.
  124. >You had glasses now.
  125. >They made you look very mature and sophisticated.
  126. >You'd bang you, Miss Librarian.
  127. >You giggled.
  128. >Anon giggled with you.
  129. >He didn't know what you were laughing at, but he laughed anyway.
  130. >Your laughing slowed down. These things started hurting a little more recently.
  131. >You knew Anon could see this.
  132. >You don't want him to see.
  133. >To feel sorry.
  134. >You read another two chapters before placing the book down.
  135. Anon..... You know I love you very much, right? I'd do absolutely anything for you.
  136. >He looks lost in thinking.
  137. I know you miss your mother. I wish I could help you see her again. She must miss you very much. I know she would be so proud of you
  138. >A slow tear rolls down the side of his face.
  139. >You crawl up the bed next to him, wanting to comfort your Anon.
  140. >You wrap your hooves around him and bring his head down to your bare pony chest.
  141. >He cries for a good minute, you solemnly sitting still being there for him.
  142. >Then quiet and muffled by your body. You hear the most magical beautiful words you've ever heard.
  143. >"I....I love you, M-mom."
  145. >The both of you spend the night in each other's embrace.
  146. >He's your son.
  147. >You're his mother.
  148. >You're happy together.
  149. >Everything is perfect.
  151. =
  153. >You're old.
  154. >Very old.
  155. >Many more years pass. You and your son living happily together for most of it.
  156. >Eventually he moves out though.
  157. >He lives with his wife now.
  158. >His pony wife.
  159. >She must have been very special and strong, to want a human as a mate.
  160. >This makes you very happy. He deserves the best.
  161. >You're special man deserves only the very best.
  163. >It turned out though human and ponies can't have children together.
  164. >At first, this made you sad, but you knew they'd figure something out.
  165. >And then one day, right there at your door.
  166. >Your Anon, his wife and a little filly.
  167. >They adopted.
  168. >A sweet little filly for you to spoil with treats and cookies.
  169. >You baby sat now a whole lot.
  170. >And you loved every moment of it.
  171. >After a good few visits, you would tell her stories.
  172. >But they weren't just any stories.
  173. >It was your story.
  174. >How your life was, how it changed, becoming a pony, finding Anon.
  175. >Of course, all with different names. You need to keep the mystery.
  176. >In the middle of a particular juicy section of the story, a searing pain shook your body.
  177. >Suddenly you were on the floor sideways, hearing the little filly scream.
  178. >The lights began to fade.
  179. >Everything slowly became dark
  180. >You.... Anon.....
  182. =
  184. >You've been in the hospital for a month.
  185. >Being diagnosed with 'old' isn't fun.
  186. >You're dying.
  188. >Flowers and get well cards littered every shelf and table in the room.
  189. >It wasn't all bad. You got to see your Anon almost every day.
  190. >It was extremely painful to just be alive, but you worked with every ounce of your willpower to keep that smile on your face.
  191. >You had some of your books here too.
  192. >You'd reach for a book painfully and begin reading aloud for Anon.
  193. >You wouldn't get very far though. Your body would just get so tired so quickly.
  194. >Instead, Anon would read for you. All through the night sometimes.
  195. >You don't know how you can go on. You're so powerless.
  196. >You're supposed to be taking care of him.
  198. =
  200. >Exhausted from absolutely everything that's been happening, you finally come home.
  201. >A sanctuary. A respite. Home.
  202. >You have no idea how you made it through all of this.
  203. >All this stress, all the strife.
  204. >You eventually make your way to the bed and slowly lay down.
  205. >A book was already there.
  206. >The first book the both of you read together.
  207. >The memories came back so fondly.
  208. >You'll never forget what it was like.
  209. >You don't think you could have made it without each other.
  210. >You slowly flip through the pages, remembering how late you two read.
  211. >How many nights.
  212. >How many laughs.
  213. >How much it all meant to you.
  214. >You begin to cry.
  216. >You miss her.
  217. >Your mother.
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